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  1. Is that a fact, that his career is controlled by russian thugs? Seems to be alot of rumors floating around, but as I see it it seems to make alot of sense for Fedor to stay where he is. He has most of his fanbase in Russia, and UFC isn't broadcasted there. Regarding the Pride fighters I think most of them are just past their prime. Like Cro-Cop who has literally stated that he'd much rather be home in Croatia, fishing. He's not hungry anymore, except for fish perhaps, and you can see it clearly. I mean, this is what he used to look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im7uo-c_Ih0 And this is how he used to fight: Damn, I miss good 'ol Mirco.
  2. You'll have to keep in mind that boxing is very different in MMA. In regular boxing you have big gloves to protect you with, and you don't have to look out for kicks and takedowns. That allows for putting up a tight guard, certain head movement and you play more by creating and exposing holes in your opponents game. In MMA Fedor's particular style of russian boxing is much better. He keeps his guard lower and further in front of him(somewhat like early european boxing). That way it's easier to keep some distance to the opponent, and the lower hand position allows him to deliver fast "haymakers" as well as protecting him from kicks and takedowns. His style is rather similar to another great fighter, from the early days of MMA - Igor Vovchanchyn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geJteSA6LCo As a pro boxer Fedor would get his ass whooped, though the same thing would happen to the pro boxer if he met Fedor in an MMA match. They are different sports and require different skills, and Fedor is not just a good striker. Fedor also holds several gold medals in the World's Combat Sambo Championships(as well as the russian and european championships). So, his striking is very good, for MMA purposes, his wrestling is world class and he's incredibly quick and agile for a heavyeight. One of his greatest strengths, however, I think is that he manages to stay calm and calculating even in difficult situations. On several occasions he's been in serious trouble, but somehow he manages to keep his head together and find a sollution. The only exception would be his latest loss(the only one that really counts, as the first one was more of a joke), where he got overconfident and underestimated his opponent. As for his modesty and mysticism I wouldn't fault him too much for that. His job is to be a great fighter, not an intelectual. I also think it's nice, for a change, to find fighters who don't talk alot of smack.
  3. I think the style looks a bit confused, with some bad and some good elements(what can I say, pretty lights and big windows often does it for me). The "dime a dozen" comment is actually quite true, I see houses like this pop up like weeds around where I live. I like some of them, but the ones in the link were not much to my liking at all. Anyway, i'm not just gonna come here and hate on what some of you may like(as long as you don't call it "Roarky" we can still be friends ). Let's instead look at some really beautiful houses. Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, which has already been posted, is a given. My favorite though is John Lautner's Arango house: http://www.johnlautner.org/arango.html Sheats & Goldstein house (huge pic): http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_GzACiyhsp2w/SmeCea8FlbI/AAAAAAAAHU4/gITb55MFAz8/s1600-h/Sheats+Goldstein+7.jpg Elrod house:
  4. Off topic, but in case you haven't noticed this article is from -06. Pixar has been aquired by Disney for a few years already, and before that Disney was already pretty involved(though mostly handling marketing and distribution).
  5. In sweden we have a law that basically states that the buyer is responsible for inspecting the goods within his context on knowledge, and the seller is responsible to report any hidden faults that lie within his context of knowledge. So for example if the floor of the car is completely rusted through but covered in paint, you could argue that you as a layman could not have found this when inspecting the car. The seller, however, should be aware of it and told you about it. I think your case seems similar, it's only a question of how hard it was to find out and if you inspected the car enough. Another scenario could be that you only manage to drive 200 miles before the gearbox is shot. It seemed to work fine when you bought the car, and the seller claims to not have noticed anything strange going on. Also, it's difficult to prove how you have handled the car. On the other hand, the context of knowledge would matter in case you bought the car from a dealership, since car dealerships have mechanics to check the cars. I think laws like this could be applicable to food and drugs as well. Let's say you get food poisoning after eating at a restaurant. If it's a case of, they didn't cook the chicken properly, then it's something you should have noticed and complained about. On the other hand, if you can prove that it's caused by their poor handling of the food - which would be hard to notice when it's cooked - you could have a case going(though I suspect it would be difficult to prove). Otherwise, it's just tough luck. Take another case where a drug company fails to report on potentially severe side effects. Even if you do your research, as you should, you can clearly not be expected to be an expert. They should however be expected to put it through proper trials before selling it, and report any potentially harmfull effects. Now I don't see this as necessarily being cases of fraud, it could also be negligence.
  6. Alfa

    My artwork

    I didn't know such a place existed here in sweden. All the places i've found have been heavily influenced by post-modernist crap. I'm so happy to have found this, thank you so much for mentioning it! Some of the works displayed on their web page are absolutley amazing. Best of luck getting in, I hope you make it!
  7. Alfa

    My artwork

    Wow, du är verkligen duktig! Hoppas få se mer från dig i framtiden! Do you have any formal education? Considering your age i'm thinking you must be self-taught, right?
  8. Seems like a false rumor: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/10/star_wars.html Phew!
  9. Alfa

