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  1. Whatsup guys? I recently created a streaming radio station and would be happy to show anyone on this forum how to start up your own streaming broadcast for free. One of my buddies showed me how to get mine up and running and I'm infinitely thankful! The service is 100% free too and ran by the same people who made Winamp (Nullsoft). If anyone wants to tune in to my broadcasts...here are some instructions for doing so. These instructions will only work if I'm actually broadcasting. If I'm offline, you won't be able to access my Shoutcast page or listen. I'm actually broadcasting live right now (9:22 PST, 7/17/06) in fact so if you are bored and want to listen to some great online rock radio (alternative, punk, new-wave, some 80's)...here is how to access my stream. irst...download Winamp. www.winamp.com get the free unbundled version. There are several sweet Winamp skins that look way cooler than the classic or modern skins that come with the Winamp download and the other skins are more functional too. I recommend going to Winamp.com clicking on "Skins" and downloading the skin called "EMP." You can find it by typing Emp in the search bar on the skins page. anyway...once you have Winamp downloaded, installed, and customized to your liking, there are two ways to access my streaming radio broadcast. Method A: 1) Open Winamp 2) Press Control + L 3) Enter this URL = Method B : 1) In your internet browser, go here: 2) Click "Listen" I hope you can tune in! I'm going to play a lot of cool tunes and if you let me know you are online (Myspace message or AIM works wonders), I will give you a shout out on the air. -Evan P.S = My AIM SN is Tryptonique
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    Ah. Eco the Dolphin is amazing. I forgot about that one! I also like stuff from Eco 2: Tides of Time (or whatever the title is). -E
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    awesome! Thanks!
  4. Wow! Christina Aguilera can be hit or miss depending on what she is wearing or how she has her hair done. Sometimes she looks totally trashy and can look like utter crap and at other times she is drop dead gorgeous (like in the Genie in a Bottle video or in that slideshow). Yay for that slideshow though. -E
  5. What band do you work with (or are you speaking of your own personal band)? Did you get into law to relate it to working in the music business? If so...what do you wish to end up doing in the music business? I saw that you are working for the public defender so these questions might be way off base for what you are planning on doing with your life. The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking at law school with the purpose of working in the music business and I was wondering if that was your plan as well.
  6. ??? Telling the woman would be callous and is ultimately unnecessary. Besides..unless the man in question told the woman himself the woman probably wouldn't believe anyone who told her that Man X was settling for her (moroever, the person telling the woman that would naturally have his motives called into question and rightly so). -E
  7. Looking for a good rock band? check out City Sleeps: www.myspace.com/citysleeps Those guys are signed to Maverick/Warner and are dropping their album out this summer which was produced by John Feldmann (The Used, Story of the Year, Mest, Goldfinger). -E
  8. Oh yeah. I forgot Boomer. Whoops!
  9. How about some of the lovely ladies from Battlestar Galactica? I started watching Season 1 2 days ago and I'm hooked! A great show with some very attractive women. Here are two. 1: Katee Sackhoff untitled1.bmp untitled2.bmp 2. Tricia Helfter Helfer.bmp Helfer2.bmp MoreHelfer.bmp
  10. If Dondigitalia is indeed correct in the fact that Ayn Rand (in private conversations with Harry Binswanger and Leonard Peikoff) later admitted that more study needs to be done on the issue before a definite conclusion is made, then perhaps we should go into the scientific/psychological evidence? I read a really interesting article in the current issue of Scientific American Mind (February) which basically concludes that most people don't have a choice about whether or not to be gay, however evidence indicates that some "gay" people are capable of resexualizing themselves into being "straight" and vice versa. For a decent scientific treatment of this issue, I recommend picking up this issue at your local newsstand or you can go to this link and for $5 have access to the article in question. Just my 2 cents. -Evan Also as a sidenote, the article is titled "Do gays have a choice?" and it is by Robert Epstein.
  11. *LOL @ Exaltron's comment* Nice witty style. Props, dude. I don't understand why people buy Marx's silly views on property. John Locke's complete philosophical system is chock full of flaws, but he has some incredibly perceptive ideas regarding property (and how the introduction of money makes everyone's potential prosperity go way beyond simply controlling finite resources) that make Marx really irrelevant in the big picture.
