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  1. The airlines may be private (insofar as they can be, propper up by the government as many of them are), but they operate on public airports and therefore security screening is done on behalf of public safety to protect the airport - not the particular airlines. If you decided to charter a private plane from a private field you would not be subject to these regulations. This is pain, but organization like TSA believe they are an extension of law enforcement - what do you think, are they? When discussing emergency measures - such as banning liquids on airplanes - the government does NOT hav
  2. Are you speaking of a situation where you are extremely attracted to a woman and then, after finding out her character is morally reprehensible, find that you are still attracted? It seems like this might be what you are referring to - and I think this is a pretty common experience. I've certainly been in this situation, and it can be very frustrating. Keep in mind that your mind has to lead the way; sometimes your emotions can be a bit slow to catch up if you are holding out for the ideal you may have projected on this person. I'm not saying that by projecting an ideal you expected th
  3. You might want to point out to them that you think being on time is important to creating an image of professionalism, and that you are hoping that the class you are attending might yield some new business relationships. If you can show people how it is in their interest to alter their behavoir, they might reconsider calling you a "dick" and follow your example. This is something I deal with sometimes too. Working in a borderline blue-collar industry and being a woman is an interesting thing because a lot of men expect me to laugh at the crass jokes and drink like the best of them. Unf
  4. I don't really do anything special, I would say I fall asleep pretty naturally even with the sirens, horns, lights, etc. I have to get up at 6:30am to prepare for work in the morning, so usually I try to go to bed at 11pm-ish. I think the key is to completely use you energy for the day and I try to push myself to squeeze as much value as I can out of the time I am awake. Another thing I have learned is that if don't procrastinate, and action or close every issue I can every day, then I can fall asleep very peacefully without anything to worry about.
  5. Pat Corvini gave a fascinating lecture regarding Xeno's paradox and the concept of infinity at last summer's conference in San Diego - I imagine it can be found in the Ayn Rand Bookstore on ARI's website. I highly reccomend it.
  6. This is a question I have wondered about - especially considering the industry I work in and some of the work I would like to do in the future may require me to join a union (such as air traffic control, airline pilot, etc.) in order to procure employment, no matter what company I work for because of the FAA regulations enforced by US law and other state and federal laws. In the case of unskilled labor, where you are free to go elsewhere and do the same kind of work, I think it is interesting to note that you have other options besides Stop and Shop (like Wal Mart for one) that are non-unio
  7. Another thing to consider is that self-help is a crowded market in the book industry, so it might be questionable whether it would actually be profitable for you (considering how much you would have to invest initially to create it). Also, I am curious how you would differentiate this book from others out there... your market will have to be more broad than just Objectivists in order to make much money, and self-help books are a dime a dozen precisely because of how our culture has turned toward apathetically seeking answers handed down from on high. If you speak to Craig Biddle I would be c
  8. I challenge your statement that ideally all answers should be no. What is ideal about that, and isn't this questionairre dropping the context of the particular individuals goals? I answered yes to every single question, but I don't consider that any kind of red-flag because right now my work is my top value. In fact, I think I would be proud to be considered a workaholic if that is what my answers to this questionairre suggest. Additionally, "workaholic" has the same kind of connotation as "Alcoholic" which I would imagine suggests escaping reality through some detrimental and (maybe e
  9. Cole, There is no X major = Y career formula. I used to think that was how it works, but Burgess is right (and I have learned from experience) that it a backwards approach. You should take the classes that will give you the most knowledge and skills to further your CPL. Although getting a degree might be a part of this, ultimately your ability and choices will have a much greater impact on your career than what you major in. In fact, I know very successful and purposeful people who have dropped out of college - as well as very unhappy and purposeless people who are extremely well ed
  10. No it is not correct. Objectivism does not advocate acting to survive, it advocates living. What I mean by this is that Objectivistm is a philosophy aimed as describing man's life as a sum of goal-oriented actions. For Man, Life has a purpose beyond survival and this purpose is based on volitional actions. Animals act to survive, not out of choice but by instinct. Man does not have instincts, he has free will, and therefore acts not just to survive but to live.
  11. If what you really need is some kind of degree as a type of "guarantee" and you don't have a lot to spend there are two ways to do it inexpensively 1) community college or junior college (what I have done the past two years) 2) online colleges (I am thinking this might be what you meant by e-business) Also, are you trying to get involved with ARI as a fellow there or in order to attend the OAC? As far as I know, it is recommended but not required that OAC students be studying in an undergraduate program in addition to studying at ARI. And the OAC is very inexpensive, especially compared
  12. I can delete this thread at your request (PM me with your reasons) but I think it is fine left here, as an introduction for yourself. Keep in mind that while Felipe was reminding you of the rules, with benevolence and tact, I am sure we are all happy to have you here and the rules are simply regarded as an important part of keeping the forum at a high level of quality. Posts made solely for advertising a website or anything else are not allowed because they become the equivalent of spam and can take over the forum and create a lot of work in deletion for the moderators. There is marketpla
  13. Well it appears I disprove that "impossible" achievement. I think there are a great many people out there, including myself, making what could be considered at the very least a "decent" living without a college degree. Also, isn't there a statistic that says a very large number of those who get college degrees do not even pursue careers in the field they studied in high school? I don't know whether you are expressing your opinion here or Gates', but either way I vehemently disagree and suggest you think through what you are saying (if this is indeed your opinion and not Gates'). Philos
  14. Richard Rahl + Howard Roark = Awesome User Name. Welcome to the Forum.
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