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  1. We write about solutions to market shortages. You’ve pointed out non-traditional sources, and new off shore sources. My point was that IMO the most fertile fields were in improving efficiency. You asked for specific amounts, alas I have none for you. The major oil companies can’t even figure out how much oil they have. Just a few years ago one major company realized that they had overstated their reserves by a huge percentage. My best answer for you is “we will know we are out of oil when we run out.” But I would suggest that if the hand full of crazies that currently provide oil hold a
  2. Very well, I accept your views 4 to 1. By your standard, to be an Objectivist is to be an anarchist. Any form of dodge or con is “A OK” in your book. By your own standard please consider my reasoning as nothing more than a con, and therefore just as acceptable as any other point of view. Unfortunately it is not what I understood when I read Rand’s novels and essays. Her epic hero’s were NOT confidence men. Do you also embrace murder?
  3. In reverse, I believe you will see that I referenced an excerpt from “"Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" to respond to SoftwareNerd’s question. I have read it and I believe it sheds light on the topic. You are mistaken. Who said anything about making a person act against their will? Physical force can be used to end a person’s existence, but it can not make them act against their will. I claimed that Fame is a force, and that it can be abused. Further you claim this question was in the context of David’s original statement, it was not. Perhaps you inferred it in the subtext?
  4. Good one, yeah that electron spiel is pretty silly.
  5. Really? So the only force in the universe is physical force? I suppose when you spend too much time in the sun you don’t get a sunburn. But I do. Light is not a physical force. There are all manners of force. And any of them can be corrupted. Let’s say the physical force, is the scammer triggering the electrons to light up the computer display, and the light impacting the retinas of the “weak willed hero worshipers” that mindlessly act.
  6. In answer to your question, sort of yes, and definitely no. Certainly for the bottom sellers they have some responsibility for their loss, the pumper may have pushed the price down, but they decided to recognize the loss. Sort of yes. But what about the longs? The people that hold the stock and do not sell. The value of their asset has been reduced by the pumper. There was no willingness, or cooperation on their part, and yet they still lost money. Definitely not. The pumper can provide perfectly accurate information, and yet by the construction of their story create an illusion
  7. Well your analogy breaks down at several points. First she should at least have a profit interest in the fashion she is endorsing. We can give her that. But most importantly the “long skirts” are a different product than “short skirts”, where a stock is a solitary item. Bad analogy, let’s stick to the original post. Your initial post is clear-cut, the famous person has a position to benefit and then takes direct action to move the market. Remember a market is similar to a herd of cattle. You only have to effect a small number of cows to get the whole herd to stampede. By virtue of hi
  8. Ok let’s break it down. Answer what does the ‘dump and pumper” (here forward called the scammer) give in trade to the stock holder that looses value as a direct result of scammer’s statements? In this instance there is no reciprocity, no value for value. Simply one party (a scammer) taking money because he can. You can call this a lot of things, I call it theft.
  9. How can you claim that a crime as simple as theft, is a valid right of any individual? What difference does it make, if I a first openly declare that I intend to steal from you and then I complete the act. There is little difference in this situation. The street calls this scam, “the dump and pump”. Many people have been prosecuted for this type of behavior. And returning to reason, I did not disclaim your assertion. I merely recorded my doubts about their validity. Obviously it will take an in depth investigation to determine, if Mark Cuban pushed the return key and posted this i
  10. I know in other threads, folks have suggested that oil supply will go on forever, but it won’t. It is a finite resource, one that has been drawn down in Pennsylvania, and Texas, and California, and yes even Alaska. The domestic options for oil are limited in the US. Our best opportunities lay in gains in efficiency. Oh no. I see the opposite. The net margins should increase for oil companies, as you’ll have more buyers chasing a smaller supply. The only fair solution to a shortage is the free market. If you want my scarce oil, pay me more than those other guys and it is yours.
  11. I cheer Mark Cuban too. As a basketball franchise owner he has done some very innovative things. Like creating sideline chairs that are worthy of the great players that sit in them. And making the “coaching” staff for his Mavericks team, three times larger than any other NBA team. He has turned around a team that consistently dwelled in the cellar of the NBA, and was headed towards bankruptcy. But in this instance if there is truth in this shorting scheme, I can’t applaud or agree with it. While it may seem like a purely free market maneuver, it is not. It would be one thing for a
  12. If you get a chance, listen to Dr. Martin Luther King jr’s recorded speeches. Wow. There are no breaks, no ums or ahhs, no re-tracing his points; Just deeply reasoned and well-constructed monolog. Listening to his delivery of a speech is incredible. As I understand it he would give the same speech numerous times. I am not sure how precise his delivery was.
  13. The Islamic world is so diverse and decentralized, with a radical cleric, Sheik and Majlis on every street corner from Paris to Manilla. I don’t see how pounding a part of the community to dust, does anything but increase their zeal. I think this thing does boil over, and Iran will be the trigger. They’ve been rattling the sword for years now, and the rhetoric escalates. If Israel has had a nukes since the seventies then why not Iran? Iran has the money. They share a common border with country where nuclear scientist’s stand on the bread lines. We have long reached the point where, nu
  14. It is a huge challenge to construct a set of laws, that would address all the possible means and conditions where one person unlawfully and knowingly causes the death of another. If we could define an all inclusive law, it would be too vast to be commonly understood by all. (Heck I can’t even understand the tax codes). There is a huge degree of subjectivity (by lawyers, judges and juries) in the evaluation of evidence presented in a criminal trail and there is also subjectivity in the interpretation of the law. It is no secret that you get what you pay for. A rich man receives the benefit
  15. I am in the "nice in theory, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes terribly wrong." group. I think the regulation that cars travel forward on the right side of the yellow line in the US is a darn good one. I would stretch that “sometimes” in this instance. I am glad that this regulation is adhered to an extremely large percentage of the time. Of course if a hurricane is coming, and roads are vacant in one direction and grid locked in the other this regulation doesn’t make much sense. I can’t deny abuse and flawed design as possible outcomes of regulation. But that does not m
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