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  1. Maybe my statement wasn't clear. Yes, I do think that manslaughter is most applicable to Zimmerman, hence: "I think that, from everything that I know about the case, manslaughter would be a minimum charge that could be applied to Zimmerman." Additionally, I also support the charge of second degree murder if the evidence available to the prosecution warrants it: "If the prosecutors have evidence to warrant a second degree murder charge, which assume they have enough, then I have no problem with the charge."
  2. Yes, I did some research on assault and felony assault, which I kind of alluded to a few times, especially in the short paragraph on justifiable homicide. From what I remember, assault becomes a felony when either a) great bodily harm is done, or a deadly weapon was involved. Of course, what constitutes "great bodily harm" will be debated, I'm sure, in court; but that's why I mentioned Zimmerman's nose and head, as I didn't think those injuries consisted of great bodily harm. Also, another factor I think is important: Zimmerman himself said that he didn't shoot Martin because he was getting a
  3. No. I think that, from everything that I know about the case, manslaughter would be a minimum charge that could be applied to Zimmerman. If the prosecutors have evidence to warrant a second degree murder charge, which assume they have enough, then I have no problem with the charge.
  4. Yes, I did. It was my opinion, and still is. The point of giving that opinion, which should be quite obvious, is that I think that manslaughter is the charge most applicable to Zimmerman. And, by the way, as I made clear, second degree murder includes all "lesser included offenses," one of which is a manslaughter charge.
  5. I think Craig Biddle is spot on, especially as it pertains to this election, concerning the reality of the election and our realistic choices in preventing a great deal of future destruction to our country. I have never voted for a member of the GOP or Democratic Party for federal office, but Biddle's commentary has persuaded me a great deal. As for voting for Gary Johnson, I'll just quote my response to Biddle's reply to one of my comments on the TOS blog: "One argument I usually make in regards to not voting, is that, if one continues to vote (Republican), the only candidates that will be
  6. **It has obviously been more than a few days, the amount of time I said I would respond back. Unfortunately, all my free time of recent was taken doing other things, mostly fun; this is the time of year in Minnesota that everyone is in a mad rush with festivals and sporting events to close out the last days of summer. I hope that is excuse enough. As far as I know, the only thing noteworthy to have occurred between the last time I posted and now, is that Zimmerman’s lawyers are trying to get the case thrown out on stand your ground, but, in fact, they are gearing up for a defense that doesn’t
  7. Condoleezza Rice as vice president would be unacceptable. She is the most responsible for the destructive 'spreading democracy' foreign policy of the Bush administration, the effects of which will be damaging to our national security for years to come.

  8. Thai curry catfish over white rice turned out good

  9. Thanks for the PDF; it shed some light on the context of just exactly what is manslaughter in the state of Florida. In fact, I should have probably gone out and sought some source material for manslaughter before I started throwing around the charge, instead I was just relying on some general information I had. That said, however, I think you are misinterpreting the statute, or in the case of the PDF, the revisions of the statute. Where I believe your error occurs is in interpreting culpable manslaughter as being a necessary characteristic of an act of manslaughter. From my understanding of
  10. Altruism, if it is the dominant theory of ethics in a society, generally leads to individuals being sacrificed by and to that society. A main principle behind the welfare state is that an individual has no right to exist for his own sake, and he must sacrifice himself to others; so there is nothing wrong with identifying a society that installs a welfare state as an altruistic society. In fact, this is stated in many of Ayn Rand's works, and those of other Objectivist intellectuals.
  11. That is a good point; it does sound like either he slowed down or stopped his pursuit. I only brought up the dispatch primarily to show, as fact, that Zimmerman was pursuing Martin. Indeed, it is not proven that Zimmerman continued with his pursuit after the dispatch warned him; it is a stretch for me to say that he neglected the warning, no matter my opinion on the probability of what Zimmerman might have done. However, I will not take Zimmerman's, "Okay" statement as an indication that he stopped his pursuit, but since that cannot be proven or disproven, that doesn't matter much. On wheth
  12. Probably after noticing the rushing air in the cellphone mic, and the heavier breathing by Zimmerman the dispatch asks, "Are you following him?" Zimmerman: "Yeah." Dispatch: "Ok sir. We don't need you to do that." I'm not even going to entertain that last question.
  13. Emergency situation? The only time this became an emergency situation is when Zimmerman put himself in a position to get injured in a fight with Martin. Zimmerman chose to neglect the dispatch and pursue Martin, and then he shot Martin after an altercation; those are the only facts that I care about as they are hard facts. Zimmerman can give any account he wants, and I also have no evidence that he is lying, but, for that matter, I have no evidence that he is telling the truth. It all begins and ends with Zimmerman, and I think that leaves him culpable to a manslaughter charge.
  14. Florida v. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs has been overturned; the individual mandate stands. Romney bears much responsibility.

