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  1. So you're saying anyone doing a job whose main focus isn't somehow intellectually related is incapable or practically unlikely to be intelligent?
  2. IQ is how well you can solve adaptive problems, really. You may be quick at x, but slow at y. A genius will take up all naturally. You'd really have some work to do to raise your IQ, and I don't think there's anything in existence yet that could really guide you to do so.
  3. I saw this the morality of strip clubs thread, and had to make a branch thread specifically devoted to it. So all stripers are inherently stupid, and devoid of high competence, moral stature, and a great mind? Oh-hoh. I'd love to see what you're going to use to back this one up. I have a couple friends that are strippers, that are anything but what you just described them as. How are you going to justify that blanket-policy type of blind stereotyping?
  4. There's a contradiction in there somewhere. Perhaps your guidelines of what you find attractive don't hold to your preconcieved notions of it. Think about what you find attractive and what you think you SHOULD find attractive, and understand why. Find the difference. Therein lies the problem.
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