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    The Merciless

    The Merciless is a new fantasy novel by a long time Objectivist. And yes, that Objectivist is me. If I hadn’t been a member of the site for years I wouldn’t bother you with my little infomercial. Most immediately ignore these kinds of posts so they are usually a waste of time. I still don’t want to take up much space here however I do believe that if you’re a fan of fantasy novels you will enjoy The Merciless. If you take a brief moment to check out my website at www.thomasthorntonjr.com, you can peruse the first chapter and make your own decision. And if money is an issue, think eBoo
  2. The "American Way" line is being blown out of proportion. The scene has Perry White giving assignments and orders to his reporters. It has the feel of an hour long meeting given in two minutes. He didn't leave it off to make a point but it appeared to be a more comprehensive order to research ALL of Supes's beliefs and attitudes. It fit the moment and the scene. It's a good movie. Very character driven.
  3. Any law, state or federal, that specifies sex, religion, race, and anything else that separates people into arbitrary groups violates the individual rights of others and is unjust oppression that violates the Constitution as I understand it. However, there is a key element of this argument that deserves more serious examination. According to those trying to pass the law, from what I heard today, is that marriage is a historically religious practice between a consenting man and woman (of course this ignores all non-Christian religions that practiced polygamy and certain denominations of Morm
  4. This isn't limited to Mass. Here in Arkansas the governor decided socialist health care would be a great idea and began legislation to get the ball moving. We are already 49th in everything except taxes, there we are around 11th per capita, thanks in part to this former Babtist preacher's stance that those who have money have a responsibility for paying the ways of those without, no matter why they are without. After all, that is what Jesus would want. He is a Republican, and he is running for president. This is only the begining. Too many parasites in this nation will give their s
  5. Excelent point. Why would they video tape the comments and then let her go knowing she would tell the truth? Because they are not trying to influence 'us.' It is to influence the Muslims in the Middle East. After all, how many of the state controlled news agents in the Middle East published Carroll's retraction (which I believe fully) in the same amount they published her gun-forced lies? Then again, how many of ours gave the same amount of time on both? A good rule of thumb with hostages; never believe what they say. Even if they are safe, in their minds they do not realize they are
  6. I went out and bought the graphic novel this week, but V is one of the books that have been on my "get around to read list" for a few years now. The problem I think Objectivists may have with the movie is the hero's personal philosophy of anarchism. However, the main theme is freedom, specifically for people to live their own lives free of government control. Since I hate spoilers I won't give details, but there is one scene in the book that reminds me greatly of Anthem. I think, if they keep it true to Moore's work, everyone here would like it.
  7. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud when I read this (I would have but I'm in a library during finals.) Not because the topic is funny, but I find irony hilarious. "BERLIN — European Union leaders will address the Iranian president's denial of the Holocaust as a "myth," Germany's foreign minister said Thursday, warning that patience is running out with Tehran. The German government has condemned the remarks by Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and called on the United Nations as well as the European Union to follow suit." And if anyone should know, it's the Germans. H
  8. BurgessLau, I agree and disagree at the same time. Intelligence is the ability to make connections, and "stupidity" is acting in an unintelligent manner, however I do not understand how a person who supports a medical system (or any system) that is incapable of functioning, to the point where people needlessly die, while they fight a system (private health care) which is works can be described as anything other than unintelligent. Those who are making decisions on faulty information or lack the cognitive ability to understand are not at fault, but those in the article who understand t
  9. I get asked this all the time because of the "Who is John Galt?" bumper sticker (probably the only one in Arkansas) on my car. I should have been more specific. From what I got out of the article many influential Canadians (politically and economically) believe in and fight for a state monopoly on medicine. The Canadian SC ruled that it is a violation of the constitution for the state to monopolize medicine (yea for them) but many Canadians are against the concept of for-profit medicine. This may not be true but that is not how the article presented it. Stupid: (one definiti
  10. Old topic I'm sure, but this is a new article and court ruling. http://news.yahoo.com/s/csm/ocanadarx;_ylt...HBhBHNlYwM5NjQ- A few quotes My synopses of the article: People who would have lived are going to die because socialist health care does not work as well as for-profit systems, but private medical care is a violation of rights because if everyone does not get the same care everyone should suffer and die equally to make it democratic. My question to you is: How can people be this stupid?
  11. Harry wasn't killed so he wouldnt be an inferi. Inferi are just animated dead people without minds (see Night of the Living Dead). Also, it does not have to inanimate. Rowling left this open when Dumbeldore said he thought Voldermort's snake was an horcrux.
  12. I don't think Snape switched back to Voldermort's side, but I would prefer if it turned out he had. It would show the dangers of trusting people who had not really earned that trust. Also I dont think Dumbledor begged for his life. He was begging for Snape to kill him in order to fully gain the trust of the Death Eaters and possibly motivate Harry a little more against the death eaters (ala Obi Wan in episode IV). The one thing I am suprisd no one mentioned so far is the most rational way Dumbledor could return in the last book. I'll give you a clue: What did Harry and Nearly Headle
  13. O'Connor I have just recently begun to read disents and rulings by SCOTUS. Before I focused more on local and state politics. Since she is now retiring (I am one of those who believe the recent rewriting of the constitution by the SC is the reason) I thought it would be appropriate to mention some of her rulings. Several of you have mentioned court cases, but what was her reason behind her decesions and what were the cases about.
