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  1. kevin, I'd like to point out that my initial post wasn't intended to gauge what music is as compared to my own personal taste, although i see how i was fairly vague in the post. also, so you suggest that nobody knows what music is except for the artist who creates it... it's just up to us, the listener, to not only categorize what kind of music, but to choose whether it is worth being appreciated? if that's what you mean, i like... although i don't like how the term art is used as the supernode of everything relatively tasteful... i agree with the definition you provided, but since art is so vague and can only be defined by what makes it up, shouldn't that also stand for music? i guess this brings up another question.... why is music ( art ) profitable? it's just the "re-creation of reality according to an artist's value judgments." but then, i guess, one could argue against that by saying... why is anything profitable?
  2. my apologize, i should not have been so quick to click, i'll make better use of the whole forum in my later posts. however, i hope that won't limit intreseted feedback in this thread...
  3. that wasn't really the response i was looking for, in that... it wasn't much of a response at all... let me get this straight. your response to my "here is my definition of music > this is my justification > i'd like to see how it differs with yours" post is... "i don't like your definition, i don't have one of my own, your definition is not a definition."... right?
  4. I just signed up for this forum eagerly awaiting to post a topic under the music section...so bare with my inarticulation and newbie-esque attitude... music - The integration of sound which deserves to be infinetly analyzed. thats my personal definition of music. the music on the radio/tv that i hear is definitely sound, but in no way do i feel the need to analyze why fallout boy tells me to "Dance Dance," or britiney spears tells me... whatever the hell britiney is trying to say. i'd like to argue that this is not music. my justification for this is simple, in that, ones distinguishable voice telling us information with sounds in the background is in no way related to ones voice harmonizing with sounds created by the vibrations of strings on wooden instruments, and longitudinal compression/depression of air from brass instruments to ultimately convey some feeling. i'd like to ask you, what is music, and should we be conservative with passing around the term to those who definitively deserve it.
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