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  1. Ok thanks. So he wouldn't be able to sue for loss of earnings, but what about sueing for breach of contract for not supplying the voice activation part? Also I am having some trouble understanding whether section 5 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 would apply here.
  2. Can anybody help answering how the changes made by the Land Registration Act 2002 has led to adverse posession no longer operating as a 'thieves' charter'.
  3. I have the following problem which I hope somebody can help me to solve; X is a cartoon super hero enthusiast and purchases a doll which comes with face paint and voice activation parts, through the internet and as has previously purchased items before from the site, doesn't tick the terms and conditions box which appears. When the doll arrived, the paint had spilt over the doll and on his hands, which he tried to lick off and became ill meaning that he had to miss a days work therefore having a loss of earning, and the voice activation parts were missing. X wants to claim loss of earnings and breach of contract for failing to supply voice activation parts. Company refuses to pay as had the following clause in terms & conditions; "company does not accept liabilty for loss or damage however caused to persons or property" What should X do? Thanks
  4. pls someone help... if Herbert, a fee simple owner in a large area if land fences off his land but leaves a lock so that local residents can enter his land to pick fruit, THEN the residents sell a greengrocer (also a resident) their right to pick fruit for 100,000 pounds........ would Herbert have case? what could he claim? coz he now wants to move and sell his land to someone who wants to run a commercial fruit farm, would the greengrocers right be valid or could he sell it to the new person??????? (Removed incomplete color tag - sNerd)
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