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    Life in general! I'm interested especially in Economics. (I read the economist as often as possible.) I enjoy debate, and until recently was on my school's debate team. I watch a lot of movies. Some of my favorites include The Thomas Crown Affair, The Count of Monte Cristo, Secretary, The Saint, Love Actually, 10 Things I Hate About You (totally a generational favorite), etc. (Ask if you need a recommendation. I love to cook and do so all the time. I enjoy reading, and would accept any recommendations people have. (I haven't always enjoyed reading and I have a lot of catching up to do.)

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  1. I would get three letters, EGO. Maybe in greek. I don't know if i'd actually do it, I'm halfway through my 20's and haven't yet, and that's generally when people get tattoos. If I got it, no one would see it but me and whoever else got to see me naked, I definetely wouldn't get a tattoo others could easily see, I'm a very professional person and they look ...cheap after a while.
  2. I love Buffy! I've seen nearly every episode. I think that it's interesting when you think of the love triangle between Buffy, Angel, and Spike. Buffy and Angel clearly did and likely never stop loving each other, but their love leads to the loss of his soul, so they have to part. Spike realizes how amazing Buffy is and falls in love with her, but it's a disaster because she just can't love him (despite the fact I just want her to and get it over with.) I think it draws some good comparisons to what we are and arn't capable of. Sometimes in a relationship you may be with a good person, but that doesn't make them the right person. The musical was fantastic. When I heard about it I was sure the season was dead for ever, but the premise with the demon making them all sing really rocked. (I was worried they were just going to break into song for no reason.) Not to mention that none of the singing was terrible. Sure it wasn't broadway musical style, but it was hardly kareoke night at a pub. (I think some of the actors went through a lot of singing training to prepare for it.) I definetely don't understand any distaste for Sarah Michelle, sure maybe her best acting isn't in Buffy, but after watching cruel intentions I have no doubt that she can pull off quite the charactor. One of the worst episodes ever had to be when Dracula comes to town. Dracula in buffy? Why? I like that the main charactor actually dies more than once (then is resurrected, twice) but at least she isn't invincible. I also appreciate how they've managed to keep any religious untertones out of the storyline. In a world where their is obviously a hell, you will likely believe there is a heaven, yet it seems none of the charactors try to reckon with the other side. Joss Whedon is awesome, I'm so sad that firefly was cancelled. I think that putting it on Sci-Fi may have been the wrong idea, and that it might have done better on a network like the WB or Fox. After watching Serenity I've been working on getting my hands on Firefly. Really good premises in play in that film. (Like the government can make terrible mistakes when they're trying to make everyone the same.) Not to mention that the cowboy style main charactor is awesome!
  3. I think that the person earlier who said "death isn't important" just about summed up what I think about it. I think the biggest thing I worry about when it comes to dying isnt that I will die, but that others will be left behind, and I only hope that they can understand that it doesn't matter how long life is, and it doesn't matter when life ends, the only thing that matters is that it did happen. We had a friend who died last year here at college, he was 19 years old. Everyone said it was a tragedy that a young person had died, but I think that the amount of time you get to spend here is completely irrelevent. If I died tomorrow, up to this point I have accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish so far. I have told everyone that I love that I love them, and I do so almost everyday. I have been working towards my ultimate life goals, building strong relationships, enjoying my job, learning at school, basically I've been LIVING. There's nothing tragic about death. Sure, we miss those who are gone. There are people I would be devistated without. I know that they wouldn't want me to suffer, they would want me to learn from what happened, and realize that every day is a new opportunity to LIVE. I don't want to die, but every second I spend thinking about it is a second I could spend living. In fact, it's not even that I don't want to die, it isn't just the avoidance of the inevitable, It's that I want to live. Whenever I think about death, I just think about life. The only thing we can really learn from death is that unless we are truly living, we mine as well be dead anyway. (Isn't that was being an Objectivist is all about, Living Life On Earth!) For the person who lost someone, I'm sorry for your pain. My only recommendation is to learn as much as you can from what happened, and also to remember him. Take him with you in your heart and in your life, and as long as your alive, his memory, his worth, the things he did here on earth, will live on.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I never really was much of a farmer to begin with. I actually joined the organization because it's the largest student run leadership organization in the country, and the only thing at my tiny highschool that offered programs like competitive public speaking, and potential offices. It also allowed me to travel all over the country (Twice to the national convention in Louisville, KY, Once to NYC, and Once to D.C.) My Agriculture teacher did convince me to raise a sheep one year for the fair, but It didn't go over nearly as well as it should have. (My parents still have him as a pet.) Anyway, It's a great organization. Very republican in demographic, and very well thought out overall. The students actually do the work (which impresses me.) Also, they offer awards for achievement, competition in things like competitive production (They have students who actually farm their own pieces of land) and agribusiness. I guess what I really meant to say is that I'll be an alumni for life, and more than that I'll never forget how rewarding my FFA experience was. Future Farmers of America, not just for Farmers afterall. :-D.
