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  1. Great replies! Some of these people are not actually "friends", but people I play a game with on facebook. I have them in a separate "friend list" where they have no access to any personal information, just my status and a few of my pictures. I use this as a small form of activism also. Who knows when a seed might be planted by one of my status or link postings? I think I will use some form of what brian0918 posted for a few days!
  2. I have noticed a trend on Facebook of people putting the following in their status: Facebook user: thinks that no one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day. I have made comments on some of these posters, but would like to start a status that says "I think that health care is not a right" but think that more should be said than just that. Ideas anyone?
  3. I sent it and at least one person that I did not know would be amenable to it also signed and sent the pledge!
  4. I also use my facebook status as activism, sometimes pointing to specific letters to the editor, sometimes I use quotes from Ayn Rand. Today mine is :Congress: Please sign FOCA immediately, millions of innocent women's rights are in jeopardy! One of my acquaintances has his status the opposite. It will be interesting to see if he responds.
  5. Another Red Wings fan here. Although I live in the Socialist State of Vermont, I grew up in the Detroit area. Imagine if soccer players had to do their running on ice! It takes an advanced fitness level and lots of skill to compete in hockey. Many high school football players can get scholarships to college to play football, but hockey is one of the most difficult sports to succeed in past the high school level.
  6. I almost got fired because I refused to sign the "disciplinary action" due to the circumstance I describe below. I was a security manager at a large retail store. A female employee complained that a "Young black male employee" was entering her department and telling people that she had "been with" him. This woman was an older (50-60--ish) Indian woman. She did not know which "young black male employee" that it was. We kept her under surveillance so that we could figure out who it was that was doing the harrassing. A week or so later, she again complained that the "young black male employee" had been in her department harrassing her. We reviewed the video tape and saw no "young black male" employees anywhere near her. Her son came into the store and was vocal about suing the store due to this harrassment. Myself and the HR manager decided that we would take polaroids of "young black male employees" and do a photo array line up to see if she could identify the person harrasing her. We explained to the "young black male employees" what we were doing and stressed that they were under no obligation to participate. We did not tell the photo subjects who the complaining person was. Why do you think the HR manager and I got in trouble? We were racist for only taking pictures of "young black male employees" for the investigation.
  7. Wow, I can't believe that the police would not protect the rights of the recruiters.
  8. You must have missed the season where one TV station had "glow puck". It was awful for real hockey fans, but to people who can't find the puck, it was highlighted on TV in Blue "glow" and when it got shot hard, the trail was red "glow". I don't know how many years ago it was, but I was glad to see it go....
  9. You are missing the greatest sport of them all: 12 big men on skates fight on ice to put a small rubber disk into a net! Go Red Wings!!
  10. Thank you for your replies. I guess I am concerned that I will spend too much time on "what should be" that I will miss something critical to "what is". All new knowledge must eventually be integrated with the totality of one's knowledge, I just was looking for direction on how much I should focus on "what should be". As you can see, I live in Vermont, the state with the only avowed socialist US senator, so I will have to be careful about not being too vocal, while still being a "voice of reason" in the classroom. I am returning to school at age 45 after a long career as a retail manager. I just finished the BBA that I started in 1980 through two online courses at Northwood University (right near you, Kendall!) and my grounding in Objectivism was a huge help to me in an online International Trade class. I was still amazed that many people didn't realize that "free trade" means just that, free with no governmental interference. It was a new concept to many people, probably because it has never really existed.
  11. I have just recently begun studying law as a Paralegal certificate student, but I may end up in law school in a year or so. Should I concentrate only on what they are teaching me, or should I work on also integrating what I have studied as a student of objectivism to what they are teaching me and argue these points in my papers?
  12. The paperback version is under $30.00. I just got mine this week.
  13. I rarely post here, so you don't know me from Adam, but I live and work in Rockland County. PM me if you want more info on the area (I live in Nanuet, Work in Suffern). The local politics of Monsey will drive you bonkers!!
  14. When you believe that man's mind is capable of curing disease, one should reason that ANY disease or defect is potentially curable.
  15. I just finished Sparrowhawk Book One. I immediately ordered books two and three. Thank you Mr. Cline for your vision.
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