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  1. I found the site through capmag forums. Unless its very new I've never seen it in a search before. I don't know if a site such as this would be a huge money maker for someone unless you sold t-shirts etc. off of it. You could also have a signup fee. I believe Rush L has a fee to access his site. Of course that could backfire because the "brand" of the site is not that well known and no-one may pay yet for access. What the heck do I know though.
  2. erik


    "It is not a debate regarding redistribution of wealth." Yes it is. Bye.
  3. I think you are just in Troll-Mode from all the trolls at Capmag forum Black Sabbath. I'm not reading any threads that are started by people with less than 10 posts anymore ( just in case ).
  4. If all property is owned when I am born ( and lets just say I'm an orphan ). I grow up and get a job and make some money. Then I go out and buy some food. That food was someone elses property and now its mine. Whats the problem?
  5. Somtimes when something doesn't make any sense it just doesn't make any sense.
  6. erik


    Appealing to public health organizations about the wonders of public health isn't my idea of an objective source of information. I mean its not like the gov't advertises the fact that it sucks on loudspeakers or anything while most rational individuals know they waste most of the money that is taken from the taxpayers. I also disagree with the assertion that the only way to achieve sanitation, immunizations, etc. is through publicly funded means. If only the founding fathers had been more specific ( "provide for the general welfare" ).
  7. I'm disappointed. All that reading and it was a troll after all. It seems thats all I run into anymore.
  8. Aside from being evasive what exactly is the point here Metaphysicist? I just wasted 10 minutes reading this thread and I'm inclined to ignore anything further that has you name attached to it. Either say something to change my mind or go somewhere else because its not "flying" so far.
  9. There is actually a good reason to occupy Iraq at this time and that is to keep one if its neigbors: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. From invading a weak Iraq and seizing the oil there. Its in the USA's best interest to create a semi-friendly gov't with which to buy oil from. Do I think its a good idea to occupy countries. No, historically its never proven beneficial in the long run except for maybe Japan. We did nuke them however. Hmm... They are a completely different culture that had embraced western ways of doing things long before US occupation after WWII. Personally I would prefer a strong defense with emphasis on economic sanctions, intelligence ( spys ), and focus on individual freedom here at home. We can do little to change another culture through war or any other means ( especially one as old as Islamic culture ). In 20 years or so middle eastern oil will be less of a factor as fuel cells and Russian oil become more common.
  10. I was a troubled youth who skipped lots of school, never did homework but still got 100 on the test. I'm sure I infuriated many a classmate and/or teacher. I went to on average 2 different schools per year up until 9th grade so by the time I got to high school I was socially digressed. My mother was a hippie going through a 2nd childhood too when I was younger so that didn't help either. That all changed when I moved in with my Dad in 9th grade. Even though school was still a bore I got into Cross Country and Track, made friends and had enough discipline to run a lawn business to pay for my cars and expenses. I owe all of this to my Father who was a positive influence and stressed hard work to get what you want and doing the best job you can. For some reason I joined the Air Force out of High School. I had gotten a really high ASVAB score and figured I could get a cool job and see some of the world. Boy was I wrong. They stuck me in supply counting screws in N California. I quickly grew to hate the military and all of its hipocrisy and ass-kissing. I badly wanted out and started trying to get out early. I tried to get transferred to a more meaningful job or go to a different base as well and it all fell on deaf ears. So I disobeyed a direct order from my commander and they kicked me out. Oh no! Unfortunately not having a philosophical base to fall back upon I fell in with a bad crowd and started partying too much. Again my Dad comes to the rescue and pulls me back to reality somewhat. Its about this time that I started reading Atlas Shrugged. One of my step-dads had a copy of it laying around and somehow I carried it around with me for years but never read it. Once I finished that I started doing research on my own on the subject and quickly read The Fountainhead and Capitalism the Unknown Ideal. Since I've become a student of Objectivism ( 7-8 years now ) I feel I've found self-confidence, success, and a great life. No other philosophy rings true like objectivism does to me. I wish my AP english teacher had had us read the Fountainhead when I was in HS. Instead we focused a lot on Existentialism . An earlier introduction to objectivism would have saved me a lot of wasted time and made me a happier person in my pre-20's. It all worked out and I think I may appreciate it more having seen the other side though.
  11. Hisdins is not interested in learning about objectivism. He is here solely to discredit it. Conversing with such a person is pointless and only gives them more opportunity to spew propaganda.
  12. that smilie looks like a little head running into a brick wall which is exactly how you feel when you try to have a discussion with an irrational person who refuses to listen to reason or logic.
  13. My name is Erik and I usually post on the capmag forum. I was on the old board there for years as a poster and lurker before it changed and all the old threads were lost. Recently there has been in place a 10 minute waiting period between posts and Zirjin had recommended this forum as an alternative. I've been a student of Objectivism for about 7-8 years but there is still lot to know. I'm for starting an objectivist/capitalist political party because obviously the big 2 are not representing us at all. I look forward to wonderful discussions in the future.
  14. I was discussing a logical fallacy with someone the other day and they kept confusing axioms and concepts. So I gave them a long lesson on what axioms were and how they led to epistemology and then to concepts and they pretty much ignored everything I said and just kept using incorrect logic. At that point I just threw up my hands and walked off.
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