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  1. I'm not sure. Maybe DD tricked the school into thinking that too. If he feignd dead, and no potrait appeared, then no one would believe he was dead.
  2. , stupid mistake on my part. I mean that DD allowed Snape to attack him, and then he feigned dead. Rowling, if she wants, can make loopholes around spells. Remember the spell that was supposed to kill HP, didn't! You never know....
  3. Yeah, I have seen that one. I am also talking about the episodes where Ashton punks rapppers like T.I., The Game, etc. They are all supposed to be so tough, but when it appears that they are going to get in trouble, they start pleading with the actors on Ashton's team. For instance, T.I. was at the airport and some "security guards" stopped him from boarding his flight. They searched his stuff and "found" a handful of bullets. In response, T.I. says "Wait man, I don't even own a gun!"
  4. My theory is that Dumbledore is not in fact dead, but that he allowed Snape to kill him so that he would have a mole within the Death Eaters. Plus, with everyone thinking Dumbledore is dead, he will have the upperhand in aiding HP in the Final Battle. Remember, Dumbledore always had a reason for trusting Snape!!
  5. I really love this show. Does anyone else? (It's especially great when Ashton gets rap stars!!)
  6. I agree. I agree. Firstly, we had numerous group discussions talking about ourselves, which enabled me to see what sorts of ideas others hold. They would say things like: "My worst fear to be alone", and "Be accepting of everyone, judging others is really bad", etc. Secondly, just walking around with people and hearing the types of conversations they were having. For instance, they would be talking about all the keggers they planned on going to, or discussing where they could smoke - weed, etc. - in a purely escapist fashion. Thirdly, simply reading thier body language sufficed. They were always looking around at others, wording their answers to how much others would like them, that sort of thing.
  7. Can you explain to me the scene in the begininning of the novel; in which while everyone is on the boat, a cannon breaks loose down below and forces them to land? Do you know what I am talking about?
  8. I understand and agree with what you are saying, but let me elaborate my position. I seek, as you pointed out, to display the "diversity movement" in perhaps a overly generous position. I liken my analysis to the environmental movement; in which although the fundamentals of the philosophy are wrong, there still exists genuine pro-man people within. (BTY, I was drafted in the Martin Luther King Program - at prima facie a thoroughly racist organization)
  9. Today and yesterday I had to attend the Freshmen Welcome for the University of Minnesota (TC). While I was there, I noticed the incredible and chronic lack of self esteem and independence among my classmates. People were absolutely terrified at the thought of "being alone", as vague a concept that is. To compensate, the University took us through countless lectures and presentations stressing the importance of diversity - essentially giving us permission to be individuals. I thought a lot about the concept , and have come to the following conclusion . Although the pervasive racial connotation of diversity is abhorrent, I do like the idea of being exposed to different ideas and learning as a result. Not because different races bring different kinds of knowledge, but different people bring different bits of knowledge. (Remember, Objective and Absolute truth do exist, but only as result of the continuous expansion of one's knowledge!!) Multiculturalism, on the other hand, is through and through a vile idea with no redeeming value. It implicitly an attack on individualism, and replaces it with the sham idea of "individuality". Please post your thoughts.
  10. Check out my new blog!! http://lifeareason.thinkertothinker.com/
  11. Has anyone read Victor Hugo's "Ninety Three"? I have read half of "Les Mis", and was blown away by it, but so far "93" isn't very impressive.
  12. I finished the fifth book early this morning (around 130). I wasn't that impressed b it - I thought the ending could have been better written. I would say "The Prisoner of Azakaban". I thought the time travel bit was very interesting. I saw "Quidditch" at the library and I skimmed through it. It looked pretty funny. No, I don't want anything spoiled for me. I saw a couple of those books at B and N. I think overall the movie are great - however I don't really like David Radcliffe as HP. It's not really convincing.
  13. I think it is funny that the Shipping and Handling charges are $17!!
  14. I suppose the lyrics do suck....but I thought the melody of the song was annoying. I really only like BJ's earlier stuff.
  15. "We Didn't Start the Fire"? I think that song was terrible!!
  16. Why doesn't this thread show up on the home page of OO, under the "most active" list of threads?
  17. Done with the fourth (yesterday), and now on to the fifth. Is it just me, or are these books getting longer and having smaller font sizes...
  18. In order to spread the seed of OO.net even more, I suggest.....POP UPS!! On every computer, day and night!
  19. Why did you make it, if you don't have a use for it?
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