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  1. I remember having occasional bouts of fashionable skepticism when I was in high school (along the lines of "you can never really be sure anything exists"), and I think it boiled down to something like this:

    1. I'm unhappy

    2. All the reasons people tell me why I'm unhappy or should be happy make no sense

    3. Actually, most things that people tell me make no sense.

    4. Probably, nothing makes any sense.

    That's very similar to what I went through in high school. I remember proudly telling a group of christians during a debate in english class that, "I have no morals."

    I also have several atheist friends who would fit right in with Vital Sign's atheist group. I think they developed their subjectivist ethics the same way JMeganSnow and I did. Luckily, I picked up Atlas Shrugged from the school library and started thinking for myself.

  2. Imagine not having to clear the snow off your driveway because an embedded grid heats it enough that snow doesn't accumulate.

    The church my grandparents go to has a system of pipes under the sidewalk areas that are full of steam in the winter so the old people don't slip on snow and ice. It's hooked in to the interior heating system of the church so it's pretty efficient.

  3. I was thinking of making a word processor that caters mainly for authors, but also normal people. What features (that aren't in other word processors) would you like to see?

    You should include an animated paper clip that tries to guess what you want to do by making wildly inaccurate assumptions!

    Now for a legitimate idea: I'm not a writer but I think a way of grouping a block of text like a <div>* would be useful, especially if you could drag it around the document to put it where you like. Maybe you could assign some attributes to it like a label, when it fits in the time line, or where it is set. Perhaps adding some customizable highlighting to the block of text so you can mark it for future reference would help.

    If you have ever customized a Google homepage, that's sort of what I'm talking about. I think being able to sort specific scenes by dragging them around the document would be a good feature. You could even fit that into the tree idea - the labels of the <div>s represented on another interface where they could be organized.

    *A <div> tag from HTML is the best way I could think to describe it. I prepared an example that can be viewed from the following link:


    You can't drag and drop since I don't know AJAX, but that hopefully helps to illustrate my point.

  4. ...but keeping track of which files contain which evolutions is a nightmare in Word--basicly, just NOT possible. It would be nice to just hover your mouse cursor over a file's name in the directory and see a good paragraph's worth of description/summary about what that file is in terms of the writing in it just pop-up, rather than having to open a 70,000 to 115,000 word document and try to recognize the subtle and major variations by scanning through it all...



    Change the folder view to "details" and add the "Comments" column and you can see the description right there. You can also display the subject, keywords, etc right in the folder view for easy finding. You can then sort the directory by the category of your choosing to make the finding even easier.

    I didn't read any replies after this one, so if someone already brought this up, I apologize.

  5. I think that the statement, "Ponderers are more likely to be atheists or Objectivists than non-ponderers" is valid. So yes, I would agree with your assessment.

    With that said, just because one ponders does not mean that one uses reason in their musings. Whether or not someone abides strictly by reason and logic is a more accurate way of predicting whether they will an atheist or a theist and an Objectivist or a subjectivist.

    ?Also, has this method of typing questions been adopted by the forum.

  6. I've gotta admit I'm curious as to how a blind person can use a website, unless there's some new monitor from which braile pops out of the screen.

    There are programs called "Screen Readers," a popular one being JAWS, that read text on a webpage aloud using voice softeware. A blind user can scroll through hyperlinks on a webpage and have them read back. If a link is an image, and no alternate text is provided in the code, the screen reader can not read it. This makes some pages more difficult to navigate than others. Usually, the more complex and visually compelling a web page is, the harder it is for a screen reader to vocalize it.

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