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  1. I have been trying to figure out what I did right back when I started this job, and what i
  2. First of all, thanks ALOT for your very helpful replies! You have given me much to think about. Now I don
  3. Well, my family has helped me get a loan, so i
  4. My hobby is basically building a racecar, and thats a big part of the project i
  5. I disagree... but then I don´t understand basketball and baseball. Anyway, heres a couple of clips that show just what incredible skill it takes to be at the top. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...q=Dijon&pl=true http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...n+Senna&pl=true
  6. Alfa

    The Woman Thread

    I think Lauren Graham is cute, sexy, beautiul... http://images.celebritywonder.com/rp/6056_graham66729591.jpg
  7. Alfa

    The Man Thread

    I think Frank Zane had the perfect physique, and even though he is rather short he could carry himself like noone else. http://athlete.ru/fotos/profi/frank_zane/frank_zane_035.jpg
  8. Yes, that is a very good question. However, it is also very difficult to answer. I only like to note that what Franklin wrote is not true for alot of the music that is generally considered "metal" or "heavy metal".
  9. What metal music have you listened to?
  10. Civilization Daggerfall Jones in the fast lane Leisure suit larry Police quest Monkey Island Kings Quest Quake Baldurs Gate Fallout 2 Last Ninja Just to mention a few of the truly great games...
  11. Often people with dominant personalities are a lot less confident than they appear. I´m talking about the bossy characters, who like to order people around and expects you to obey. Some of them may be pretty confident, but most are easily shaken. Just calmly and firmly tell them "no", and let them know why. The more unexpected your response is, the greater effect it will have. In some cases it will end with them barking like dogs at you, and just like with angry dogs you handle them by not being intimidated and keeping your calm. But before you go there, make sure you have a good reason. Creating unecessary conflicts is not very wise. On the other hand, people with REAL confidence is a whole different issue. Confronting them takes some serious balls. Some while ago I went around to different car dealers, looking for a sales job. I was full of confidence - sure of myself and what I had to offer. Coming to one place though, it was just gone in an instant. I met the manager, we talked for 5 minutes and when I left I was shaking and sweating. I´m not sure how he did it, but standing in his office it was like being naked and having someone looking straight through me. Now, that is the kind of person you don´t want to confront unless youre comfortable with having every inch of your soul searched.
  12. You need to practice! Just take small steps if you need, and remember confidence comes with sucess. (Damn, that sounds cheesy, but it´s true )
  13. Thank you. That quote shows what I love most with Ayn Rand.
  14. Personally I like music that "touches" different aspects of myself. I don´t fully understand how it works, but for example... I love the delicate beauty of Sarah Brightmans voice, and I like Phil Anselmo´s screams in Pantera when i´m in mood for something more agressive. Rush´s 'Bravado' or Yes 'Heart of the sunrise' always lifts my spirits, and Tindersticks always gives me that warm feeling. Prog-rock/metal or fusion often excites me, and I admire the virtuosity. I get different things from different music, and I think that is good as long as I gain something positive from it.
  15. '21st Century Schizoid Man' is quite possibly the best heavy metal song of all time, but aside from that I think they are groovyrockfunkjazzkindabrilliantwithatwist.
  16. 8 months ago I weighed over 200lbs. I abused nicotine and caffeine, and thought "good" food was the same thing as enjoying life. That´s until I figured how fucking wrong I was. So, today it´s more like 150lbs and i´m alot healthier, more confident and I love what I see in the mirror. I think that to fully enjoy your life you need to live healthy. Of course, this must be within every individuals context. However, no one can separate 'life' from 'health' and expect to get away with it. That is why a rational man should enjoy keeping his body in shape and living a healthy life(even enjoying the taste of healthy food) - to let the body express ones mind and values.
  17. The "opposition" is more like a very bad joke.
  18. Myself, I went for a pretty practical aproach. I searched for some articles on the net, to get an idea of what it´s about. Then I went for job interviews and pretty much told them that don´t know much about sales, but gimme some time and I´ll become the best. Now, after a couple of weeks, i´m on my way to a pretty decent salary. I think books may be good, but to make practical use of that knowledge you need atleast some experience first. Just so you try it out first, and start selling instead of reading. Also, choose a good place to work. You should want a competitive environment, where you also can get good feedback and support. If you work in a positive and competitive environment you will sell more(and if you sell more you will get a positive "flow", and confidence, and sell even more). And with good feedback you will, of course, improve yourself very fast. Guaranteed minimum wages will only make you comfortable having bad days. You should only have provision on what you sell. It makes you better, and it pays better. Trusting yourself that you can always sell enough to put food on the table will also make you a more confident person.
  19. I´ve just started, two weeks ago, as a phone salesman. The first thing I learned was that it´s a waste of time trying sell seomething the customer really don´t need. Con artists might pull it off, but I prefer to be an honest salesman. So I agree that demonstrating value is the basis of good sales. If I talk to someone who really don´t need my product, I tell them so and instead ask if they have any friends who might be interested. However, after demonstrating value and benefits I think you also need to inspire the proper emotional response. Especially in my job, where I need to close the deal pretty quickly, it´s very important to get the customer excitet. You need both heart and mind.
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