    Bach "vs" Rachmaninoff

    Since madness was mentioned I can't help but think of Scriabin(I don't know about Chopin, but Rachmaninov seems perfectly sane - despite depressions and hardships). Now that guy was properly mad(still a great composer though).
  10. Alfa

    Bach "vs" Rachmaninoff

    I have the exact opposite view of Rachmaninov being "random". I think his pieces are carefully crafted and thought out, and moves along purposefully(especially when he plays them himself). Perhaps it's the weaving of different themes(like in his 2;nd and 3;rd concerto) that you percieve as being random? Something that always gets me with his music is the incredible beauty of it(and, depending on which piece, triumph and insurmountable strength). I haven't yet found another composer who's even close to this:
  11. Sexual drive is strongly related to hormones, such as: TSH/T3/T4, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, adrenalin, prolactin and cortisol. Because it's such a complex system with many hormones interacting it's not always easy to find out if there's anything wrong. It usually takes several tests before doctors get an idea of what's going on. That's why I suggested earlier that you should get second opnions also. Not all doctors know what they're doing, and some would rather just send you straight to a psychiatrist than have you as a pain in their ass. Before you do anything else, have this properly checked. Once you have done that you will at least know for sure.
  12. Yes, however in the context to which I responded there was an assumption that the asexuality can be fixed. In that case a sexual relationship is no longer impossible. To make an analogy; if someone is crippled and unable to walk, would it be rational to refuse treatment to be able to walk again(assuming such treatment were possible)? I don't think so, unless there was some major issue with the cost/benefit. Asexuality can obviously have some crippling effects to many relationships, and therefore it would be wise to recieve treatment for it - if, in fact, treatment is available. And if nothing can be done about, then it's a whole different matter.
  13. What i'm talking about is not taking medications out of some false sense of obligation. Romantic relationships are very important in life, and if something stands in the way of enjoying them it's a problem that needs to be solved. Asexuality is bad(i'm not saying immoral, but bad), there is no value in it and it keeps you from enjoying something very valuable. That's also a value that cannot be properly judged until you have the ability to do so, and making important decisions out of ignorance is not very rational.
  14. Yes, as it is something that keeps you from fully enjoying romantic relationships. Hormonal imbalances can also cause health issues(or be the symptom of underlying health issues). You should really see an endocrinologist, and even make sure to get second or third opinions.
  15. Quickest way to get laid, guaranteed to work: Go out where you know there will be a lot of women and start aproaching them. Tell them something like: "Hi ladies, I have this problem... it's a little embarassing, you see i'm a virgin and I need to get laid. Will you help me out?". Be persistent, prefferably in a humorous manner, and don't approach the next one until you've had three noes. Sooner or later you'll find someone willing to help you get rid of the problem(either personally or as your "wing-woman"). Just keep going until you succeed. If it's just about getting laid, that's how simple it is. I'm not saying it's the best way, or that I actually think you should do it, but it should get the job done. What I would suggest you do though, is to define more clearly what it is you want. Then you go out and talk to girls in order to find out wether they fit your criteria. Try to have as much fun as possible during the process. When you find someone you like, comment on the things you like about her and/or show it more physically. Hopefully you'll find someone a little more worthwhile than you would going straight for the getting laid part. Also, get that stupid BS-thinking out of your head. Nothing good will ever come from that. What you need to do is some serious problem solving. This problem can be figured out and solved, if you focus your energy towards that instead of making this huge thing out of it that only makes you feel worse. There are a ton of things that you might do wrong. Maybe you come across as desperate and insecure, or maybe you have a ton of oppurtunities in front of you without you even realizing it. It's hard to tell without knowing more. If you have a friend who's got what you want(no, not in THAT way), it's actually a very good idea to ask for advice.
  16. Guys(Jake, Maximus, et al.), are you seriously going down the road of which martial art kicks the most ass? Oh well, I personally like to mix sprawl 'n brawl with a little ground 'n pound.
  17. This is incorrect. It's an old myth that just refuses to die. Usually it's claimed that the growth plates (epiphyseal plates) of the bones can be damaged, causing growth deformities. Such injuries are not uncommon among children(who are indeed at greater risk), but fractures causing growth deformities are rare - especially if the fracture is treated properly. The notion that lifting weights at a young age is dangerous is, on the other hand, completely ludicrous. Weight lifting, performed properly, should not put such high amount of force on the bones. Playing sports, jumping, and running around - as children tend to do every day - produces a lot more force than weight lifting(running for example produces around 3 times body weight in force, so as a comparison... how many children could squat, or even leg press, that amount of weight?). If this was a valid concern growth deformities would be much more common in children, and they should first of all be prohibited from doing activities that are considered normal - like playing sports. On the contrary, weight lifting - properly done - will more likely have benefits like preventing injuries. It will strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. It's especially beneficial before entering an adult age as the body adapts much faster, carrying over the benefits into adulthood. (And in case anyone likes to bring up Chinese gymnasts, or indeed any children under extreme diet and exercise regimes, where natural growth has stoppe: This is because they don't enter puberty properly, but once ceasing the madness they'll hit puberty and start growing)
