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  1. The realization that a billion people are starving. Quit whining. This always works for me.
  2. Obviously this is meant as a joke. No real professor would be that stupid or would put up with condescension in the classroom. The student is making many cognitive leaps in his arguments. For example, just because you can't see the professor's brain and you have to have "faith" that he has one is by no means a perfect analogy for having faith in a higher power. Too many others to list...!
  3. This book is awful. Cormac's metaphors make no sense, he's foggy and lacks clarity and I remember that he gives the horse omniscience, like the horse knows what the guy is thinking. When I read that I was like, ok that's enough.
  4. The Towers of Ilium by Myrhaf... My first initial gut response to this poem was negative; I don't like it. It is a tired subject and could've been written by a high school student, it lacks the professional punch, if that is what you would call it -- very few of the poetic devices that make a poem a poem. For example, I love apt metaphors, but there are none. Definitely not a sense of life affirming poem now is it?! I prefer happy poems and themes of blood and hell and death don't really do it for me.
  5. I remember it is as being extremely gripping -- but then I have a conscious. I imagine sociopaths would get NOTHING from the book! haha It was quite suspenseful (will he get caught or won't he?!?) and the air loomed with murder, the guilt hung in every word. Masterfully written, though a god-awful subject and as far removed from an aesthetically pleasing sensibility as you could get. I didn't like the ending at all, though I'm sure some would find it hopeful in a way.
  6. Don Quixote was the biggest waste of my time ever! It is just a series of little events strung together and everything just fell drastically apart in the last few chapters, like Cervantes was drunk. It is a rambling mess and undoubtedly one of the worst books I've ever read in my life -- I had to read it for a lit class I was taking, otherwise I would never have. NO ONE would admit that Don Quixote started the trend of novels -- where did you get that from?! Don Quixote and Moby Dick should be stricken from all classrooms.
  7. Unfortunately studies have shown that you DO NOT get stress relief from anger -- there is always a trace of discord within the body (perhaps through slight galvanic skin response), and you are aware of "the anger" on a conscious level as well. Why taint something ("I am a happy person"), why death by a thousand cuts, why do this to yourself, now that you know that studies have shown the harmful effects -- you don't have to take Rand's word for it -- and the dis-ease it causes, even on a miniscule level? When I was younger and stupider I wanted to be cool so I listened to this type of music, then I grew up. Try conditioning yourself to Mozart for a few weeks in isolation from negative friends who hate classical music and watch how much happier you will be. Odd, but it works.
  8. Final Fantasy music is exactly the melancholic, spooky, atmospheric, suspended, sense-of-life-sucking stuff that Rand would loathe! I personally find it quite literally to be lacking in talent, but that is because I'm a composer and know what complexity in music really is, and not just simulated like in the Final Fantasy scores. My $.02.
  9. My professional resume is quite diverse. You'll find that you start off with Career A and love it, but then five years down the road you want to do Career B, and I think that is fine. I kept doing that until I settled on something that suits me to a tee! Oddly enough, my university education, though it opened a lot of other career doors in the past, has very little bearing on what I'm doing now, though I am getting paid as a professional! I took a career-aptitude workshop (no need to see a shrink!) before I took one post-high school course -- I can't recommend that enough! It helped to answer some key questions very pertinent to my career, such as: 1) Do I prefer to work alone or in a group/team? 2) Do I like working indoors or outdoors? 3) Do I like to travel? 4) Do I like doing the same thing every day? 5) What salary expectations do I have? 6) Do I like to get my hands dirty? 7) Am I a good leader? etc etc etc You CAN have your cake and eat it too when it comes to your careers.
  10. You sound all too human. Your questioning and confliction and lack of clarity strike me as natural for a student who is discovering his/her brilliance. I wouldn't expect too great a life without some sort of internal struggle to overcome or without major obstacles along the way. From perusing your post it sounds to me like you are quite far away from achieving the apotheosis of a "sense of life". I personally don't think you can chase Rand's "sense of life"; you just have it or you don't. When you do meaningful work (do what you love!) and quit being a student and forget about everything else -- including unsupportive parents (who has supportive parents nowadays?!) -- then a "sense of life" will overwhelm you! You'll wake up one day and feel alive like you've never felt before.
  11. I remember reading that gestalt therapy was especially effective for treating drug addiction et al. Gestaltist would "shock" their patients ("You are a loser!") and break their usual pattern and get them riled up for change. That and a lot of other techniques, but this one seemed the most interesting to me.
  12. Pimpling oneself is pretty much self-explanatory and needs to no further comment. Trump is more of a Wynard than a Roark-type. Any Rand felt there was hope for Wynard, and that is how I feel about Trump. I dislike Trump for his pursuit of wealth and power. Ayn Rand's philosophy is that a man should have just enough to make his life comfortable, and anything more is unnecessary. Investors take financial risks, but produce nothing; others are toiling over the creation of wealth. In the '80s, how many baby boomers because rich through inflation? Lots! Only Trump did it on a much grander scale, and yes, many did become billionaires. In the late '80s he produced little and was very close to bankruptcy in 1990. Trump undoubtedly has a hegemony on real estate, yet I said nothing about it being wrong that only the rich can afford to stay in his properties, though I'm sure the masses would cringe at the thought of exclusion.
  13. It is 100% a woman's decision to have a child, so it SHOULD NOT be illegal for a man to break up with his pregnant girlfriend. Wow, what is the world coming to?!? If the woman decides to have the child against the man's wishes, I don't believe he should have to support the child either, especially if he will not have anything to do with raising the child.
  14. How can a screenplay possibly cover such a lengthy tome as The Fountainhead?! Ayn Rand did cover all the "valuable" content -- what was missing for you then? The inexplicable is quite explicable. Roark working at the quarry shows he is not afraid of work, that a man must produce for himself and not live off of another man, even if that means labouring in the quarries. It also has the effect of showing a great character arc; Roard becomes a sublime architect. Gary Cooper disappointing you is something that I can't argue with as that is more opinion than anything; I liked his performance immensely. I see the ideal man as being a little stiff.
  15. I tried reading it and couldn't get past the first couple of pages. I loved his magnus opus, The Remains of the Day, and consider that book to be in my top ten list of fiction. Could you explain why this book is pertinent for Objectivists? You could give spoiler warnings for those who are sensitive to things like that.
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