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  1. Mrocktor, did you join the Alliance TLI. Sorry I have not checked here in awhile. You can only see 1-1500 yes but that makes scanning people a bit more interesting. I am rank 1070 or so and I got there in about 2 months. If I had started in a new Universe I would probaly be a top player right now. Maybe if they open up a new Universe we should all start fresh. It kind of irritates me that I am under constant threat for no other reason than because other people have been playing much longer than me.
  2. They are worth it for 1-7 planets. The further you get away from the Star the less good they do. Colder planets produce more Deuterium though so Fusion plants do more good. You guys are doing a good job.
  3. you get fusion plants later in the game. look in the galaxy map and there is a key. i is inactive 7 days and I is inactive 28 days. accounts get deleted after 30 days of no use.
  4. Ok thanks Jingles. For game info click the help button on the menu at the right. You should also look at www.ogametips.org You send a Circular mail in the Alliance screen. You have to be an Ensign to do so which everyone should be that has points. To start off build 7 metal plants, and then 7 crystal plants, and enough deuterium plants to build shipyards. All the while building enough power plants to sustain growth. After that there are lots of options but I recommend building small transports and salvaging from inactive planets.
  5. My Co Founder for the Alliance says to have 2000 points but I'll make an exception for you guys. Just let me know if you submit an application.
  6. Ouch, lost all my probes. I'll try again tomorrow for you if someone else doesn't do it first. Send Circular mails from the Alliance screen to ask stuff in game.
  7. 1 small transport is fine. Have another online Alliance member scan if you don't have probes or you can attack blind. I'll find a good target for you to keep you in salvage for awhile. Hold on.
  8. And you made your first salvage mission. You need to research espionage probes next so you can find the best targets. I have not heard of outpost. The original ogame was in Germany and then they came out with an English speaking version. I found out about it from my brother in law who is from Poland.
  9. Yes that is per hour. If you click on the picture of a particular mine it tells you how much it will put out per hour and how much energy it takes to run it at 100% capacity. So far I think 6 people have joined from here. That's great. Here are some tips to get started. Build 7 metal mines with enough power plants to keep them at 100%. Then build crystal mines up to 6 or 7. Then start building Dueterium synthesizers. After that go for Robotic Factory Level 2 and then Shipyard. Looking at the Technology tree is key to planning out what to build which is a major part of the strategy. That and keeping the resources safe from predators while you are saving up.
  10. Its back up now, no harm done.
  11. Yes the server is indeed down. That's the first time its ever done that. I hopes its not just the US server because people play in the UK and in Europe too and I have fleets vulnerable right now.
  12. Scott, Yes I saw that. Feel free to ask any questions either here or there. It starts off a bit slow with building some mines etc. but gets a bit more interesting when you have fleets and the constant threat of aggressive neighbors who want your stuff. We have bombarded some of the Communist Catholics into "vacation mode" so look out for retaliation from them.
  13. I think a few of you have joined. Midas Muligan has to be from here. Well that's awesome. I've sent you some messages in game. Check the messages on the menu on the left.
  14. Hey I wanted to invite you gamers to join me in a free online strategy game. Its called ogame and you can check it out at www.ogame.org Basically you start out with nothing and build up an empire with mines, fleets, etc. You can be peaceful or form alliances whatever you want. I have an Alliance called TLI that stands for Temple of Logic Insitute. Some of my enemies are the Communist Catholic alliance among others. There are about 7000 people in my Universe, which is Universe 3. If you have time and the interest, stop in and join my Alliance.
  15. There are actually companies out there, mostly in Asia, that copy the name and all. Companies like Bolex at least are not copying the name exactly. I think there is still case for the name or item being too close a copy though. Where that line is should be left to the court system.
  16. erik

    Solow Model

    It seems like a waste of time this SOLOW stuff.
  17. Well both the owner and I are Capitalists. I am a more active Student of Objectivism than he is but he seems to understand it without studying too much. I'm going to PM you.
  18. erik

    My Band

    Hey that's pretty good stuff. I like 80's style music though. Love it. While Sweetwater is a great store with a good selection. www.rmcaudio.com is actually quite a bit less on price but still has good service. I could be a bit biased though since I work there. I am going to add you to my myspace friends if thats cool.
  19. I used to play guitar, bass, and drums as a hobby but now I just work for a pro-capitalist music store.
  20. I am probably the only one but hey I had to ask.
  21. I am a beginner for the most part. I've been playing sporadically for a little over a year. Time is sparse as I have an 18 month old.
  22. Wow I guess I was just lucky to find a woman. Anyway the Swiss have an excellent army. Its just that no-one ever wants to fight them. Tibet should have taken notes.
  23. It doesn't sound like you really ever "got on" to me.
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