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  1. She was on Johnny Carson twice in the same year. First in August of 1967, then in October of 1967. Both transcripts appear in the book Objectively Speaking edited by Marlene Podritsky and Peter Schwartz. August show is Chapter 25. The October show is Chapter 26. Both chapters can be read online at Google books. These have some pages omitted due to copyright. If you haven't already, just buy the book - it's a treasure trove. Anthem2112
  2. Ken Follet's "Pillars Of The Earth" has been made into a 8 part mini-series airing on STARZ and premiers July 23 10p ET/PT. Set your DVR's. Anthem2112
  3. I have Crimes Against Logic by Jamie Whyte and read it about 3 to 4 years ago. I enjoyed that book. - Anthem 2112
  4. You've Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest There are other Priest songs that are individualistic but this one is the most popular. - Anthem 2112
  5. Our Kansas City Objectivist group watched this movie. I agree - it's a very good film! Anthem 2112
  6. Here is Ayn Rand stating this quote on the . For full context, watch from 1:01 through 4:10. What she means is what she says. Anthem2112
  7. I wish I would have seen this post earlier...would have been WAY interested in The Art Of Thinking CD's ! Bummer. Anthem2112
  8. I recently discovered this band a couple of months ago. Very relaxing and an enjoyable listen. "The Earth Is Not A Dead Cold Place" is the album I started off with...and the last track was featured in the film Friday Night Lights. Anthem2112
  9. When she was wearing the orange dress was in 1979. She was wearing a blue dress on the 1980 show. Anthem2112
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