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  1. Interesting. At 23.33.47 (using the time stamp on the video) on the first clip, when the subject turns around and the officer ducks, right before they drop him, you can see what appears to be a shell casing fly, possibly from the subject's gun or maybe from the officer's gun. Also, on the first clip, which had sound (I couldn't hear any sound in the second clip) it sounds like some doors slam, then a couple shots are fired, before the subject even enters the screen. These shots would have occured while all the people were outside the range of view of the second clip as well, so it seems to
  2. The only U.S. coin made for circulation since the birth of this nation that was not made with any copper is a 1 cent coin, specifically, the 1943 steel cents made to save copper for the war effort. Mike.
  3. You are right, if you cannot see yourself being willing to take a life in order to protect your own, no deadly weapon is right for you. Don't mistake that using deadly force is taking justice into your own hands, however. The point of a deadly weapon when used for self-defense, whether by the police or a private individual, is not to kill the attacker; it is simply to stop him. It is simply a coincidence that the force that is best at stopping an attacker is also often fatal. Remember that there is a reason that police carry pepper spray/batons/tazers AND guns; it is because the gun is mor
  4. I too live in a quiet suburban area, have never been attacked, or really in fear of being attacked. I carry a gun with me everywhere it is legal to. Why? If you wait until you do need it before you get a weapon, you already waited too long. Bad things happen, and they can happen to you no matter where you live. How many times have you heard the story about the person attacked and maimed/raped/killed in "such a quite neighborhood"? Yes, it is much less likely to happen in some areas than in others, but it is never IMPOSSIBLE anywhere. I have a fire extinguisher in my home too, and it isn
  5. Hello all, I have recently discovered this site, and have found it incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. While I cannot call myself an Objectivist, due in part to the fact that I do not yet understand all of the aspects of the philosophy, I am an admirer of most of its aspects I do understand. There is one thing that I have a question about, and I couldn't find any previous topic regarding it, though it very well might have been discussed before. That question is what exactly is the conflict between Libertarianism and Objectivism? Now, I would not consider myself a Libertarian as
  6. I would be careful here on several fronts; first, you cannot always equate liberal with Democrat and conservative with Republican. Second, you have to be very careful about taking a specific example such as the PATRIOT act and judging reactions of the parties based on their responses to just that; the Democrats (and liberals more specifically) oppose it not because they value smaller federal government, but first, because they are not the party in power (and I don't kid myself that it is only the Dems that act this way). Second, because they are opposed not to big government, but the governm
  7. Exactly. I was just going to comment on this. What is there that proves the children's acts were altruistic? Altruism doesn't mean simply doing things that benefit others (at least from everything I have learned about the matter) but rather giving up something yourself to benefit someone else, without any benefit to yourself. The children in the study were helping; were they helping because they were sacraficing of themselves to help another human being, or were they helping because they gained some sense of satisfaction/pleasure from doing so? If the latter is the case, you could hardly
  8. Who said that the monitering of finances of known terrorists is only to track other known terrorists? The most important part of it as far as I can see is how tracking the finances of known terrorists (especially those in other countries that we cannot get to) can lead us to people here and abroad who we don't yet know are terrorists, but we can begin to investigate if we find out they are taking money from (or giving it to) known terrorists. The same is true of the NSA phone taps; we are monitoring the phone calls of people we know are connected to terrorists, not only to find out what they
  9. I don't know, the EPA has standards such that any detectable level of mercury in a given water sample is unacceptable, which means if some tech who has silver fillings in his/her teeth (which contain mercury) breathes on a sample, the sample will register an unacceptable level of mercury. I think that is about equal to the nuclear power plant restrictions.
  10. It is very true that you do not want to simply harm an attacker. The problem is that it is very difficult to guarantee a stop in time to save yourself from harm. There are cases (sorry, don't have links, but it has been discussed in many different places such as rec.guns newsgroup) where a person has taken a bullet through the heart and still had time to close the distance and stab the victim with a knife before his blood pressure dropped enough for his brain stopped working. The only CERTAIN way to stop someone right now is to hit them in the Central Nervous System, meaning the brain or sp
  11. Mike

    Global Warming

    Not at all. CO2 at levels reffered to has never been claimed by any reputable scientific group to be directly harmful to people (or other animals as far as I know...). The alleged harm caused by CO2 is that it increases the greenhouse effect, which is the natural effect of various gasses in our atmosphere trapping heat generated by the light from the sun hitting the Earth. Certain groups claim that human-produced CO2 emissions have raised the average temperature of the Earth appx. 1 degree Centigrade (Celcius) over the past 100 years. The problems with that claim are legion, including the
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