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  1. Saw this happening and wondering what you guys (objectivists) think of it. I consider myself most closely aligned with objectivism, but not to a "T". Here's the link: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20070304/223155.shtml Here's the story: [Edit: This is where the poster quoted the entire article. Yikes.]
  2. Remember. Contradictions do not exist. Check your premises and you'll find one of them to be false. Perhaps your notion of a "good girl" isn't what you REALLY want. Look at what you DO find yourself attrcted to and understand it... question it...
  3. You know. You're quick to call me immoral, but most of the music I download is from artists who're fine with it. Artists that make a big stink of it I don't so much as listen to or download, because I don't want to have anything to do with them. You won't find any metallica on my computer for this reason.
  4. No, but its similar. Warpathing is driving around in a van with a wifi laptop using others' bandwidth to connect online. It also makes tracing dirty impossible. Thus, the advantage to doing so for hackers and ne'er do wells.
  5. That's why I'm not an objectivist. Because I'm an anarchist. Most all of my other beliefs go along with objectivism, however. Most, not all. In fact its on the border for me to say some, but not enough to change what I said.
  6. Hardly. Reread my original post if you don't understand what I said. I stated it clearly. Indeed. It takes nothing to use a script. And script kiddies do abound. I meant creating a crack, hack or backdoor, on the ground level.
  7. Ah, so if someone threatens to kill your family, such as a mob unless you do hits for him (kill other people), there's nothing wrong with that situation? You must do your duty? like I said... what about indie stations? No, I wasn't.
  8. Yes it is. Humility is the restraint of being arrogant.
  9. Ah, I see. And because you're forced to you're no longer to do what's good and right, yes? I did. Its not. Its just inflated so all the middle man can mooch off the original, simple skill. No, I'm advocating something that's not worth that much not being paid for for exorbitant rates. They're not unfair to some, they're bogus to me though. Before I pirated I just listened to radio. It'd still be the same if the technology had not changed. If anything, I've actually bought a good deal legitimate cds since I downloaded some and got the desire to listen to specific music. Had I bought everything legit I probobly would have next to no cds and still be listening to solely the radio.. On this topic... I specifically DO NOT redistribute to make money. I think that's wrong if that makes any difference. Also, what about internet radio stations? Independant ones? Aren't they using the songs again without permission buying the cd grants? I could be wrong at this one, I'm just curious as the thought came to mind.
  10. I thought like you did before I saw some very noble people being humble in certian aspects. Humility IS MOST OFTEN done for the wrong reasons, but it isn't corrupt by nature, more by use.
  11. I don't get irritated at people individually unless its really bad and there's no reason for it. It just irritates me from time to time upon reflection that I can't talk the way I enjoy. Heh. I'm in sandusky. There's precious little worthwhile people here. Mostly its for the latter reason that I have trouble, but I do like talking for the former reason, but that's a luxury I can't even imagine having such problems with the latter reason.
  12. Most corporate networks are closed. I'm talking about the free hot spot networks that allow you to use them freely.
  13. Have you ever created a hack or virus of any kind, compared to your normal programming?
  14. You miss the discrimination. I will never steal from a store. Did you not understand that part of it? I will not take stock out of a store I enter. I steal virtual copies. Xeroxes. You know, what libraries illegally allow you to do to books? Okay. And this is unacceptable? My transgression is worse than the prices in that industry? Fine. Do you pay taxes? Let's see if you're a hypocrite.
  15. Only if you don't sell what you made out of the cd for money. That's not the kind of liscense a cd grants you.
  16. If its consensual, no. Most people hate the idea because they feel like they've been cheated marrying just one women. I mean. Because its not fair to the women he married.
  17. You are wrong to think being proud and humble are mutually exclusive. Altruism isn't the only motivation for humility. I never said humility was good always, just in some situations. If you've already humiliated someone multiple times while trying to teach them something, perhaps laying off a bit and trying a new approach may work better. Don't jump on my ass for defending humility just because you've heard strong arguments against it before. I'm not debating those arguments, just adding in a little-paid-attention to use of humility that often goes unnoticed. Being humble isn't synonymous with faking reality always. This is my point. A lot of people are humble to that end, but that isn't the only way one can be humble. This is all I'm saying. I've seen some VERY talented people be humble with their skill only because they accept that they can easily slip up. Recognizing the extent of you abilities and acknowledging them isn't any more irrational than not acknowledging them and pretending to be the biggest and bestest in the world!
  18. Disagree all you want. You're wrong. You have to put more effort into the coding to find the exploit than the original creator did. I'm sure this won't change your opinion, but I've done some hacking in my day. Feel free to make all the asinine assumptions about programming you want, I suppose.
  19. No. Because I don't accept the terms of "like it or don't be involved". I dislike a few things about america. I would not die for my country. I would also not move out. I like music. However I don't think only the rich should be allowed to have more than a few albums without devoting their entire paycheck to cds. I am and will be a pirate until the day I die. I will never shoplift or steal from somebody. If you can't see the differentiaion that's your own indequacy. Pirating music is simply not wrong. With today's technicological advancement it simply deflates a big part of what the music and entertainment (movie) industry produces since we can do it ourselves for relatively cheap. Because the comman man can reproduce certian things for cheaply means they should mold their industry to compensate for this. Not that every joe who downloads music or movies is immoral.
  20. Well, in the example I used my friend was talking about a cop hiding that gave him a ticket and he said "he was sitting way back i this obscene place". I kind of smirked and said "you mean obscure". We then had a good 15 minute argument about it which ended in me taking this huge dictionary out of my trunk and proving him wrong. Even then he still said there was a more modern definition that sides with his definition, and that my dictionary was too old. However, I'm not an idiot. But the reason I originally made this thread wasn't about that. Its just that I constantly have to dumb down my speech past what I consider easy to understand by most everyone because it just seems everyone around me is a dullard. I love using big words and wish I could implement new words more often, but it always seems I'm converting diesel engines to coal by having to make my speech more and more simple minded. It drives me mad but I seem like an arrogant asshole constantly trying to force my more complex speech into a conversation. I guess what it really comes down to is I need to get the hell out of where I'm living and do something with my life. All in time.
  21. If I make an out there suggestion, if you haven't seen it, go rent the movie fight club. If anything will put a good solid alternative to what's going to happen if you don't follow your dreams, that movie will smack you back into reality. If you realized the full impact of that last sentence, I daresay you'd head for your dreams, as its the only alternative that'll really bring your life the sense of purpose and fufillment that's worth living for. Existance should never be centered around getting by, existing, or making it through the day. Existance is something to grasp by the reigns with both hands and ride through it as hard and fast as you possibly can. (Removed quote of entire body of immediately preceding post - sNerd)
  22. I was always under the impression sentience indicated self-awareness and thus the capability of abstract theorization, a trait no animal possesses to a signifigant extent (tool usage).
  23. I just find a lot of people disturbingly don't know some very basic "big words" and it seems I'm always finding simpler and simpler ways of saying things because people don't know some basic words like obscure or obscene. Nothing even rocket science, just what seems to be as very basic vocabulary.
  24. Point out to her what a pathetic level of existance to she's subjected upon herself. The only way to win this argument is to show how much she's losing by doing this. Show her how she used to enjoy things and she's compromised and lived a life she doesn't enjoy now. That is NOT intrisic with becoming an adult, only with her.
  25. Being humble doesn't necessitate bowing down to people. Only choosing not to make them suffer for you being superior. Being humble has its place and time like any tool. Humility is not a weakness. That's like saying not acting like a thug shows people how weak you are, so you should be an assholish brute all the time to defend yourself this sacrifice only you seem to be aware of.
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