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  1. I was discussing Objectivism with my ethics professor after class and he argued that respecting other individuals rights and property goes against the ethic of doing what is in your self interest. He went on to say that Rand never was able to adequately explain how her moral positions were consistent with self interest. I countered that if I initiated lying, stealing or the use of force that others would recipicate, thus it is not in my self interest to do so. His counter was that what if you were the strongest then it would be in your self interest. I responded that no human that ha
  2. Update: We took longer then aspected on psychological egoism and the professor only introduced ethical egoism with the life boat scenario. We are taking a break for a review and test, so I have until next Wednesday to prepare myself. My professor encourages debate and I believe I will do much better in the class if I can strongly defend and promote objectionist principles. Since I have stated my ethical position he has attributed many of my comments in class as Randian ideology, I think having clear responses to the text will help.
  3. I am taking an Ethics course and we will be discussing Ethical Egoism on Monday. Reading the chapter in my textbook, I was unnerved on how negative it was. I want to refute the criticisms and prove that Hinman set up a strawman. I have some thoughts about how to do this, but would like to hear how other objectivists respond to Hinman. A quick PowerPoint overview of Hinman’s stance on Ethical Egoism can be found at http://ethics.sandiego.edu/presentations/T...iles/frame.html and if you have more time you can also read the relevant parts from the chapter are below. Excerpt drawn from Law
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