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  1. I would say that we are difference ... according to discovery channel.. because our voice box drops down... which produces many sounds that allows for extensive language.... the langauge part of our brain is more complex and it fires the other parts of the brain. Plus our ability to move on land, stand upright and hold things and do special things with our hands... combined to create a large difference between humans and animals.
  2. Let me try to answer this question... we know that language is a glimsp of reality of the world and humans beings. It does not tell us everything really. economics comes from our observation of our work, money and output level. Through this realities, we come up with economics term. First there is hypothesis, then there is experiment and formulation of laws. Therefore economics can be seen as science discipline. It is just that. Economics is just another field of knowledge.
  3. To be truly happy, you have to work at it everyday, or every week. I reckon that one needs around 20 minutes per day, or if you want, to do it weekly. it would be 2hr 20 minutes per week. Happiness requires constant learning and effort. What is there to learn? one may ask. First there is definiton, then there is explanation, reasoning, hypothesis and validation. YOu see ? there so much things to do. WHy only 20 mintues per day? because beside happiness, one also have to do other things in life also. From my research, happiness is .. well.. i need to keep it a a secret first... haha.. as i have said.. i am constantly refining my understanding of happiness and also trying to see how happiness can be achieved for two cases... one is for me personally case.. and ther other is a happiness for human in general because we have to note that every humans has different environments...
  4. Being dead is state of affair that is none of my business really because i won't not have existed by then. I dislike the fact that one day i will be dead because being alive is kicking ass experience. Being dead sucks... really... It feels sucky only when i am alive though because when i am really dead, I cannot feel sucky anymore... Well, at least i no need to feel sucky forever...
  5. The answer is this. This is really the true answer. I have been puzzled before why humans believe in this falsehood which seems very clear. The brain, is filled with beliefs. Most human beliefs are errornous. Despite listening to the correct arguments from atheists, their beliefs failed to understand and lock in their correct arguments. Those people who become atheists who are religious at first are those minority who managed to have their beliefs system changed and firmly understand the arguments of atheism. As i have said, the brain and human belief system are rather inefficient, as shown by some of stupid mistakes human make on daily basis, like bad habits that last for very long time. Therefore, faulty belief and weak reasoning system enable religion to survive. Human being are not that smart after all. In fact, there are quite a handful of doctors and professionals who stood by their religion until the fat lady sings...
  6. To explain again, I think human believes in god because most humans do not touch philosophy and the topic of reasoning. People are naturally interested in money, relationship, food, entertainment, and simple pleasures. The mass media knows the human weakness for instant gratificatoin and pleasures and is broadcasting this topics all the times. The attention given to philosophy, reasoning is so little and its ability to attract audience is difficult. Therefore, god is pretty much a alien topic to most people. They dun really care is becoming a common reply nowadays. They would not be interested in the reasons given by atheist why they think god does not exist because they dun see how important this things are to their life. Their motto is only to be "happy and have good relationship with people"
  7. People believes in god mainly because the universe is so so big and that the world is so complex. When people see that they are so small in the universe, they are awed and overwhelmed by the vastness of life, and the mystery of universe origin. Most people could not and dare not think about how universe come about and why the world is so big. Its unthinkable. People can think only about their our life, our friends and making money. Without the explansion of knowledge about these scientific issues, its hard to reason about god. Most people just dun think about origin of universe, or how big it is or whether there is god or not. If being asked, their instinctive answer is that they dun know or that they think there is, because they are too preoccupied in their life to think about god.
  8. To be happy, one has to study morality and hence philosophy. Philosophy has many classes of moral conducts, so the reader still has to refine these different moral in order to happy. A person who does not read and think will obtain his morals from daily life and his childhood and teen years which will be messy and not systematic. If he study from wrong sources, it would be worse. Well, happiness has to be learnt also. Like many things, it needs to be studied, practised and experimented. other forms of happiness include more commonsensical answers like eating ice cream, drinking a cold water when thristy, sex, singing freely, being massaged, eating nice food and having a nice conversation with friends.
  9. 1. Have you ever, in your life, experienced a kind of "existential" fear of death? yes 2. What do you think was the cause of said fear? physiological discomfort of the body being placed on the imagination of death wiht your mind not aware of the body but insted focus wrongly on the thoughts. 3. What did you do about it? Do you still experience it? keep thinking about it. no. 4. My personal thinking, based on my own experiences, is that fear of death is actually the result of an unhappy, unproductive life; one filled with endless, repetitive, pointless activities leading nowhere. Does this gel with your experience? Why or why not? false. fear is death is pretty much like other fear. fear of your family members meeting with an acidents. fear of performing badly in an interview. unproductive life is relative term. human no matter how good still make mistakes. Edit: There's been a bit of confusion on this, so I just wanted to clarify. An "existential" dread or fear is an all-consuming or all-permeating fear without specific object, it is literally fear of nothing, which is what fear of death is, the fear of the NOTHING. As an aside, I noticed that at those times when I was experiencing my worst fear of death, I also had a punishing anxiety of wide-open spaces, of empty expanses of blue sky, of heights, of falling, and of being sucked into a void. I wonder what the connection is?--Jennifer
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