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  1. Youre right. When I thought of this new punctuation style, it was when I was reading a book and I didnt catch the tone of two or three sentences until I had already finished that line. And I thought, "theres got to be a better way." I was convinced that punctuation at the beginning of sentences would rid this problem. I forgot to ask myself, "But at what cost? Is it worth it?" Now I realize I very very rarely come across lines that I cant pickup on early in the sentence. I think I liked doing my new style a lot because it was my style, I felt like it enhanced my writing because it was unique. But that doesnt make it right.
  2. Because you and those other guys have accepted a rational morality to guide your actions. What I cant figure out is why you and those other people have chosen this philosophy and others choose a certain mysticism to believe in instead, even when this rational philosophy has been presented to them too. You could show them the most rational conclusions of an argument and they still wouldnt change their mind whatsoever. And yet some need no convincing at all, it clicks in their brains right away and makes sense to them.
  3. What do you mean its "unread posts"? I thought it goes to "todays posts". Either way, the software developer could make the default option open to voluntary change. That way you could have your "unread posts" as default and I could have my "this weeks posts" as default.
  4. I think it would have been more practical to get a "decent" job for the time being, until he saves up enough money to support him and his son for awhile, and then at that point he could decide if wants to pursue the stock broker job. I think it was too big of a risk at the moment(when he was homeless).
  5. Was it really a very practical decision the main character made though? He was homeless and had a son to support, and yet he just now decides he wants to become a stock broker. It takes a long time to learn how to make money consistently in the stock market, especially if you have no experience with it. If he didnt have another job along with his internship, I dont think it was a smart move.
  6. I browsed through the forum for a little while just now and noticed a few possible improvements that could be made. Do what you please with these ideas. 1. Sub topics. There are threads but one cant create a subtopic to that thread. This could be useful when the question is slightly off topic but can serve as a subtopic. This feature would make finding and sorting through threads easier when searching too. It could be like an indent underneath that particular thread. 2. Sort by replies. When browsing or searching, allow the user to organize the threads based on how many replies it has received. This is handy when there are a lot of search results for the topic. 3. Add chat room feature that shows when a user is typing. Have a light next to the users name and it goes on when they are typing, so one wont interrupt the other and wont have to guess if they are going to say anything or add on to what theyve already said. The user names would have to get moved down a little bit though so each user can see the list of users as well as the type box. 4. Audio question/comment option. On each post or throughout the entire thread, a user could choose to listen to an audio version of the comments in the thread. A computer voice would announce what has been typed. I would enjoy this when I have sore eyes, or am doing a trivial task away but close to the computer. 5. After clicking on "view new posts", have the default be "this weeks posts" instead of "todays posts". This would be helpful so one doesnt have to wait 15 seconds to go to that option. Why have it be "todays posts" instead of "this weeks posts" anyways? "This weeks posts" still allows the users to see the most recent posts anyways. 6. Photo flipbook in users profiles. Instead of limiting users to one photo to show of themselves or whatever they want, let them put multiple pictures. People can better get to know them that way. 7. Grammar check when making new posts. Theres spellcheck already but grammar suggestions would be nice too for the people who arent masters at grammar, but who want to make their posts as neatly and easily to read. 8. Add "interests" to the search criteria when searching for a member. Also add "banned" to the same criteria to allow the users to see who got banned. That would be interesting.
  7. I see that some of you are suggesting that Ayn Rands personality or the way she speaks was altered by her old age and the fact she just lost her husband. So if you want to compare an older Ayn Rand to a slightly younger Ayn Rand, heres an interview she did in 1961: http://www.americanwriters.org/archives/player/rand.asp (click on ayn rand interview)
  8. My subconscious view towards punctuation has altered now that I constantly write my sentences a certain way. It seems completely normal and very refreshing to see a punctuation mark at the beginning of a sentence. I see a question mark and know right away its a question. Well I guess I have to now, dont I? Otherwise everyone will stop answering my questions. I have a feeling I would get blacklisted if I continued with my grammar style.
