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  1. It's so very, very wonderful seeing raving lunatics who have not even attempted to read and understand Kant. Is it any wonder that you give off the air of arrogant, yet dull, dogmatists? I'm sorry, my arguments do not take the form "Ayn said so; q.e.d." Kant was an Enlightenment thinker heavily committed to rationalism (too committed, to hear critics of Kant today), who thought that reason could establish morality completely a priori, without relying on the senses and CERTAINLY not on altruism (that's David Hume; I can see how they are confusing, what with one being a skeptic and the oth
  2. I have never seen a clear statement of why objectivism and Kantianism are so diametrically opposed. Perhaps you can enlighten me. To hear you say it, it sounds like you're an advocate of Sartre. If the absolute freedom of the transcendental self is insufficient to establish the kind of freedom you believe in; if the moral law itself is too binding; then perhaps you believe that the human is free to choose whatever laws he will? I think Kant's conception of the human will as legislating for itself, while still bound by an objective moral law, is at least not diametrically opposed to objectiv
  3. Judging is perhaps called for, but prejudging? I hardly said anything and I was instantly branded a likely troll; not to mention I am a dogmatist (news to me). Perhaps I ought to have said that I agree with much of what Kant says - I certainly did not mean that I am a dogmatic Kantian. Why would I decry dogmatism if I were guilty of it? If you believe me to be at fault, I can understand. You hardly know anything about me. However, I always considered it civil to give a man the benefit of the doubt; you may have no reason to believe I am particularly enlightened, but you also lack any substa
  4. I am, quite frankly, insulted and disgusted at the tone of that post. I came here to debate intelligently, and I can only hope that your sentiment is anomalous. You didn't even give me a chance. Will my treatment by others be any better, or ought I just to leave now?
  5. Hello. I am twenty-two years old and I am an undergraduate pursuing a degree in philosophy. I'm not unsympathetic to many elements of objectivism, though I tend to view it with distaste when it is held dogmatically (an affliction all too common in my experience). I'm a Kantian, or something approaching it, in both epistemology and ethics. That's really all you need to know.
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