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  1. Well, I regret to announce that moderators have indeed put me on the posting queue. As such the number of posts I will be making (for better or worse) will be dramatically reduced (I'm not fond of delay). I will try to use this opportunity to clean up a few final issues: 1) In terms of a 'clean' principle approach, I was actually thinking of something like this: If you force people to bite the bullet and accept an otherwise seemingly extreme legal position, sometimes people can actually come up with their own solutions to mitigate the problem. For example, people might start contr
  2. It is not, I only raised it because you said "I had no right" to do it, I was addressing the possibility that you meant I was intentionally claiming some kind of right to impose an expense. Look, the problem is this: my property right vs your right to mobility. I don't think it will be disagreeable that people shouldn't be allowed to invade another person's home in the name of right to mobility, but the question is: what if you run into this kind of extreme situation? does the scale tip over? intuition would suggest it does, so even if I do own all the land around you, you should still b
  3. I never intended to impose anything, I'm just building a wall. It's actually to prevent my own farm animals from wondering onto your land, so you should actually thank me.
  4. to inspire curiosity and thinking. (they are in question form because I like using the Socratic method) edit: plus I'm on vacation right now, so I'm bored.
  5. or maybe it means the other guy should call in a helicopter, because he doesn't have the right to pass through my property.
  6. au contraire, I'm actually an attorney in real life (whether if you believe me is up to you), I object to what they said exactly because I do know the contents of what they have pointed to.
  7. this is exactly my point, if the mere exercise of my own right (building a wall) means the negation of your right (trapped), then isn't there something seriously problematic about the co-existence of said rights?
  8. It's a sustainable business at air ports and train stations. You can even mix in creative ideas and set ups once you get an investor's attention. Check these guys out: back to the same problem, why 18? is there scientific evidence that something magical happens around 18? if so where is it? exactly, so get creative with your begging. I once met a beggar who said this to me while holding a cup: "I take visa, mastercard, and american express", I had a good laugh and gave him 5 dollars. Why can't children be entrepreneurial beggars?
  9. Would you like to enlighten me? (I'd accuse you of dodging if you don't)
  10. alright, if begging is much be too much, how about shoe shining? some thoughts on the links: problem: if my kid chooses to be a lawyer, do I now have a duty to pay all of the tuition from undergrad through law school before I can let him go? what if the options are limited? Does that stop you from being creative? or not?
  11. problem is we need to use other people's property without owning it.
  12. it solves the problem by infringing on my property rights, as far as I'm concerned that is unacceptable. if someone has no right of way, that is their own problem, if there is a wall around their house with no exit, why don't they just call in a helicopter? If they can't afford a helicopter, why don't they just blame themselves for not being rich?
  13. how do you propose to define 'independence allowing for productivity'? if not based on past evidence?
  14. certainty based on what? Based on personal experience? I'm not sure if I'd buy that kind of evidence. Don't forget that the life expectancy 5000 years old was extremely low, and yet people were able to operate independently.
  15. I'm not taking issue with when it is applicable or what problem it solves under the current law. My issue is with what 'justifies' the existence of the entire concept on a philosophical/legal basis.
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