  14. I was shocked, SHOCKED, to hear this today. Shocked that the court even bothered to review the case since them made a very similar conclusion back in 1981. Go here and you can read the case details, http://www.healylaw.com/cases/warren2.htm, but to make a long story short two women called the police while a third roomate was being raped in the same apartment. The police didnt go to the women's home and eventually the rapists found the other two women, and tortured all three for over fourteen hours. The Supreme Court decided that police are under no constituonal law to protect any specifi
  15. Moose, think of it this way: You all know who wrote this. I hope this works and may the "fair market value" of the home of a tyrant be one dollar.
  16. Me, from a few posts ago: I spent much of the night drafting a letter and looking up addresses. Some of you may come up with different rational means to attack this travesty, but follow through with what you know is right! If you do nothing else copy and paste the following letter I have sent to each of my elected representatives and email it with your name and address to your elected representatives, if you agree with my goal. If you disagree then pick and choose the parts you do like and draft your own letter around them. Or come up with something new and let us know what it is. J
  17. Groovenstein, I went through the same emotions. The “why” is painfully simple. Because they lack the ability to earn what we have so they resort to taking our property by force. For clarification I suggest you go here, http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/23...4pdf/04-108.pdf, and read the explanations and dissents from the justices. Here’s a sample. (All bold print is my own emphasis) And this one The dissents helped me regain some composure. All is not lost, at least not yet.
  18. The conversation is wandering off topic. The current argument should, perhaps, be moved to a new post leaving this thread for the S.C.'s current actions. Now, to add to the current topic: Look at American history, from the Whiskey Rebellion to the slaughter of women and children on legally defined reservations during the Indian wars to the Bonus Army march on Washington DC to the National Guard opening fire on in Oklahoma during the Vietnam war to the armed taking of Elian Gonzales (all of which involved armed action from the government against unarmed law abiding citizens in violation of th
  19. Here in Arkansas a local radio host (libertarian) focused on this today, and will again tomorrow. The majority of the callers held the same view: The USA as explained in the constitution is dead, and several called for an armed uprising. Seriously folks, an armed march on Washington DC. One of the examples of local abuse mentioned around here included Clinton's library and local mall. Both were built on land taken by force from local business and homeowners who were paid "market value." The people who took the land were also the ones who decided what the market value of their home was
  20. Unless there was no other choice (i.e. I end up with my wife and pets on the street starving) I would not choose to work anywhere that takes so much as a penny of the product of my mind from my check against my will . Fortunately Arkansas, where I live, is a "right to work" state. This means unions can form but cannot demand employers not hire non union workers (unless a certain ex-president illegaly orders the firing of non union construction workers to hire union workers off my tax dollars to build a presidential library that looks like a two story, tripple wide trailer). As a future te
  21. What do you mean, "like a Christian." One mistake in your post, Peter did not kill the killer. The idiot fell out a window by accident. If you liked the first you'll like the second. Go. Rent it. Times wasting!
  22. ***SPOILERS (of course so are most of the other posts)*** Bruce did not separated from Ras Al Goul (some of you have misspelled the name, and comic trivia note, it means "The Demon's Head") until he was ordered to execute a killer. He did not refuse to do so out of compassion or understanding of the criminal, or because he thought the killer had a right to live. He did so because he knew that no single man or group of men had the right to make an arbitrary decision on who lived and who died. That is what court's are for, as Bruce kind of explained in the scene. As for Ras’s views on “s
  23. Excellent post. Even as a very long time comic reader, mainly a Marvel fan, (a small Captain America statue is resting on my computer monitor as I type ) I never saw Hulk in these terms before. I have examined characters like Spiderman (just added a post on a thread about the movie), Fantastic Four and X-Men Vs. The Brotherhood, but Hulk always seemed too simple to me. In my defense the grey intelligent hulk occurred during one of my non-comic periods. Not me (I mean I do not disregard them). I think Rand would describe modern comics as "Romanticism with an apology" as sh
  24. Another comic geek speaking up. The theme of Peter giving up being Spiderman because he thought his heroics had destroyed his chance at a happy, regular life (college, girl friend, time with his always dying aunt) came from a very old Stan Lee story (Amazing Spiderman 50). The image of Peter walking away from his costume in the garbage can in a dark rainy alley in the movie was a direct copy from a page in the comic book right down to the fire escape. The last straw after a series of bad experiences that led to the “Spiderman No More” scene was when his boss at the newspaper used a TV
  25. After reading about the French and Dutch rejection of the EU Constitution I wanted to read the document in order to see for myself what they are trying to do. After a couple of searches I could not find the actual Constitution in English, only articles about the constitutional vote. Do any of you know where I can locate it, a link would be great, and what are your thoughts on the document and its rejection?
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