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  1. How about this one. IWDWBFMAIYDLISI. I Will Do What's Best For Me And If You Don't Like It Shove It.
  2. Today and some other days like it I will lend a good friend or a teammate money to get food etc. The chance that they return the favor or pay me back is about 50/50 but I figure it's ok because we're teammates or good friends and usually look out for each other. Is that wrong by objectivist standards? Also on occassion I need to borrow a piece of paper from a friend or person sitting near me. I think everyone figures it would be more trouble to pay them back the 1/4 penny than it would be to pay their debts, so is this type of thing wrong?
  3. I took one test and got an INTJ the other I got an ISTJ. Seems about right to me.
  4. I've seen quite a bit of criticism of the Objectivist Center on here, and since I haven't really looked into it closesely I'd like to know exactly what about them I should be watching out for.
  5. OwenKellogg


    There's no reason that projecting his parent's murder on every villain wouldn't create a love for judgement, or that there's much of a difference between projecting that murder on every villain and not wanting a similar thing to happen to other people.
  6. In my experience, (this is second hand of course stuff told to me by friends that are girls) guys break up with girls because they "don't feel worthy" or "are too busy" etc. when they want to pursue someone else while keeping their current girlfriend open as an option. That's just from what I've seen though.
  7. EC is right. A good bit ago I walked up to an eighteen year old girl (I did not know she was 18 at the time) and introduced myself, asked her name, and then proceeded to make fun by doing a bad prep impression because I saw her walking out of an Abercrombie and Fitch store. (I'm hoping she wasn't attracted to the impression itself) I got her phone number but she recluded once she asked how old I was and I answered honestly that I was 15. Girls want the guy to be in control. That's why being cocky works. That's why giving a girl flowers doesn't, it puts you in a submissive position. Not aski
  8. What is tolerance? why is it that we aspire to nullify our opinions when our opinions are all we have? After all tolerance only morphs itself into the hatred of intolerance. At which point everyone is pressured into tolerance through intolerance. Therefore a feigned tolerance reigns over the general populace in fear of being alienated as a traitor. Opinions seperate us from animals. They have no opinions and and cannot follow a logical path. So why attempt to nullify our opinions which in effect gives animals an equal reverance to humans? Because opinions make us individuals, admission of
  9. That's because people become dependent on the welfare. In order for people to break out of a socialist government the whole system needs to break down. Atlas needs to shrug in Sweden.
  10. Illegal Immigration wouldn't even be an issue if America didn't have so many socialist programs and laws. The major problem that rises with immigration is that they get welfare and they work for cheap. Because they work for so cheap they get hired instead of American's who can't compete because it's against the law for them work for less than minimum wage. The problem isn't illegal immigration itself, it's too large of a government spending too much on illegal immigrants who don't pay into the system.
  11. At which point do we take into account women for freedom? Women's sufferage started in the early 20th century so if you count slavery (which you should) you must count women's rights as well. As a result it is arguable that post-WWI is the freest era and we have been regressing since FDR.
  12. Tough for an objectivist to find a place huh? Compromise is never fun but you gotta live somewhere eh?
  13. Stay away from Oregon and Massachussets especially. I can see my home state (Oregon) growing more and more liberal. In general, I would have to suggest the South, Texas, or many of the midwestern states. Those are the one's that I have noticed being consistently red over the last few elections.
  14. Title 9, more government sticking their noses in places where government noses don't belong. Recently in my home state of Oregon, there is a law suit (or a complaint i'm not completely sure which) against a school district for accepting sponsorships for mens athletics teams (free shoes etc. as a means for Nike and such companies to advertise their products) while the women's athletic teams don't get the same sponsorships, largely because it is not a big enough market to make the sponsorship profitable. So now public schools are faced with the choice of refusing the equipment (in exchange for a
  15. On another interesting note, in English class, I was reading Cyrano De Bergerac and I noticed that Cyrano exhibited many traits that Francisco from Atlas Shrugged did as well. Among these are that he was altogether unwilling to take or give charity, unwilling to stop attacking those who were immoral, and willing to fight them to the death. This book was written in the late 1800's.
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