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  1. I really couldn't get into this movie and enjoy it. The opening was good and showed promise, but the rest of the film was mediocre. The acting was terrible and the plot lacked creativity. Mr. Superman had less personality than a cardboard cut-out. He had the "look" but the director did a poor job developing his character. I was also expecting a greater quantity action sequences. Overall i give this film a C. Batman Begins blows Superman away.
  2. In Canada, a new political party is launching their platform for the 2008 election. They call themselves the Freedom Party. They won't be very successful at being elected, but their policies are most consistent with Objectivism. http://www.freedomparty.ca/htm/en/home.htm worth a look
  3. Rocky Balboa beating Ivan Drago rocky single handedly brings down communism seriously now..."rumble in the jungle" Ali vs. Foreman was a good moment
  4. thank you ..I'm glad to be here yup...to know happiness is to know sadness. I'm a young guy, I just want to be able to accomplish certain things in my life before it ends. Seeing something like this happen just opened my eyes to how short life can be.
  5. Great answers by all of you. I totally understand your reasoning, it's just really hard to think of death as unimpotant when confronts you in this way. I think it's just going to take time to get passed this. very inspirational, thank you
  6. First off I'd like to say hello. This is my first post, but I've been reading from this forum for a few months. There are a lot of bright individuals here and the conversations are very civil. Great job to everyone! Well on to my topic now. I've been struggling with the reality of death for a few years now. I know that the inevitability of death is what gives value to everyday life, but sometimes death really isn't fair. Life was going great for me for a long because of Objectivism. The philosophy has solved the chronic confusion I once had. But just a couple of months ago someone close to me passed away in a car accident. The weather was not good and the car lost control due to the icy road. The car swirved into the opposite lane and was hit by incoming traffic. This person was a great man and worked hard everyday of his life. He had his own business and overall enjoyed life greatly. His death caused so much emotional stress for me. All the time leading up to the accident I was becoming happier everyday because life was making sense and I was successful. But after this accident everything was turned upside down. I was starting to believed in a benevolent universe , but after this tradety how could I. This man didn't deserve it and I became aware that anything could take my life also. So since his passing I've been thinking about him and death a lot. I guess my question is how do objectivists deal with death and dying? How can I still believe in a benevolent universe when this horrible incident is in my head?
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