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  1. Thanks for all of your replies. They were all helpful. What I needed was a analogy or another way to explain it. Thanks
  2. To be a little more accurate, this is in regards to a friend and not me. Of course I believe that it is irrational and not to my benefit. But when we were having the conversation she thought that even if it was considered irrational, that it made her feel better and at ease. If it makes you feel better and more confident then why not believe it? That was her way of thinking. I really didnt have anything to say in regards to that, and it bugged me. In other words, I wonder if there is a more comprehensive way to explain it than just saying that it is irrational.
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding religion. What if I think that believing in a god, or some supernatural being will benefit me and make me stronger, even if it may not be rational. Like believing in a god that is looking over me would give me strength and confidence. What is wrong with thinking this way? How would this way of thinking not be to my benefit? Thank you GanonV
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