  9. I think humans are products of their environment up to a certain age. The age varies, it depends on when the person(usually during childhood) stops accepting everything as being true. To clarify, children accept the first way(or most common) presented to them to be the right way, and reject everything else that goes against that. But that changes when they figure out that they dont always have to believe the first side(or most common) of the argument portrayed to them. This will happen when the person is taught that he has freewill or figures it out himself. Thats why so many atheists accept their familys' religion when they are younger. I read that even Ayn Rand was religious during her childhood years before she finally rejected it. The compelling evidence I want to bring attention to is about an interesting subject called 'Feral Children.' Specifically I am referring to children who are raised by animals, usually wolves. When these children are found, they often exhibit similar characteristics to the animal(s) that raised them. A well documented case of two children named Kamala and Amala highlights the reason why I am considering there to be truth to the 'product of your environment' hypothesis. They were raised by wolves, and their behavior when found was very similar to a wolfs, such as: walking on all fours, waking only when the moon rose and howling to be let free, ate only raw meat, and would tear off any clothes put on them. I think this is right in line with my hypothesis. The children acted like wolves because this was what their environment presented them with. This was the first(and most common) behavior they saw in their life. They did not resemble anything similar to normal human behavior. To sum up everything here(this is all in referrents to childhood years): if you are raised by wolves you will act like a wolf, if you are raised by religious people you will be religious(unless you figure out freewill really early), if you are raised an Objectivist you will be an Objectivist(and in this case the child does learn freewill and will stop accepting automatically the first way shown to him to be the truth at this point). A person becomes a product of their environment when they automatically accept the first side(or most common) of all arguments shown to him. Kamala and Amala: http://www.feralchildren.com/en/showchild.php?ch=kamala Google 'feral children' for a bunch of results.
  10. That makes your statement harder to understand though. Question marks earlier in the sentence is to make it easier. Yeah, I understand. I still think when the "rules" were first created though, they should have made the punctuation how I say. Sorry. I didnt realize I was doing something wrong. I actually still dont see it- my previous post makes sense to me(grammatically). I would appreciate if someone could explain how it should have been said. Here it is: "Since so many people on here claim that they know at the beginning of the sentence if its a question or statement or whatever, ?why do you use question marks and exclamations at all. If you know before you get to that point anyways, ?why put it in anywhere in the sentence."
  11. Since so many people on here claim that they know at the beginning of the sentence if its a question or statement or whatever, ?why do you use question marks and exclamations at all. If you know before you get to that point anyways, ?why put it in anywhere in the sentence.
  12. Im way ahead of you, buddy. Heres a thread I created that discusses the word 'greed.' http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...ic=7852&hl=
  13. First of all, I wasnt offended at all. All you did was add your wisdom to the thread and thats exactly what I wanted people to do. I do want to say, however, that a lot of my comments were sarcasm. I thought of a new idea last night as I was going to sleep. I thought it was so good, I jumped out of bed to write it down and make sure I didnt forget it. Its more practical than the solar powered heater, but its to solve the same problem: to clear snow and ice from the windows of cars. The first part of the product is adding another windshield wiper to the car. It will be located on the side of the front and back windshields, and will move side to side, coming across the entire windshield. The wiper will look similar to a normal windshield wiper, except it will have an 8 inch blade sticking out of it pointing into the air, which will be used to push the snow off the windshield. The wiper will need a high powered engine because pushing that much snow can get heavy. So thats the first part- the wiper gets the snow off the windshield. But a lot of times there will still be ice to scrape. Again, its a windshield wiper solution, but its with the regular wipers. Ive seen products at stores that are solutions that you spray on your windows to make the ice melt. ?So why not have this solution directly hooked up to the car, have it spray out of the windshield wipers. It will spray out of the front and back windshield wipers. Thats my first product idea. I actually have another one. Youre probably saying "?how can you top that". I dont plan to. Im just planning to equal it with this one. Anyways, this will be a very simple installation on all cars. It is a material that will be placed on the inside of all windows, and that material is a potent heat absorber. As you turn on the heat in your car, that material will absorb a great deal of it and cause the windows to reach a high temperature and melt the snow and ice on it. I would just have to figure out what the material would be made out of exactly. Once I do that, I'll have a million dollar idea.
  14. It wouldnt need the sun to be out all the time. It would be like a watch, put it in the sun for a couple hours and the battery is charged for a long period of time. Besides, people have already designed solar powered cars, so they are practically there already. ?You dont think solar powered window heaters is a good idea. It would nearly eliminate the snow brush industry. As long as it can be reasonably priced, every new car would have them and every owner of an older car would want one. My product would allow you to spend 0 minutes on this task. I dont think its a big hassle either to brush and scrape my car, but I would prefer if I didnt have to do it. That wouldnt clear the windows as well as my product.
