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  1. Well I would like to know if Objectivism can help too. I have been diagnosed with depression and am anxious a lot. My problems come mostly from external factors that I cannot control so much like the death of my Father, running a business, raising a 3 year old, and dealing with my Fathers estate. To make things even more interesting I have high cholesterol and am at high risk of having a heart attack young like my Father. Some days I feel like I can handle everything and others I feel like its all too much to handle.

  2. yeah what he said. :D

    Also what I have been doing is attacking 3 waves with the last wave having all the cargoes. You need a big target and a lot of fleetslots to do this though. For example.

    Wave 1 - 30 BS

    Wave 2 - 30 BS

    Wave 3 - 25 BS, 50 SM Cargo

    The 1st 2 waves knock out about 1/2 the defense so by the time the 3rd wave hits its pretty safe.

  3. Yes I can see how that would be annoying to people without Commander. We have people signing up with MSN chat to un-clutter the message board. Also we are only taking people with over 2000 points now. So if you want to play go ahead and apply when you are close to 2000. The wars are over at the moment thanks to Rational Egosits fine diplomacy skills. B)

  4. b-ships are one of the best ships in the game becaise they are fast, give you punch, and have decent cargo capacity. I would not build tons of them just yet though. Maaten, you have been inactive for 3 days man. What's up?

  5. When you destroy a planet it stays there as destroyed planet for about 24-48 hours. After that is gone you can try for the same spot again.

    As to the blind attacking get higher espionage tech and use more probes like mrocktor said. Try not to attack planets if you are not sure about the defense. You can always get a higher ranked Alliance member to scan for you too. When I come back from vacation you should all have at least 5000 points! See you later.

  6. No you can't change your home planet but it might be good strategy to put the best stuff on your biggest or a bigger planet. That way people won't know where you keep all your good stuff. When you click to send someone a message it tells you there home planet. :)

  7. thats pretty big. My biggest one was 311 but my 1st 3 were 63, 101, and 155 so you will get some bad ones too. I kept the 155 and blew up the other two. When I tried again I got 295 and 311 so it was worth losing those resources in the long run.

  8. Maarten you need to go ahead and join too. If all of you guys stay active we will be a pretty impressive Alliance within a month. Just keep building stuff and raiding inactives for now. Right now Patrucio and I account for about 100K of the 125K points the Alliance has. If everyone gets an average of 30K in a month, which is possible, we will have about 420K total. That will put us in the top 100 Alliances and ahead of the dreaded Commucat. :)

  9. If anyone needs resources let me or Patrucio know in game. In case I have not mentioned it I am Circulogi in the game. I have a planet in Universe 14 but I don't really have time to mess with it and I only have 500 pints there. I have almost 80,000 in Universe 3. Maybe as a carrot I can give resources as you make a higher rank. What do you guys think about that. Also, do you think anything needs to be changed on the Alliance page?

  10. It seems to be pretty random. Go ahead and send an application. We can help you out more if you are in the Alliance. Plus, if you are in an Alliance you are not as likely to get attacked. I and another player can bring some serious heat in retribution. We did have one guy attacked that I can't help with because the other player is under what they call "noob protection". When they come off of it though, its going to be painful for them. :)

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