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  1. I'm sorry. What I meant was this: Many people say that his recordings are too fast, and many say that other versions are too slow. I don't really understand what is meant by that because I have not listened to very many renditions of these songs. Are these midis more like Rachmaninoff''s own recordings ("too fast") or like those which are "too slow?"
  2. Not having listened to much Rach before, I went trying to find some samples. Among others, I found these midi files. How close are they to his original recordings? Also, which of the albums available on itunes would be best to purchase? I was looking for Rachmaninoff playing his own stuff, but I couldn't find any of them on itunes.
  3. Who do you think should be put on the president's cabinet in the different Departments? Give a list with the department paired with the person who you think would best promote liberty in that office.
  4. How about something along the line of "What was the reason for concentration camps for Japanese during WWII? Does genetics predispose an individual to a given loyalty?" I have run into this problem often myself, though.
  5. I would love to participate in this! I'll try just about any book you want to read.
  6. Lincoln expanded the government unrelentingly. Everyone seems to like him because he ended slavery, but that was never his attention in the beginning. His only goal initially was to "preserve the union." Lincoln enslaved the entire country by imposing the draft and an income tax. He also threw those who disagreed with him in prison, rather than listen to their argument. FDR is by far the worst president, I think, for his blatant disregard of individual rights and unrelenting expansion of government. Also, he loses points for his (successful) attempt to become a life-long ruler. Cal
  7. I have been assigned to come up with a list of the greatest presidents in my opinion. I have not been given a standard by which I must rate them, and I am planning to go against the common conception that Lincoln, FDR, Jackson, and the like are among the best for their blatant disregard for individual rights. What I want are suggestions for the best presidents. Should I go with the ones who are usually given low rankings because of their relative inaction (and thus did not do as much to destroy liberty)? Or have there been any truly "great" presidents? Something I just thought of: perh
  8. I voted for Ron Paul for president, rather than abstain. (There is no line to write on in colorado, so I just wrote it up the side between the other names and the line.) I voted all republican for the rest of the offices. Oh, and NO on amendment 48!
  9. Why can't domain names be claimed in the same way that land originally could be? If no one is already using it, and you claim it and use it, shouldn't it become yours? Maybe I am missing something, but I don't understand why you have to pay for a domain name that has not been claimed yet. For example something like www.ministersofsacrilege.com. I don't know why you would want it, but that is not the point. With literally billions of possible names to choose from, why is it that you have to pay for any name you may come up with? If this is in the wrong section, please move it to a mor
  10. Alright. I was on Ballotpedia, trying to figure out whether I should vote for or against Colorado's amendments. I am simply requesting some guidance on this. Specifically amendments 47 and 49. I am rather in the dark as far as current laws go, but I fail to see why we should prevent a business from allowing a union if they would want to (for whatever stupid reason). Don't businesses have to agree to allow the unions to control their businesses? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Thank you for bringing this up. I had heard about this in passing, but I did not know that it was in Colorado. In my experience (living in a farming/ranching community) the law is that you have to put up fences to keep animals off of your property. Legacy of open range, I guess. Cities have their own laws, but I think this happened outside of a city. Check out this article on open range & fencing. "Any person maintaining in good repair a lawful fence may recover damages for trespass from the owner of any livestock that break through such fence." And according to this artic
  12. Although it needs some other features (like themes), I like how it doesn't have stuff on the sides and bottom, making it much more open-feeling for me. I also enjoy the how the downloads go to the bottom of the screen and you can click on them to open them from there. It also runs faster than my firefox ever did. I found a portable version of Chrome. You can download it here. It is small enough to run well off of a Flash drive. P.S. Have you heard that Google is threatening to become a monopoly now?
  13. I apologize for making a huge over generalization of DragonForce's music. The songs of theirs that I enjoy are Through the Fire and Flames, Revolution Deathsquad, and Lost Souls in Endless Time from Inhuman Rampage; Soldiers of the Wasteland and Once in a Lifetime from Sonic Firestorm; Valley of the Damned, Starfire, Heart of a Dragon, and Where Dragons Rule from Valley of the Damned. I had said that nearly all of their music was great, but I should have specified which songs I enjoy, as I now realize that I like about half of their songs. May I ask which album you listened to? As you
  14. I realize that this is a very old thread, but after reading it through and also finding almost no mention of DragonForce on this site, I feel compelled to put my two cents worth in. Here goes: Anyone who claims that metal is not music has not listened to Blue Oyster Cult, The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven II, Fade to Black, One, The Call of Ktulu, or To Live is to Die by Metallica; Through the Fire and Flames, The Warrior Inside, Reasons to Live or pretty much anything else by DragonForce; or Iron Maiden. Hearing Metal insulted like that made me want to engage in some catharsis of my own,
  15. Shinokamen


    This is for those of us who listen to music on their computers. Make yourself an account and download the client. Then when you play a track, the program will "scrobble" it, telling last.fm that you played it. Then we can add each other and see what Objectivists listen to. I'm Shinokamen there, too. There's an Objectivist group. Numbers are pretty low right now, but maybe we can bring it up. What do you guys think? There is an "Objectivist" group and an "Ayn Rand" group
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