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  1. Ok, this is mightly misleading. As space itself, (spacetime) expands the gravitational attractive forces acting on each body become less because the space (spacetime) between each mass is greater. so if we use newton's universal law of gravitation, then since F=G(M1+M2)/(d^2), the force pulling the bodies together is actually equal to dF/dt. Evidence: We are losing our moon approximately 2mi/year, or so... (i think that's approximately correct.) Also, we measure the distance between two objects by the length of time (using dilation to account for gravitational fields and such) it takes for a light beam to reach us from us, to there, and back, divided by wo (me thinky). The other celecstial bodies do not move from us, but space is expanding and so, essentially, all celestial bodies are moving away from all points of space at all times. I think about it as a buch of bowling balls sitting on a latex mat with equal sized blocks on it; if you pull the mat tighter, it gets thinner and drifts and the blocks et bigger. this is not a perfect analogy, but it conveys my very basic meaning.
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