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  1. I think it's over there... under your fine horsehair hat? It's a delight to have you here!
  2. I thought the same. My perception in the past has been that that statement was spoken facetiously (which is more or less synonymous with it being from Lillian's point of view). However, it occurs to me to wonder whether Lillian herself would consider the act of being chained a feminine one. Her whole slimy goal throughout the novel is to break Rearden and see him cowering beneath her. He is the one she seeks to chain, not vice versa. I don't believe anyone could give AS a close reading and state that Dagny was a woman meant to be chained, nor could they say that her refusal to be so
  3. So I realized that in my last comment months ago I mispelt sing as "sign"...

  4. I've often had trouble with this idea myself, mainly because I get hung up on the reality that once you are dead, you can't value anything. So by killing yourself to save a loved one, you are giving up the ultimate value of your life, which must necessarily precede the (albeit huge) value of your relationship with this person. I say this, however, realizing that there are circumstances in which I know I would act in a way that is incompatible with the above. Before my mom died, I would have done literally anything to save her life. And, now that she is gone, I often think that I would ri
  5. If you haven't heard of it, Post Secret is a website that displays secrets written on post cards mailed in anonymously. I don't tune into it very often, because I find the bulk of the secrets to be rather depressing evidence of flawed philosophies--suicide, eating disorders, and religion are prevailing themes. But the eighth secret this week has me puzzled. The text behind the secret appears to be a blurb about Atlas Shrugged, which makes me wonder if Ayn Rand is the "you" in question? And if so, does that suggest the sender wants to spread the word about Objectivism? Any other hypo
  6. Yes! Definitely! Or, to continue the soon-to-be hackneyed metaphor, you want to drive! But you see, the flat tires, the barefoot pedestrians, the wild-eyed pushing their shopping carts... They clog up and corrupt what should be a beautiful and smooth highway. The fecundity, the efficaciousness, the beauty of your own wheels is or may very soon be restrained by these mindless clankers. To live, constantly swerving around deserted hubcaps in the road, to slow down your own car because the 50 in front are going their maximum speed, which is, incidentally, half yours, to watch as these inf
  7. I'm with Tenure on this one. I can't speak as much to the damage done by using animation throughout the film, but as for the story (or, rather, the story as suggested in the preview) it seems a far cry from the original work. I really can't picture Beowulf doing the whole "I AM BEOWULF!!" thing. I think, were the script true to his character, he would simply dive into the cave or plunge the blade into his opponent or head back for another round at the mead hall. He's a doer, not a sayer. That's the beauty of his heroism--he's confident, even arrogant at times, but it's not flashed abo
  8. I say it centralizes on Che because, from my little knowledge of marketing, the split second of attention that calendar will receive from passers-by will be one spent glancing at and taking in the photo, rather than reading the title. If the picture were of someone obscure, say, Luther Burbank, the majority of customers would then have to pause and read the title in order to gather it was a calendar on horticulture. However, Che is a figure of international fame, likely moreso than Rand (another component that I assume led to his garnering the cover), so the odds of someone pausing to read '
  9. I think an important aspect of this that no one but OF seems to be highlighting is that Che is not just another month of the calendar, he is on the cover. I understand and agree with the point that has now been made in numerous ways--that Ayn Rand's mere inclusion in a work that gives equal prominence to total scumbags is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, as Kendall suggested, it may be a very good thing. However, this is necessarily unlike the example of an encyclopedia in which entries of comparable importance receive an equivalent amount of space. Che's visage does not adorn the cov
  10. I like your profile pic better then you avatar now! What are you dressed up for? You look like you could sign on Broadway.

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, Steve, but I think you are speaking of loving someone before or without an explicit statement of reciprocity from them. Loving someone the way you love a beautiful temple on a hill top; not knowing if you will ever live there, but knowing, when you pass it, that it is a beautiful and perfect ideal. I don't think "loving" Natalie Portman could be an appropriate analogy for that unless one knew her personally. That kind of love, the kind of love I think Steve means, is the kind of love that stirs within you when you see someone who is a perfect embodiment of your own i
  12. I think the thing we're all dancing around putting our finger on here is that if someone does not love you back, they are intrinsically less attractive. For a man with a high self-esteem, who values himself and so can truly value others, the woman who does not "see" him like that and cannot or does not value him fully is less worthy for it. If one is unique and valuable and special and knows it, the potential lover who does not is immediately lacking. She or he does not, then, like what you like, value what you value (at least in this one essential instance) and so is incompatible in a
  13. That's even hotter than the invariably attractive and shirtless men on the covers! Nice work.
  14. You hit the nail on the head, Steve. Once, a gentleman asked me on a date. I explained to him, gently and without spending too much time on the matter, why I would not and could not accept the offer. His response was, "I know those are problems I have. I was hoping you could fix me." I have not, to this day, gotten over the quiet sense of wonder that fills me at that concept. Wanting to be "fixed" by someone else. Not by your own productive effort, not by the beautiful and honed precision of your mind, identifying and solving problems, but by someone else's influence. What a sad mo
  15. Wow! I don't know that I've ever seen that amount of texture established with water colors.
  16. I'm confused by this. Do you mean that if there was a man you admired, valued, etc. but did not feel a sexual attraction toward, you could just as easily opt for a woman whom you admired, valued, etc. but did not feel a sexual attraction toward? Also, is sexual attraction a matter of choosing the lesser of evils? I think, should there not be a soul on this earth I were attracted to romantically, a life devoid of sex would be the only rational course of action. I think the key issue here is that a woman, no matter how "butch" and no matter how much she denied her essential femininity
  17. I vote for reversing it, that way we can keep the handy palindromatic acronym.
  18. Don't know which one I like more your avatar or your profile pic.

  19. Hey, that's a cool avatar! ;)

  20. The graduate schools I'm applying to all require, among numerous other things, an academic resume. Having never made one before, I researched the thing online, talked to several professors, and attended some resume-writing workshops at my school. With each of these pursuits, one overarching piece of advice (though disguised for appearance's sake) has emerged: embellish. Every little thing I've done in the past four years that could at all be stretched to sound impressive, academic, or, most popularly, altruistic should be included, I'm told. Because it isn't a professional resume the o
  21. I am soooooo terribly excited all the time in anticipation that I can't feel any other emotions.... *marks another day off the calendar* :P

  22. And yours seems to me, "Oh, who bathed me in this divine light here!"

    :D I'm sure he must be very impressed. ;)

  23. It seems that the dominating protest to the name change is the unusual nature of "Cogito." Well, what does that matter? Yes, you will have to repeat it often, spell it more often, and explain it twice as much as all that. But does that matter? After all, you're picking it because it's meaningful to you. So, discussing it with curious strangers and acquaintances should be an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Your name is probably the word you hear most often in a day. I think it can have a great deal to do with your sense of self. I knew a guy named, seriously, Shithead, pronounce
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