  18. And where does your self-esteem come from?
  19. I don't think Ayn Rand is saying that you should. IIRC Francisco and Dagny fell in love long before they got where they were. Roark and Dominique met when Roark was working in a granite quarry. They did, however, have their values set straight. What then would you like your lover to love about you?
  20. Super sculpey should suit your needs just fine, and iirc it can be baked in an oven. Otherwise there are lots of different clays to choose from, and which ones you choose has a lot to do with personal preferences. You can pick up steel or aluminium wire at a hardware store to build your armature(google guides for building armatures and you should find some different ways to go about it).
  21. It would be cruel because it will only prolong the pain of feeling unattractive and inadequate for her. She would not only be told "sorry, but this isn't working", she would also be given the full experience of how it's not working. And frankly, I don't see how any attractive woman(or man, for that matter) with self-esteem could put up with that. Also, OP has already bothered.
  22. I agree with you Sophia. That is quite skinny for most women. I like to add that I did not reflect over the weight in my previous post(I think in metric).
  23. No, sexuality is a function of both mind and body. Has anyone here claimed that accidents of birth determine character? Where? No, he does not. He has explicitly stated that he has turned down good looking women because of their character. The fact that he's not turned on by her despite her other qualities just means that they are better suited as friends. That does not make him shallow. In fact, considering he seems to have dated women who most men would feel intimidated by, I would be willing to bet that he's got a lot of confidence and self-esteem. Sure, if they would have been involved in a serious relationship for a longer period of time, where he was strongly attracted to her at the beginning... then I could see that as a viable solution. That is, in an attempt to re-ignite the spark that was already there in the beginning. Now it's more like going into a relationship by trying to change who she is. Could you imagine going into a relationship where your partner told you that first, in order for it to work, you'd have to loose some fat and put on more muscle? Add to it other suggestions that have been posted here, like turning the lights off and pretending it's someone else. I don't know about you or anyone else, but my reaction would be: "WTF!?" I'm out!". Trying to force things to work here will only end up being cruel to her. It's a sad situation for both of them, and I hope they can get through it with their friendship intact.
  24. It most certainly is legit. A big part of sexual attraction and romance is the celebration of your differences as man and woman. What you describe is just one way of enjoying that(not the only way, but definitely a very common way). I think most women like to feel small and feminine, while men like to feel big and strong and physically in control. That contrast can be a big source of enjoyment, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The only thing I like to add is that you should consider how important it is to you and your own abilities. What I mean is to place it properly in your value hierarchy, and if you're short enough to exclude most of the female population it may create a problem(at 6'3" that wont be a problem though). I wonder, have you ever met a woman who's personality managed to change your whole perception of her looks? Let's say someone you at first saw as rather unappealing, but after getting to know her you actually found her sexy? I'm not saying your preferences are wrong here, however it seems to me like there's a certain kind of woman you haven't yet met. And I don't mean just liking her personality, it's more than just "connecting", feeling affection and mutual admiration(I like to call it "IT", because before I see it in front of me it tends to be rather intangible). Let me give you an example: I met a girl once who at first looked rather unattractive to me. She got a pretty nice body, nothing exceptional but certainly worth checking out. However, she got a very harsh looking face, small eyes, and the corners of her mouth were turned down making her default expression look like she was constantly pissed. Getting to know her I noticed though that she was a real sweetheart, she was witty, had a wicked sense of humor, and she always - playfully - challenged me. Not only did she have a great personality, but she knew how to push the right buttons and play the right strings. That in turn made her irresistible, not only did I find myself attracted to her but it became a great pleasure for me to put a smile on her face and make her giggle - I guess it was the contrast when I saw her face soften into a smile. I think that's the interaction between body and spirit. That's something you tend to see when you fall in love with someone; either you overlook the flaws in favor of the good things, or the flaws get turned into something positive - like something uniquely individual, that makes her more interesting. Now there's not much you can do about that. I think the right course of action is to pursue those women you find attractive, and others you interact with on a friendly basis. Then maybe someday you fall for someone who's not really your type, or maybe you don't. But if you do it may change your perception a little bit. When I was younger I used to be very picky about what I liked and did not like. Over the years that has changed though. Of course I still go for women I find beautiful, but it has become a much wider variety of women. I think the difference is that i'm more open to finding beauty where I previously didn't even look. It's like where someone else might say that her hips are too wide and her butt is too big, I say "sure, but her face is lovely, she moves gracefully and she seems proud of herself". I think it can be sense of life thing, where you are more focused on the values you see instead of the negative aspects.
  25. My point, by trying to illustrate people who match inside and out, was to point towards what others here have already argued; that love is a matter of body and soul. It's true that looks and character don't always match, but I can't see that anyone has argued otherwise.
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