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  1. Thanks for the replies. I am doing lot of that already but its good to see it reinforced. I have been looking over some of Dr. Hurd's advice on stress management in the last few days as well and its seemed to help bring things into focus as well.
  2. Well I would like to know if Objectivism can help too. I have been diagnosed with depression and am anxious a lot. My problems come mostly from external factors that I cannot control so much like the death of my Father, running a business, raising a 3 year old, and dealing with my Fathers estate. To make things even more interesting I have high cholesterol and am at high risk of having a heart attack young like my Father. Some days I feel like I can handle everything and others I feel like its all too much to handle.
  3. I like the RTS games some but don't have the time or ability to focus on games like I used to. What's up Mrocktor, its been awhile.
  4. Hey Rational, big surprise that you want a game with war in it.
  5. We are creating a Wing of our alliance where new and casual people can play. It will be called TLI.W
  6. Mrocktor never heard from you. Anyway we need more Communists to crush. They have all but given up. Someone should go and post that Communists are underrepresented in Univ 3 of ogame.
  7. I just need your login and password. Get with me ingame or on msn.
  8. maybe someone else would like your account.
  9. Is the ogame server down or am I banned? LOL
  10. MightierPen I thought of this after you said you were quitting. You can play the Turtle style of game. Log in once a day, build defense and log off.
  11. yeah what he said. Also what I have been doing is attacking 3 waves with the last wave having all the cargoes. You need a big target and a lot of fleetslots to do this though. For example. Wave 1 - 30 BS Wave 2 - 30 BS Wave 3 - 25 BS, 50 SM Cargo The 1st 2 waves knock out about 1/2 the defense so by the time the 3rd wave hits its pretty safe.
  12. Yes I can see how that would be annoying to people without Commander. We have people signing up with MSN chat to un-clutter the message board. Also we are only taking people with over 2000 points now. So if you want to play go ahead and apply when you are close to 2000. The wars are over at the moment thanks to Rational Egosits fine diplomacy skills.
  13. Hey Dan, things are not usually this crazy we are in 2 wars right now. Could one of the other Ensigns show him the ropes? I'm busy blowing up Communists and Pirates ( the bad kind ).
  14. We are declaring war officially on Comucat. So log in, build ships and attack. Midas Mulligan are you playing?
  15. oh that sucks about the internet.
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