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  1. First off you might need to chill out a little bit. You don't NEED someone else to make you happy. There is no hurry. I for one would be kind of annoyed if someone kept asking me out over and over. I might even avoid them like the plague. Keep that in mind.
  2. I too have taken this a few times. When I was younger I was an Architect INTP but after I got older and got in to Objectivism I seem to be an INTJ. Most recent score: I=33 N=62 T=75 J=78
  3. I quit going there years ago. It seemed to be an endless flame war between a troll and the membership. Then there was the 10 minute posting thing. I think that was the kicker for me. What is the web address?
  4. I think this happens to everybody in college. Mine happened 10 years ago before I had read and AR or anything. In fact I was a pretty big partier and in my early 20's. My best friend was dating a girl and she kept bringing her friend with her and we would all do stuff as a group with some other people. Well I got to liking this girl and I made it obvious that I did. Well one night we all got to drinking and one thing led to another and we made out pretty heavy. So I'm thinking to myself, great! I like this girl and she must like me to make out with me. So I give here a ride home the next morning and she is a little weird. So I talk to her about it the next day and she's says it was no big deal but its obvious she isn't as in to me as I'm in to her. We went out a few more times but we just ended up being friends in the end. It worked out fine as we remained friends but we were both up front and talked about it afterward. Make sure and do that. Be careful with mixing drugs/alchohol and dating in the future. Don't do it at all would be my advice.
  5. I have a pair of Ultrasone PL2500 headphones that are open but they have another model that is closed. The PL750. I tried them and it pretty much cuts out everything outside of the phones. I think its all done physically though. The reason why I got the open headphones is so I can hear if my baby has woken up and started crying.
  6. As an aside have you guys noticed that Googles searches suck now. MSN and Yahoo are giving much more relevant results right now and they are much more up to date.
  7. Better they get the oil than not get it because the permafrost might be injured. Once the oil is drilled for then fight for exporting it, if you are the oil company.
  8. Stranglelove. Run away! I think Kevin and Jmegan have given good advice but I'll add just one more thing. If you are not sure just give her your #, tell her that you are interested but won't wait forever, and don't call her again. If she then pursues YOU then fine but forcing something that isn't there is a waste of both your time.
  9. Sometimes the physical attraction part can really cloud your mind. Especially when you are young, inexperienced, and have all those hormones making you crazy. Male or Female.
  10. erik

    Bird Flu

    I thought the Avian flu had to make about 14 mutations before it could infect humans.
  11. I've been working on a bit of Sci-Fi myself for a few years now. My main problem is time. I have a 15 month old and work full time. So basically I work until I sleep which is not much. Another problem is my writing skills have really degraded over the years. I need to read some of the above AR books to maybe freshen up. Good luck to the rest of you. I expect a post when these stories are published so we can buy them.
  12. If both people feel the same way about the "just friends" thing that could maybe work. That is rarely the case though. Usually one party wants out and they are using the "just friends" clause as an easy out and an excuse to make a booty call in the future.
  13. This is a budget simulator. Its not perfect or anything but it might be fun to mess around with. http://www.nathannewman.org/nbs/ I cut all non-essential federal spending, increased the military by 100%, increased police spending by 100% and cut taxes by 100% and I came up with a surplus of 350 billion. The simulator say I should cut taxes more which of course I would.
  14. http://video.vividas.com/CDN1/3929_Serenity/web/index.html Above is the link to watch the 1st 9 minutes. I think it should work.
  15. I saw it yesterday with my wife and we both liked it. She had not watched any of the shows and liked it quite a bit. It was better than I thought it would be to be honest, and I went in expecting to like it. Its not doing fantastic at the theaters but its not bombing either. It could be one of those things where its builds or it could do good on DVD. Many really good movies never do very good at the box office though. FYI, you can watch the 1st 9 minutes for free on the internet. So if you are on the fence and want to test the waters so to speak watch it there. I guarantee you will will want to go to the theater to watch it. I also recommend to see it in a good theater with good sound. I watched it at a brand new Regal Cinemas with the state of the art Digital everything and it was very impressive.
  16. I think I dated this girl, what is her name? When I was in this position I kept my distance and we eventually stopped talking. A year later she called me out of the blue, I had moved on and had a serious girlfriend. I told her so and haven't talked to her since. Just so you know sex is so much better when both people feel the same, so its better for you to move on and find someone that feels the same as you do. Hope this helps.
  17. erik

    Eragon / Eldest

    You know that is my only complaint, if you can call it one. I can easily see where he gets his inspiration from. The second one branches out a bit more. He did write the 1st one when he was 15.
  18. What's going on Kitty Hawk? I think I have been talking with you for about 9 years here and on the Cap-Mag forum. Anyway, I really want to to see this but need a babysitter! I think I have seen all the TV shows on SCI-FI network. I'll check back when I've seen it.
  19. erik

    Eragon / Eldest

    Hello, I was wondering if this was a dead thread. As to the theme of the books, its a trilogy I believe. There are many. The main underlying theme is a rebellion against an insane and tyranical ruler. One that has used magic and his dragon to hold absolute power for a long time. He has also been able to artificially extend his life so the rebels can't just wait for to die. Another theme is a coming of age one. Eragon is a teenager learning how to become a man. There is a love interest, large scale battles, etc. I don't want to go into too much detail so as to not post spoilers, so this is all I'll say.
  20. Its just primacy of Consiousness vs Primacy of Existence with different words.
  21. erik

    Eragon / Eldest

    My wife used to work in a bookstore and brought this one home because a lot of people were raving about it. So we both read it and loved it. To make it even more impressive the kid was 15 when he wrote and he was home-schooled his whole life. His parents published it and edited it. Its a real American success story. The 2nd one, Eldest is good as well.
  22. erik

    Eragon / Eldest

    I may have missed it but I didn't see any mention of Eragon or Eldest the sequel that just came out. Anyone else read them here? What did you think if so?
  23. Someone else stole my Thunder for the Galt Francisco Dagny question. Don't forget she was "dating" Reardon at the time either and chose Galt over him too. I think human romantic interactions are too complex to boil down to a theory.
  24. My wife and I gave a small amount, what we could afford to the Red Cross. I don't know why some of you hate the Red Cross. I didn't see any valid reason for it and I'm curious as to why so I can keep it in mind for the future. The way I see it the best way to help these people out is through charity. If a huge Tornado ripped through my neighborhood and destroyed my home, other Americans would help me out through charity. So I see it as a trade. Do I think NO should be rebuilt with taxpayer money, I do not but that is another issue.
  25. For all you single men and women out there. Don't lie or hide things about yourself with other people. Especially potential mates. Before you know it you might be married with a kid and the lie going to cause a problem. Especially the one with regard to religion. I told my wife I was not religeous up front. She was brought up in Church but has rejected organized religion. The only thing she can't get away from is the hope for an afterlife. Its an enticing idea, although not one I believe in. When you care about someone a lot and have been raised that there is an afterlife, I can see where that would be a really hard concept to give up. It does not effect here everyday life or decision making process though so I really don't have problem with that.
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