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  1. I'm back. I just got a new job, which is the reason for the hiatus. I wrote Originality at a weird time in my life. I read back and find it funny because I was/maybe still am an angsty teen. Maybe it will bring back memories. I will post it as soon as my computer decides to be nice and let me get to my own site.
  2. i don't really worry about my death too much, because i won't know when it happens. it just will and i will fall asleep and not dream, not wake up. just like those nights where you wake up and had known nothing of the hours passed. except for the whole waking up thing. now as for other's deaths....i just think that they got to the finish line first. that's all.
  3. richard, thanks for clearing that up for me. it's an interesting concept, just like communism. however, both are absurd and i completely agree with you.
  4. i really have no thoughts on this, because it's such a touchy subject. i still don't know what side i'm on. by the way, yesterday night my brother called me a name and i replied by calling him a "euthanasia". it was quite comical considering he has the attitude to calm everyone, to keep peace. to put people out of their misery. he's such a kind soul.
  5. I have an essay I wrote on my take on originality, for a local zine. It's not too great, because I wrote it awhile ago. Now I'm giving you guys the choice. You can read, and probably have a good laugh at my amateur works. I thought it was o.k. for the age I wrote it at. Or you can tell me no thanks and I'll delete this post. Up to you guys; I don't want to fill the site with boring stuff unless you want to read it
  6. danielshrugged, what type of social/economic system do you find to be the ideal?? i'm interested.
  7. i'm not quite understanding this thread. i think it's too complex. metaphysicist is confusing me. anyone wanna help?
  8. ok i do have to correct myself, invictus. when i referred to religion i was talking about the common christianity we face in america. sorry about the confusion. yes, i agree with you about how now in the Western civilization religion revolves around people's lives. other places...well we all know what about religion overpowering all. i think religion is just like communism. both were thought up with the best ideals, and the worst intentions..... oh, to live in a world where we praise God and are all equal. blasphemous.
  9. I've loved Donnie Darko for such a long time. I know it's stupid, but I love the soundtrack and the way the movie flows. Plus Jake Gyllenhal knows how to act. And there's nothing quite like a bunny from the future.
  10. richard- right now i have the Ayn Rand essay contest that i'm working on, as well as a class at the college along with my cosmetology class (it's a lot of hours...5 a day for me). along with that, i'm self-editing my novel to be published. the literary agent gave me a sort of ultimatem---edit and Then we'll talk about representing you. so as soon as i hit April 15th, I'm going to seriously look into objectivism. It's good to know I'll have people to turn to when I have questions
  11. oh usually i am not. it's just last night i had to wake up at 6, go to school till 4:30, go home, then get ready to go to the college for a class i take there. tuesdays and thursdays are very trying for me. i get exhausted so quickly. Especially on Tuesdays.
  12. rad-cap, i have to tell you i've had a similar situation happen to me, concerning a friend of mine who became very religious overnight. i was brought up in a strict catholic family. i believed in god. until the day i heard that santa clause wasn't real. that's when my reasoning skills were born, and i kept silent about my views on the absent god i owe everything to...until 6 months ago. i have nothing against religion, because frankly, it keeps society in line. people need some kind of permenance beyond life; they need that god-fearing quality to keep out of trouble. so go for religion if it's your bag. it's not mine however. but this girl, this born again whatever, she used religion for all the wrong reasons...just as all actions it was of the ego, selfish perceived as selfless. for some reason beyond my fathoming, this enfuriated me. does anyone else hate hypocrites?? i keep very calm about most things, but what irks me most is hypocrites. the ones who are so "selfless" and when i tell them they have no integrity (just as Toohey to the lady) they say that i have no idea what i'm talking about. it's just so funny when i get into a religious discussion with her. because all my answers are backed up by reason and laws of nature that we have all learned and lived by. then she blatantly refuses reality and says, and i quote, "because it's god's will." oh dear i think i will quit now. I think i'm turning into an objectivist without knowing it. or now realizing it. someone convert me.
  13. thanks again guys. i've got all this written down, and i will try ayn rand's book first (i just finished the fountainhead so it should keep in the same order of thought). someone, if anyone, is interested on kind of filling me in on all of this, they can i/m me at amorparatodavida . that way i'll be a little more indepth in my answers about things
  14. i could, but im terribly lazy. plus i say it as a slur.
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