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  1. I recently heard that there may be infinitely many dimensions of existence. This is what my source says: "Imagine one dimension as a straight line on a piece of paper. Another line crossing it at a 90 degree angle shows a second direction, forming a cross on the paper. To add a third direction perpendicular to both, imagine a line passing through the center of the cross, leading above and below the flat paper. "The next dimension is in a direction perpendicular to all three of those lines, a direction that we as humans are not able to see. "Now, when you imagined a line to represent one dimension, you also imagined the line to be somewhere--on a piece of paper, for example. But that paper exists in at least two dimensions. Thus, for a line to have any real location or meaning, it must exist within a two-dimensional or larger space. The line itself describes only one dimension, but its location must be described by two. "Similarly, a two-dimensional cross con certainly exist alone, but to have real meaning, it must be located within a three-dimensional space from which it may be observed. "The conclusion of this line of reasoning is that any being who perceives a given number of dimensions must exist in a space that has a greater number of dimensions to percieve those dimensions/ at least one more and possibly several. "Thus, there must be infinitely many dimensions must exist, since each 'depends' upon the one above it to exist." Now, I know most of this sounds extremely arbitrary, but it also sounded (somewhat) reasonable at points. I have also heard other thoughts on dimensions that I agree with more. I just thought I would throw it out there for discussion.
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