  5. AshleyShrugged: Just a play on my liking of Atlas Shrugged, (and the fact my name starts with an A.) My real nickname is Cash. 1. It sounds very much like my name, Ash, and 2. my friends all know i'm a greedy capitalist . My AIMname is ffashley04, which is because in 2004 I was a Regional President in FFA. (Future Farmers of America.) On MSN I'm also Ashleyshrugged Feel free to contact me too!
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to have joined this forum! I'm a Junior at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ and I'm majoring in accouting and finance. I have been working at a real estate agency for the past 16 months and I should be recieving my license soon. (As soon as I take the test.) I recently moved into a townhome with my two best friends here in Flagstaff, and I'm very excited about living in my first real home of my own. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Nicolaus, who is also an Objectivist. I'm sure I could talk about myself for eternity, but I'll just leave it at that and if you'd like to know more, you can ask. It's nice to meet everyone! -Ashley
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'll be putting an Intro in the Introduction section, but before I do that I HAVE to get my two cents in about Dagny. Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is perfect for Dagny. She is versatile enough to play young Dagny falling in love with Francisco, and older Dagny meeting her match in Galt. If you didn’t pay attention you might think she was plain, but add a dress and she is stunningly beautiful. (Which is something I remember about Dagny from the book, usually dressed like a man and sort of plain, but fantastic once dressed up) She looks fantastic in the 20’s look, infact, it’s her look! For anyone who’s seen secretary you know she’s incredibly sexy and an incredible actress. She is the only decent thing that came out of Mona Lisa Smile. Even though she has a name, she isn’t famous enough to bring previous role’s along with her. Basically, she’ll be remembered as Dagny Taggart. Here are some pictures of her: http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&h...aal&btnG=Search Some other suggestions: Also, Seeing as they really are related I wouldn’t hate the Idea of Jake as her brother Jim. I think he’s a good enough actor to play a villain. If not, O well, but they sure are one outstandingly talented family. Mathew McConahey (spelling?) would make a fantastic Ragner. Especially after seeing him in Sahara where he was an action star, I think he'd be fantastic. Not to mention Ragner is notoriously the most handsome man around, and Matthew is certainly my favorite handsome actor! I do love Val Kilmer, but I can't see him in any of the major roles. Frankly, I think he's too old. It's a lot easier to make a young actor look old then an old actor look young. Hank would be of suitable age, but I think of Hank as a really large, hard man. Val is such a pretty thing. I like the Idea of Russell Crowe in Hanks role. He's strong and manly enough for it, I could believe he runs steel mills. Or even Kevin Spacey. (Everyone wants him as a villain, but he's just so talented overall I wouldn't care who he was playing.) For Francisco, I like Lorenzo Lamas's son, Alvaro. He's not famous, but he's incredible tall and handsome. http://www.lorenzolamas.info/eng/interesting_facts.php Go to the link that says Alvaro Lamas in the second column under children. Alvaro is a bit young, but he's 4 times better than trying to get Antonia Banderas in a love schene with a really young woman. Don't get me wrong, Antonio's the man, but he def doesn't have a roll in this film. John Galt John Galt John Galt. First off, I think suggestions like Denzel Washington (who just turned 50) and Russell Crowe are frankly just too old. He should be in his 30's. Thay way if they need to age him it's no big deal. I do like the Christian Bale idea best so far. His face is definetely Angular. He's tall, strong, handsome, and he always looks like he's thinking about something. Since I don't have a favorite I'll put him in as best choice so far. Clive Owen is also a decent suggestion. He's exceptionally talented. I also like the idea of doing an open casting call like they did with Harry Potter. They tried to select actors who were 1. Unknown and 2. looked the part. I think Hermione and Harry are especially well done, not to mention Draco Malfoy. Last but not least, are there any Objectivists out there (or on here) who can act? I'm not extremely shocked there arn't a ton of O'ist actor/actresses, but we just need a good, 20 or 30.
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