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  1. who plays what character does not interest me near as much as what ideas make the movie(s)? AS is an idea novel. it changed me, not from the specific characters, but from ideas. sure i have an idea what each character would look like, but i really don't care. yes i know the concepts are filtered through the characters. but which ideas transalte to film? Which just get cut for time? what speeches are too long? What are the borderline scenes? what scares me is that the people that make those decisions will shape the concepts of objectivism to alot of people. alot, alot, alot of people are going to go see a movie with jolie, add pitt to the mix and now you have a blockbuster on your hands before production starts. the responsiblity of deciding what makes the final cut, is so much interesting to me then who plays dagny. yes, it's important. yes, i wish it wasn't her. but, my stomach hurts when i think of all the way this could good bad, real bad, terrible, nasty bad; and i am not talking about the acting. does any one know who is on the short list of directors? or another critical decision makers are, besides the people that own the rights to the movie.
  2. in a particular order: entourage west wing seinfeld lost sliders
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