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  1. He's great, thanks for the info!
  2. Don't they have something better to do?
  3. But you also have to recognize the extent of the evils of Naziism, and *why* government would explicitly put laws in place to prevent the uprising of it ever again. Similar laws exist in the US as well. Although such laws aren't necessarily 100% "clean," neither is the nature of the hatresd that they fight. The laws are NOT anti-conservative at all, they are anti-racism. And not just minor racism either, but the heavy, hard stuff, people who advocate racial war and extermination, and have no qualms using lies to promote their propaganda among the less-educated. Let's face it folks, an awful lot of people are below-average intelligence, and are eaasily duped. What such laws do is prevent the worst abuses of leading sheep. Sure, lead them into whatever weird church, or strange political philosophy, fine. But if you're leading them into a state of mind that brings them to support and actively campaign for genocide, you have gone too far. We all have a rational self-interest in preventing extreme forms of racial hatred, because they are both unfounded and liekly to someday be directed against us.
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