  15. I want to try to explain it with a concrete example. A serious ponderer who sees a cat playing with a toy mouse will start to observe him meticulously. He will wonder if the cat thinks its alive, if the cat has good fighting instincts- what he should be doing different, and then wonders if the cat would enjoy going outside- why or why not, would the cat attack a real mouse the same way, etc etc. The cat may be done playing at this point, but the ponderer is not necessarily done thinking and wondering about it. The thinker, however, would not get enjoyment out of this type of thinking. He would prefer reading a book on cat behavior instead. This way he wont have to deal with random thoughts going through his head. While the non-ponderer and non-thinker only observes the obvious and he only goes as far as his initial thought reaction, which in this case is that the cat is stupid because the cat thinks the string is alive. The non-ponderer and non-thinker would suddenly get an urge to splash the cat with water because he acts on whims. A little something else. The thinker talks about stats and facts, such as: "The atmosphere on that planet consists of helium, nitrogen, and oxygen. It is 3.2 light years away from earth." Opposed to the ponderer: "If you look at that planet with a telescope you can see its 7 rings. I wonder if rings around earth would affect civilization here. Maybe man could do something productive with them."
  16. I have a different idea, its for a similar purpose though. Solar powered car windows. The sun will give power to the windows which will always stay heated. This will cause snow and ice to melt or never stick to the windows. This would be convenient not just for people who have no garages at home, but also for times when its snowing and freezing and you go out somewhere and you have to park outside for awhile. Say youre at work for 8 hours and its been snowing all day, but you have no choice except to park outside. Solar powered car windows would mean that person wouldnt have to stand out in the freezing cold brushing snow and scraping ice off their vehicle.
  17. I was pretty excited when I found this interview on Youtube. Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRDgIXn2IWs Part 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ7ZSzvVBGo Part 3- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAExHnF1BoY Part 4- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLQTPEKiPzI Part 5- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80SgFKWO0KM
  18. To show that most people interested in Objectivism are ponderers. The non-ponderers I know are the most irrational people I know. The most serious ponderers I know are atheists. I think the most serious ponderers are the ones who spend their weekends doing something intellectually stimulating while the non-ponderers are the ones more likely to get drunk.
  19. This thread is about trying to depict the reason why certain people do or do not choose to accept Objectivism. Its obviously a fact that some reject it, and that must mean there is a reason for their decision. Its not about free will and determinism- its all about free will.
  20. I just thought the person who ponders that still hasnt discovered Objectivism or atheism, probably doesnt use reason consistently since they havent accepted a rational moral code yet. But since they do ponder, one of their first major conclusions they will make is going to be about atheism, because we all know thats the age old question. I think most serious ponderers are ones who spend their time trying to figure out the most common questions people have of the world, not so much ponderers who waste their entire time on evil thoughts. Even irrational ponderers are bound to have a meaningful and good thought pop into their head once and while, and they will be very curious about it. It will catch on.
  21. ?What would you say the percentage of apartment complexes that include free garage parking. I would say like 10%, and those places usually cost a little more too. Its unlike my product(when it hits the market), because this self-generating natural resource heater will cost only three easy payments of $19.92. It still gets pretty cold in a garage. Not as cold, but I dont think it would make that big of a difference where the person wouldnt still want my product. That would cost a fortune anyways. And since all we have is public streets, I would have to take up a second job to pay for the increase in taxes. Not literally, but you know what I mean.
  22. ?You want an irony moment. After reading your comment on this thing, I had never heard of it. But I just walked outside to drop my mail off and I saw that my next door neighbor had a power cord hooked up through the grill of her car, probably to the engine for the purpose you mentioned. I said Walmart because its open 24 hours, plus the bums will have a place to put their shopping cart.
  23. I am going to split up humans into two categories to show what type of people are most likely to become(if not already) atheists and the type of people who are most likely to be religious. Its between the ponderers and the non-ponderers. Ponderers: the ones who are willing and have a desire to think deeply about things in general; common issues ponderers think of: existence, reality, the universe, humans. Ponderers are more aware of themselves and their surroundings, which make them understand them better too. Ponderers are more likely to be atheists- and Objectivists. ?What makes ponderers choose to ponder. Some its to fill a void in their life, such as boredom or loneliness. Others, its because they are curious to know the answers to the world. But whatever the reason, they are ponderers nonetheless. Non-ponderers: ones who are aware only of superficialities, who are afraid to know. They are most likely to be very selfless, dependent on other people and their judgment. They spend their time having meaningless conversations- they are more social since they have that need for others. But they are usually afraid to have an honest, serious, thoughtful conversation. Also, they are more likely to be religious. Some non-ponderers actuallly ponder during one time of the day: at their jobs. The difference between job ponder and life ponder is that during job ponder it is exactly that: the job. Its not thinking about their personal life, the universe, the meaning of life, or things like that. ?Are they afraid to think or are they afraid of the answers they may find. I think the last one. ?Do you agree with the assessment.
  24. They obviously just havent found it yet. You better start looking before I find it, because its going to make someone a whole bunch of money. I think it would be smart to do some exploring in cold areas with snow and ice, and see if you can find a spot that seems to be melting this stuff and figure out why.
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