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  1. Looks like an idea GreedyCapitalist.
  2. It has nothing to do with need Elle: Such a child has no moral claim on me If I decide to raise children. It is a matter of preference: It depends how much emphasis you put on your child being genetically similar to yourself. My argument is that the genetic continuation of yourself may be neglible compared to that of your ideas, and thus - why go through 9 months pregnancy, why take a genetic gamble (child could have any of a number of conditions you hadn't considered) when there is a healthly child (if thats what your looking for) of an extremely young age, whom you could raise to equal effect. I should think that a few months of life spent in an adoption agency center would be harmless: when you consider the effect that a teacher/school or a book can have on a child during its upbringing - being quite so extreme is unnecessary. Perhaps it is: what is a good reason to procreate? I would be interested to read detailed answers to this. At the very least my argument puts adoption in a much more preferable light than it is today: where it serves as the last option for many infertile couples. I would think in a more rational society individuals would choose to adopt more often and the number of people overall having children would decrease. (I thinking of unwanted pregnancies here - rational people presumably take responsibilities for their actions). (Where it became evident that population is decreasing: i.e. a shortage of orphans, there would be ample reason for procreating yourself.) Incidentally, BreathofLife, given your name Id be interested to here your views
  3. "This is just trivial, isn't it? Additionally, are you trying to suggest that because you can construct an expression of indefinite length, or as arbitrarily long as you'd like, which evaluates to 0, that zero and infinity are necessarily the same thing? How about 1+1/2+1/4+1/8+...=2? Are infinity and two the same thing?" No, I guess not.
  4. Its ok, I dont think your stupid. But seriously; in the course of your ramble you identified some truths. I think part of the reason there are so many communication failures is because there is so much unecessary communication - people talking with no common aim in mind. Or at the least no aim of mutual benefit. A great deal of things, like how you feel, shouldn't rely upon vocal confirmations/negations of/from others, the purpose of communication is as a means of exchanging values. I would argue that often, pointless conversations serve only to try and create feelings of worth, where worth in fact only comes from your-self. In a rational society millions of people wouldn't get off on the mindless conversations of soap characters. In other words they converse 'en masse' in order to feel that they amount to something
  5. Couple of musings: 0=1-1+2-2+3-3... Something out of nothing? Guess its saying 0=infinity, infinite universe came from nothing? Question: At temperature of absolute zero isn't there nothing? Comments on a postcard...
  6. My identity is based on my values, my ideas and my experience - not my genes as such. For me having children is not of paramount importance - it is the replication of my values that counts. Practically, I can see many flaws with choosing to have your own children when there are plenty of unwanted children out there; surely it would make more sense to bring up a child that already exists, whom otherwise will most likely grow into the antithesis of your values, than to create another. If I was to have children, i'd adopt - if I wanted to have lots of children as a liftstyle choice - i'd still adopt, but given my conception of identity you might as well just open a school.
  7. I would have thought Objectivism was pragmatic within rational constraints? It approaches new events with tailored strategies based on guiding principles? Not set in stone rules... How is the deontology/teleology dichotomy false? Exactly.
  8. Well, It looks like the people of Kings County will have to try legal proceedings, and failing that take over the council responsible with people they elect and force change. I shall follow this one closely.
  9. In order for your method to be rational, it must take into account the specifics of the election in question. What is difficult is taking into account the factors when either choice is far from perfect, as are all minority parties. The fact that many objectivists disagree over the US election 2004 demonstrates this; either that, or they haven't made their choice on rational grounds. I am British, and personally I am having great difficultly choosing who to vote for, if at all. I am thinking there is a lot to be said for voting on local issues when general policy is so similar/transparent. An important question though.
  10. Not necessarily, There are different ethical theories based on emotion that are variously deontological and teleological. There are also various theories that purport to be based on reason, which are deontological or teleological. So there are four categories: Deontological/Rational, Deontological/emotional, Teleological/Rational, Teleological/Emotional. Of course Objectivism is a teleological/rational theory: it looks at the consequences, through the eyes of reason. Therefore I would disregared non-starters like Kant's duty-bound reason. However for the purpose of classifying philsophies, regardless of their being right, these two dichotomies combined offer useful insight.
  11. I have now read Don Luskin's articles on Alan Greenspan, and it certainly makes some interesting points. Invictus, your account seems most plausible. Yes, however my point is that in reality such a strike would be suicide, unless you have yourself a self-sufficient Galt's Gulch complete with thermonuclear protection. And Im afraid I dont.
