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  1. If it has anything to do with Michelle Trachtenberg, I'm in! mptv1.bmp (safe for work)
  2. Does that apply to Christianity in countries where it is a tiny minority? How about converted Muslims in the US? I have a hard time conceptualizing where the line between a cult and a non-cult religion is. Both are based on lies. And fundy Christians are often quite pressuring, like any cult. I'm not sure.
  3. Dukies survive. UConn, GW, Washington, Tenn all ch-ch-choke...
  4. And I got the exact OPPOSITE message. Here's a guy with little memory, and in one totally lucid moment, with only a short time to make a concrete action, he chooses the best course for his own self-interest, in the only way he can. Even without full faculties, he can and does retake control of his life from a controlling other, through force if necessary.
  5. I see a problem in that it's being done in Southern California. How much overt racism is really there? Why aren't they doing the show in Mississippi or Alabama, I'd bet you get a different result there. Other than that, it *is* entertaining, especially the talkative intellectual/liberal white girl.
  6. Um, only peripheral knowledge, I had a friend who booked celebrities in Vegas. It involved a lot of schmoozing with their agents/handlers, then eventualyl the celebs themselves. You have to sell the idea to them. She got to talk to quite a few celebs, although she never met them, she just did booking.
  7. My body is face down, head turned to one side. Sometimes I ditch the pillow and just lay on the sheets. But it has to be face down at night. Oddly enough, if I nap, it's face up.
  8. Stewart had an economic conservative on last night, I forget the guy's name, he was slamming Bush for basically being a big government Republican. I was waiting for someone to take Bush to task on that one! Like he said, you can sort of understand big gov't under Reagan (a Dem congress), or even smaller gov't under Clinton (a GOP congress), but who can explain the ballooning of govt under Bush with a GOP congress? I hate it when people use the phrase "conservative" and *only* mean cultural conservative and totally discount the fiscal aspect.
  9. Just using an illustration, that's all. I use it against those who argue communism, to show that scale is their ultimate downfall. It's my way of analyzing relationships, you don't have to agree with it. And of course I lovem the kidlings!
  10. And once again, a serious topic devolves into Monty Python!
  11. Meh, I disagree a little. Families and friendships are *often* lopsided relationships. How many of us have a troubling or draining relative who contributes much less than they take? Do we dump them on the side of the road? Usually not, unless they go way overboard. What about kids, one is good and self-sufficient, the other has learning disabilities and behavior problems? We stick with them, and put MORE effort into them. It's classic communism. That's not a bad thing, though, on the samll scale of the family. If you want to make it more self-serving, you could say we place an extremely high internal value on having a family, and on having members with their basic needs met, above the value we place on our own needs. It's due to biology, our need to support our own family, of course.
  12. That's ridiculous. I certainly hope we get a public outcry about this invasion of privacy.
  13. I always thought that having an angel called Moroni was really a big hint and wink and nod to the non-Mormons about how silly the while thing is. I mean, think if Joseph Smith (was that the guy's name) was just a big huckster, wanted to bang like 5 women at once and take people's money, so he made up a religion, and to poke fun at the shills he called the angel Moroni, and holy crap they followed him to Utah! Once you're started with such a story, and you've got a bunch of wives and kids, you can't give it up, can you? So he kept a-spinnin his yarns, and they got more and more outlandish, and the followers all believed every word, and soon their knickers were blessed. LOL!
  14. Spelling in an online forum? Serious discourse, sure. If you're using a long post to expound on theories, okay. But a quick reply? Picking on everythign is counterproductive. That said, I *am* a grammar- and spelling-Nazi, and it does color my opinion somewhat. But who are we to discount the thoughts of someone who may be slightly dyslexic? Dyslexia has little or no effect on overall intelligence.
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