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  1. Hal: Ok. My argument already assumes that the person is happy. I am not arguing whether all drug addicts are always happy or not. I used a drug addict as an example specifically because he is not usually happy, indeed is usually only happy while using the drug. Then you would be going against Objectivism as well, since Ayn Rand declared that only rational happiness is not condemnable. Actually, that is exactly an example of hedonism. What would you describe a "fulfilling life" to consist of? Misery?
  2. Proverb(/Maarten): The explanations offered by the ARI's site are not "cursory" just because it took you a long time to integrate Ayn Rand's ideas into your life. Yes, you have offered over and over again the same Objectivist jargon in an effort to explain to me why my ideas go against Objectvism, which I have stated explicitly myself. What you have not offered is why my ideas are logically incorrect. Simply stating this or that as "false" or that I have "failed to understand" does not mean that I have. Since I have logically presented my ideas and you have not logically provided a counter-arg
  3. DavidOdden: I used extreme examples as a way to illustrate my points, and I resent your presumptuous assertion that I am looking to validate my self-destructive way of living. If you read my first two posts, I do not see how it is possible to conclude that I am a self-destructive drug abuser. Besides that, what were you hoping to accomplish with such a post? Assuming I do shoot heroin, does that somehow change the points I have made concerning happiness and Objectivism in these posts? Do you think you are going to change my destructive behavior? Am I supposed to answer to you? Please do not of
  4. Felix: Your post did not say anything new. In replying to the other posts, I also replied to yours. softwareNerd: Why are people rational? To achieve different kinds of values, or happiness, right? Usually those values are more difficult to attain, but that doesn't really matter, does it? Not if the point of living is just to be happy. Proverb: I separate Objectivism and logic for the reasons I have stated in this post. There is nothing logical about happiness. Since I do not wish to live unless I am happy, my code of ethics must be based off of what makes me happy. Since any one happy t
  5. DavidOdden: I am not interested in engaging in Objectivist polemics. You do not take me seriously becuase I do not argue solely within the dogmatic realm of Objectivism. I am well aware of the Objectivist position on everything that I have posted, and I implied, and believe, that Objectivism has not been able to answer my inquiries. I am interested in a logical explanation for everything, not an Objectivist explanation. I posted on this forum because Objectivists at least claim to be reasonable and logical. If you are incapable of doing that, I am not interested in what you have to say.
  6. Maartan: My point exactly is that there is no standard by which to judge a person's happiness. Merriam-Webster online defines "subjective" as follows: "relating to or being experience or knowledge as conditioned by personal mental characteristics or states[...] peculiar to a particular individual." Happiness is precisely subjective. For a person to be judged by his virtues, there must first be standard virtues by which to judge everyone. Because there is no collective mind regulating State Of Happiness, and because happiness is the standard of virtue, ie. this makes me happy and so it is good,
  7. I am not all that familiar with this forum and its procedures, so if anyone with the power deems it necessary to move my post to a more appropriate section, please do. A brief summary of my background: I grew up religious, spent my late teens debating fundamental problems with theology, and eventually landed on Objectivism. A brief summary of my current thinking: Certain aspects of Objectivism do not seem logical, and I am considering viewpoints outside of the system. Previously I was under the impression that Objectivism held the reason for living to be survival, without integrating the
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