  12. Yeah...you're right. I should have said what I meant (doh) and said that American oil workers in Nigeria don't have a right to be protected by the U.S government while they are overseas. You're 100% right that Nigeria would have the moral obligation of protecting people within its borders . As you said, if a citizen acknowledges that the government of the country he is visiting is unstable or doesn't have a good chance of protecting his rights he should not visit that country. If he does we can either conclude that he doesn't value his rights very much or is irrational (perhaps on some level he thinks that bad things "just can't happen to him.").
  13. I think that is part of why borders are established. Borders tell everyone in clear terms which territory is going to be protected. If some oil worker is going to an unstable region of Nigeria, they don't have the "right" to be protected in Nigeria because American borders do not extend there. There is no jurisdiction. The reason why this has to be is because it goes both ways. Imagine if Nigeria was obligated to protect a Nigerian student on a student visa at some hick college in the the south? That kid would be a Nigerian citizen and he would have put himself in a hostile environment to some extent (racism is still sort of prevalent in certain parts of the south from what I understand). What would be the proper response of the Nigerian government? Should they send in troops to protect that citizen or send in a gun ship or two? The question is totally rhetorical in nature. I think if you analyze this a little more you can see that borders exist for a very concrete reason. The state department warns U.S citizens about places they consider "hot spots" where risk is high for endangerment. For example, the U.S state department warned people (in the 80s) not to travel to places like Beiruit or Sierra Leone. The reason WHY they warned those travelers/workers is because they could not guarentee their safety or use a disproportionate amount of military resources to guarantee such safety or a rescue operation. I hope that sort of makes sense.
  14. I don't have my copy of TF on me right this second, but I can remember many times in which Dominique and Toohey exchange verbal barbs and sort of spar communication wise. I sort of remember exchanges where Dominique was like, "I'm so impressed that someone could be so completely, totally, and knowingly morally as morally bankrupt as you, Elsworth." (in response to some of the crap editorials that Elsworth wrote that were as anti-man as humanly possible). She never used the term "morally bankrupt" but I think she had said some things along the lines of, "I'm impressed that someone could write such ridiculous garbage with a straight face knowing full well what they wrote and its implications." On each occasion when she made those barbs, Elsworth would almost always reply with a, "Thank you my dear" or some sort of formal acknolwedgement. At least that is how I remember things. Am I totally off my rocker here? Lol.
  15. "I'll tip my hat to anyone who can bring so much integrity to evil." - Robert Downey Jr's character in A Scanner Darkly. Does anyone but me associate that with Dominique Francon telling Elsworth Toohey nearly the same thing in The Fountainhead?
  16. I agree 100% with what you said and thanks on the congrats!
  17. Nope...I'm not kidding at all. Here is the website of one of the biggest appartment complex owners (Otto Hills) which owns several apartnment complexes in Moscow (including the one I live in): http://www.ottohills.com/services.htm
  18. If you are an Idaho resident, yearly tuition and fees are $4,968 ($1,984 per semester). If you pick up SHIP (the UI's insurance plan aka "Student Health Insurance Plan") then tack on another $1,036. If you don't go with the UI's insurance plan, you must be covered under another policy (like a relative's health insurance policy). If you live on campus, be prepared to spend like an extra $5,00 or so per semester for room and board. If you can get two guys together that are willing to live with you in an off campus apartnment, you can cut that cost drastically. I pay $160 per month in rent (I share a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 friends which costs $470 per month which we divide 3 ways) .which adds up to $800 in rent per semester. Throw in like $300 per month in food (you shouldn't spend that much...but I'm high balling it to show you a worst case scenario if you are irresponsible and eating out all of the time instead of buying groceries like a responsible human being) and you have $1,500 per semester in food bills. Throw in $150 per semester in utility bills, 7 bucks per month for a house phone with unlimited long distance, Thus, off campus (if you are a big time eater) you will be paying like $2,488 per semester versus the $5,000 per semester you will pay if you live on campus. Apartnments aren't really hard to come by in Moscow either. So if you are seriously considering going to the U of I, plan on spending a minimum of $5,472 per semester (and that is if you live off campus and are going with SHIP). If you live on campus, expect to pay like $2,500 more per semester for a smaller room, crappier rooms, and potential whack job roomates.