  12. I am an INTJ in a Strength of the preferences % of: I N T J 22 67 89 22 slightly expressed introvert distinctively expressed intuitive personality very expressed thinking personality slightly expressed judging personality Im usually skeptical of these tests, but that sums me up pretty well in terms of conversational time. Get a free test @ http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp Charles
  13. One thing seems certain: The role of such a church (I prefer lyceum) would differ if the education system was private as compared to state. The posts so far have talked hypothetically of what such an institutions function would be in a rational/privatized society. I propose it be considered in terms of state education; society as it is today. Moving on from David's initially use of the word Church, which, as he indicated, served only to stir some discussion on the boards, and replacing it with lyceum, I see several possibilities for such a body: 1) It could presumably take on a more educational role; introducing, in many cases, new sets of values to people. This role seems to be filled by ARI, only this expansion would include actual resource/educational centers. 2) It could act as a forum for the application of the values, and a place of sanctuary, both aesthetically and intellectually, for people of reason. 3) Same as 2), only the forum also devises campaigns for spreading its philosophy and... 4) possibly acts as an opportunity for like minded people to start business ventures/socialize. I personally like the idea of the sanctuary, a stoddart temple with works and lectuers of great philosohers, great works of art (Tamara De Lempicka anyone?) and music. Asa vestige of the old I dont think marriage/funerals would be suited: the idea of the formal ceremony in the xtian sense seems too archaic to me: and more to the point the type of individual making use of such a facility would presumably have the friends/imagination to celebrate any partnerships/passings in a sufficient manner. Given a purpose, a whole other topic for consideration is the architectire/format for such a place. Incidently, David, good poster.
  14. Hi, Mind if I jump on this bandwagon? Im looking for a flatmate to share in London (zone2/3) from Early September...
  15. I think Mr Greenspan took the position with strong intentions, intentions akin to Objectivist principles. However, it may be the case that he has seen how delicate the balance is: how closely related fiscal stability and global stability are; 'Atlas Shrugged' aka 'The Strike' presents an interesting hypothesis; but with a USSR armed to the teeth, and China following suite such a strike would have had dire ramifications. Could it be that, albeit as a broken man (realizing the limited power of his position), that Mr Greenspan simply puts a limit to the kind of economic controls that would be in place otherwise. The man may not have made any decent changes in the right direction; but we dont know what he has prevented. We can criticize American Government for a lot of things, but comparing it to the rest of the world its on a higher rung climbing down... The sort of chaos that would ensue a major change might make it vulnerable to its enemies and competitors... In reference to the last thread that dealt with this Mr Greenspan once responded to a Senator in a public debate that he believed in the Gold standard. He may still hold that ideal; but the cost of implementing in such an obvious way may far outweigh the benefits. Of course I could be completely wrong, and the guy could have sold out years ago. But perhaps, a decent opportunity for general change can only occur once the change can effect everybody...perhaps global governence, or the dictate of the IMF could be the only viable way of drastically changing fiscal policy from the top... If change comes from the top, that may be the only way. That doesn't mean its right. Change may come from the bottom. Us.
  16. Are not half the democrat senators is this position?
  17. Selfish, I understand what you are describing. I too find myself split between past destructive, or lazy habits with clear vision of what I should be doing in their place. Indeed when I devote myself to the pursuit of something, I will find that shortly afterwards I will, almost as in reaction, sink into a short period of irrational depravity. I have only become familiar with Objectivism in the last year, although have held an avid philosophical interest for a long time. I have found myself making some considerabl changes in my life. More than ever I feel responsible for my self, for my decisions - but I am not necessarily happy. I do, however, believe that creating the right habits, and putting effort into to new ideas/projects will bring satisfaction in time. Im at a very earlier stage in 'my' time; I have really just taken control/responsibility for all aspects of my life, and with my new freedom of time, away from the educational institutions of my youth, I am learning to make best use of it.
  18. Room for all of those in a lifetime Betsy ...starts of in pharmaceutical company, plays piano and continues web blog to eleviate stress - hits 50s and decides to run for local office, takes up professoral place following landslide defeat in liu of 'the people's candidate' popular victory... Dies age 97 having finished book 'What I plan to do when im 98'.
  19. Well if the picture made me chuckle, the picture of the artist (a woman in her 30s) being endorsed by the local authorities left a bad taste.
  20. Woah! Looking through that list I wonder whether all arguments are just variations on those - that all arguments are in fact just using them as tools of persuasion! (not implying that there aren't good things to persuade a person to understand)
  21. I thought some mind find this of some interest: Im considering starting a notebook, similar to the one Ms Rand kept, documenting altruistic absurdities. In just glancing through a local paper in rural england I immediately spotted a £3000 council art installation - an elaborate series of metal wires imitating a stack of hay, on a metal crate - suspended 'miraculously' on the water of a local pond... part of a £70,000 regional arts project... For pictures of metal hay see: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/publish...cle_20353.shtml Besides council art installations, of which there are many (frequently misplaced and distasteful stabs at modernity), I notice numerous occurences of the government handing out 'research' grants to arts students to investigate, for example, 'the socio-political background of black and white televison circa 1950'... I must have missed something; I was under the impression there were students attempting to discover cures for alzheimers and parkinsons, investigating more efficient fuel injection systems...etc There is no doubt a massive imbalance between the number of art/humanities students and the number of science/math student (UK)- which I put down to state funded further education: In a privatized system Universities would flourish/demise on intake numbers, and students taking out loans would be forced to apply to institutions which gave them future employment prospects based on good degrees. This would in turn increase the number of science/math students - for which there would be a higher demand.
  22. Oh im sure it was an honest mistake, so many are.
  23. Could someone explain this terminology to me?
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