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  1. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    I should clarify this about my brother. He's not this inconsiderate, idiot bum that I may have accidently portrayed him as. Just because I choose not to associate myself with him frequently doesnt mean he's a hideous person. When he drinks, its on the weekends with his friends but he hasnt been doing this since his wife went to prison. His first priority is probably his kids, whom he treats well and they love him. The best way to describe my brother is to call him average. He doesnt make consistently rational choices and he's not an intellectual genius. But he's a good father and the way he views life and the world is similar to most other people(who arent Objectivists of course). I'll list the pro's and con's of having his baby stay at my place a little later.
  2. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    Thats a pretty good idea. Of course, its still a huge responsibility for me to take care of the one child but it may also be rewarding if I enjoy having her around. And I think my brother would be able to get by financially if there were 3 children to feed instead of 4, mostly because Katie, who is the youngest, is a baby. I'll propose the idea to my brother.
  3. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    We dont share anything more than a biological connection. I hadnt come in contact with him for five years before he called me recently about his problem. And I chose not to associate myself with him because hes really not the type of person I like being around. I typically judge every person using the same criteria and try not to let any external factors influence my decision such as if they're family members or celebrities, etc., and I came to the conclusion awhile back that my brother wasnt someone who I would consider a friend but just another person Ive met who happens to share the same genetics as me. After saying those comments, it wouldnt really make sense for me to do such a large favor for him, would it?
  4. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    No, we're fraternal. I guess I wouldnt really be gaining anything except possibly enjoying spending time with his kids. I think I may be surprised at how much I enjoy their company. But either way, I may not be gaining much or anything if I decide to change my living situation for him, but what if I'm not losing anything either? If I can figure out a way to make the situation something other than an inconvenience to me, than could it be a fine idea to accept that living situation with him just as an act of kindness?
  5. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    No. We dont really have any family left or others that would help. Not that I'm aware of. But I should inform you that my brother tends to drink quite a bit and that may prevent him from getting money from a charity if the charity questions neighbors or friends on his behavior. Featherfall mentioned possibly not moving in with my brother but near him. That seems like a good idea. Just as long as my whole life doesnt revolve around him and his family. Probably fester. His mind is what an Objectivist calls a concrete-bound, Neanderthal-like mind. His first priority is to impress other people, he doesnt try to gain knowledge but instead gets drunk and used to go insane on weekends with his friends since his wife was home with the kids. Also, he purposely tries to annoy people and make them feel ashamed or guilty. I can handle brief and infrequent meetings with him but being around him on a regular basis will be a challenge. He hasnt said anything outright about this- he just essentially is begging me to do it- but since he is my brother and I know him well enough, I would say he probably thinks its my duty to help him out. If I said no, he would assumably try to make me feel guilty and rotten about myself for being selfish. Like I said, he has no clue what a rational moral code is and the things stored in his subconscious is a huge junk heap of mind-destroying quotes he has picked up involuntarily throughout his life. I hate to say it but my brother is a second-hander and doesnt realize his life is his responsibility. I cant imagine what he would do if I didnt help him out with this problem of his. I dont think he would be able to afford to pay me back after its all said and done. He doesnt make much money himself as he owns a very small business where he teaches martial arts and other fight techniques that are used in Ultimate Fighting. However, he will probably be responsible with the money he has or if he gets some from me because he cares a lot about his kids and wants them to be happy.
  6. mentzer51

    A Dilemma

    I have a bit of a dilemma. My twin brother, who is 29, just seperated from his wife, who got sentenced to three years in prison for a crime she committed. My brother has four children(1,5,8,10 years old) and he asked me if I would move in with him to help take care of the kids and chip in towards bills and expenses. My brother and I have never been that close but I realize he's in a tough situation. The main reason I'm hesitant to go live with him is because I'm a novelist and there may not be sufficient time or the right environment that will allow me to write at my best ability. Other reasons why I may not go: I'm not very good with kids, my brother annoys me if I'm around him for too long, and I like living alone. I want to help him out but I also dont want that to jeopardize my writing career. But if I dont go, he mentioned earnestly that he may have to give up his youngest child for adoption since he wont have enough time or money to support her. What would you guys do if you were in my situation?
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