  19. I would like to emphasize that you should shoot for the highest ranking school that you can afford. If you can only afford schools like UI, BSU, and ISU...you should only be concerned about how those schools stack up against each other. It doesn't really matter how UI stacks up against Cal Tech if you can only afford UI.
  20. Not at all. I think you are possibly dangerously treading into mind-body dichotomy territory unless I'm misreading your statements somehow (if I am, please let me know). Emotions are automatized responses to real stimuli. If you make love to a woman and feel emotionally good about it, it is because your emotions (as an automatized part of your mind) are responding to values. When you physically f*ck a woman you are engaging in the same physical act as you are when you "make love." In either case, you are inserting a penis into a vagina. How fast or how rough should have nothing to do with whether there is an emotional quality to the physical act (in both cases, you should be emotionally responding to the woman you are doing the physical acts to). You say that the only f*cking possible is "fast" and hard (contrary to a slow and gentle love making session) If that is indeed the fact, then a fast f*ck could be characterized by the fictional example Howard Roark f*cking Dominique right? Do you think that sex was [in your words] "pretty much just physical?" (as opposed to a hypothetical situation where he "makes love" to Dominique) I don't think that had he "made love" to Dominique that he would have felt more emotionally towards her than he did when he took her hard and fast. Generally speaking, unless you are a dude with poor ejaculatory control...going slow probably isn't going to get you to orgasm if that is all you do. That generally meansthat for any sex session to actually be productive, there is going to have to be the element of hard/fast sex (f*cking). If you have a quickie or just have incredible stamina (going hard and fast for long periods of time)...you can have a f*ck and nothing else. If you want more than a quickie, though...chances are you will do some slow "love making" in the course of any sex session. I don't think that even a man of Sting's stamina f*cks a woman like a speed demon for all 6 hour s of his extendo love making marathons (one of the things other than music that Sting is famous for...lol). I would feel kind of bad for a dude that only reponds slow sex emotionally but cares little about hard and fast sex outside of what it does physically speaking. The mind and body ARE connected. If you are having hard, hot, sweaty, fast sex...it should matter more (emotionally speaking) then a wank job. If it doesn't, you probably aren't with the woman of your dreams.
  21. Here is an interesting analysis of female voting demographics: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselect...male-vote_x.htm Who here wasn't tempted to say (in a Napoleon Dynamite-esque voice), "Your MOM votes democrat?"
  22. I go to the U of I and their business school has an interesting approach to teaching business from what I little I understand. http://www.cbehome.uidaho.edu/default.aspx?pid=28787 check it out. Undergrad work isn't as important as grad work anyways. You can save yourself a crap load of money wasted on paying for a big name university (like MIT) where a lot of undergrad classes are often taught by TAs *anyways* and go to a cheapo university like U of I. If you come out of a cheapo school with a great GPA and letters of rec, you can go to the grad school of your dreams which is what really matters when it comes to earning potential. Here is a rhetorical question, but one worth thinking about if you don't want to be squeezed unnecessariliy hard by schools that cost a crap load to attend: Is any company going to care if Matt J got his undergrad degree from Podunk State University if he got his MBA from Harvard? Would it be nice to go to CalTech, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc as an undergrad? Sure. If you have the scholarships to pay for it, by all means. However, if you don't have money and your grades aren't good enough to get high powered scholarships (your 3.2 GPA isn't going to get you nearly enough to pay for a school like Cal-Tech unless you also happen to be a minority...in which case you might be able to squeeze by), you might want to lower your sights for undergrad work. If you DO have great financial resources, you might be able to get into a better undergrad school. -E oh yeah...here is a link to U Idaho's CBE: http://www.cbehome.uidaho.edu/default.aspx?pid=27417
  23. Well said. [Edit - Abbreviated Quoted Section - RC]
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