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  1. I have been thinking of how answers (1) and (2) sit above with your answer (3). It sits between two stools, and falls slightly outside (3) and touching maybe 45%-55% of (3). Consider that, your admission that there are SOME missing transitional fossils supports the contention that there are missing transitional fossils as well as that there are many transitional fossils. It could then follow that, your admission that there are some missing transitional fossils, could have been the admission or statement of palentologists. Next then is the question of how palentologists said it, and who
  2. I think yours is better, but the one I just coincidentally happened to buy before reading your post is http://www.alibris.com/search/search.cfm?w...aroline%20Lucas Atlas of World History [ Geddes & Grosset as publishers] It deals with events than singled out people. It deals with people as a whole. 64 pages of short explanation of each epoch with photos and illustrations and about 80 pages of overview of history. The 64 pages themselves would suffice and they are the reason I purchased 3 copies of them to give away to children for they give graphic overview with some time lines. It is not
  3. Thanks for the tip. It sounds reasonable. It also at the same time could also be construed as a convenient excuse for the missing fossil. I will keep an open mind on this till more information comes my way along life. I appreciate the pointer I see there are three broad fields of (1) Paleobiology (2) Evolution (3) Geology under this link http://www.fossilmuseum.net/paleontology.htm a subset of your link. I happen to have a cousin who is a geologist and shall take the chance to ask him too the three questions. I will also take time to slowly browse through the information in your link. Tha
  4. It is a question of COST ! Money. Green back. Dollars and cents. It would take a lot of money and a long time to conduct such experiments as well as the controls. Dr. Agatson says it better and if I happen to chance that section in his book, which I read here and there, once in a while, to get a grasp of it to explain to my family and friends, then I will cite and quote what he said to you , here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  5. My good friend recommended South Beach Diet and the book by the author of the diet, Dr. Arthur Agatson. You can see it online on yahoo or google. I read the book. As you are interested in the HEALTH aspect, I shall only deal with that aspect. This doctor is a cardiologist and the diet was designed with his patients in mind for good blood chemistry. By that it means the ratio of good:bad cholesterol is favorable, triglycerides is low, etc. It is only incidental that one loses weight too. I tried organic food for some 6-9 months when I was going to be pregnant. Maybe its the peace of min
  6. Actually I was hoping to run into some persons with the hands on knowledge on the questions raised. If there are some persons out here who happen to know, shoot me a reply here. It will be appreciated. I tend to lean towards Karl Popper [ noted , deceased, philosopher of science] who views evolution as a science and as a [scientific] fact and also as a metaphysical research progam. The recently deceased Harvard palentologist did quote Popper in some of his works but I have forgotten the fine details of what I thought was an out of context quote. It could be that he cited Popper for the fi
  7. Are transitional animals "missing" as palentologists say [based on net search] and thus there is no case for macro evolution? There is case for micro evolution . 1) Are transitional animals really missing? 2) Are presence of transitional animals required to make the case for macro evolution? 3) Do palaentologists really say there are NO transitional animals?
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