  15. I am a firm supporter of both castle and stand your ground laws, and was especially so when I lived in the state of Florida. However, from what I've seen in the media, quite a few months ago when all the coverage was non-stop, those laws do not apply to George Zimmerman. Zimmerman had every opportunity not to approach Treyvon Martin, and was even told not to pursue by police dispatch; he chose to do so at his own peril. If Trayvon was an adult, or an older man, Zimmerman would have probably gotten injured more than he did; or, if the person in Trayvon's position was an adult with a gun and pro
  16. I thought the new FB update was supposed to have already happened? I'm still waiting for all the apps I use to break.

  17. "Ron Paul Military Donations Nearly Twice Those of His GOP Rivals and Obama--Combined Active-military men and women support Dr. Paul about three times more than Obama, and six times more than combined Republican opponents "--Wall Street Journal. 'Change' Only if you want it.

  18. Thank you Giants. You don't even know how much it means.

  19. I think that would be a good idea. With lower limits, everyone would be less at the whims of the AG. Recently, I've been doing research on the ACTA, which I guess the U.S. has already signed. I'm strapped for time right now, so I haven't read the agreement yet.
  20. Current intellectual property laws, under US Code, are applied to the foreign infringing sites, which becomes the basis for the court order. I didn't read any of the various laws referenced by SOPA to be used for this purpose, and I don't plan to until it seems likely that congressional activity suggests that they will discuss the legislation again. Additionally, the bill does include text that deals with liability for domestic sites, and even says something about a site's obligation to service agreements with users. I didn't take notes on that topic, and I don't remember what exactly the b
  21. Yes, things are done by court order under SOPA. It's been such a long time since I read the DMCA that I'm not going to talk about how it works--I read it a year or more after passage, before that point I was against the act. I think you are absolutely correct in your description of the immunity clause. I'd only add that the clause's primary intent is to remove liability for operatiors that police their sites. For example, YouTube, because of the way it conducts its operations, would never be held liable according to SOPA.
  22. Counterfeit rouge is a big problem. I have reversed those words countless times.
  23. How SOPA concerns search engines, when it comes to the listing of foreign infringing sites, is a question that is much more difficult to deal with than questions concerning whether or not it is proper to stop advertisement revenue and money transfer services. In fact, I've thought about your analogies comparing search engines to newspapers and phone books, and I'm glad you made those points. However, I do disagree with your analysis that it would be wrong to punish a search engine for their involvement. It is wrong to say that search engines will be treated as "third party facilitators of o
  24. I don't remember anything in the bill about dealing with crime organizations, and I don't think there is really any place for that in such a bill. All the laws referenced in the bill, to be applied to foreign infringing sites, are already on the books and U.S. citizens are already subject to them. The bill primarily focused on shutting down sites outside the purview of U.S. court actions, and, particularly, residing in countries that don't respect intellectual property. You are absolutely correct in that there are options other than war. There has been long standing respect for intellect
  25. The documentary wasn't excellent, but it was good. I didn't take any notes, so I'm not going to mention many names here. Characteristics that I didn't enjoy include most of the narration of actual quotes from the novel, done in either a scary or exalted voice; the chaotic, fast pace of the beginning half; and the ending, which was abrupt. I understand that both the narration of the novel and the pace were most likely vehicles used to try and deliver a sense of urgency about the current state of affairs; however, I think this aspect of the documentary was over done. The ending left nearly ev
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