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  1. Hi! I'd like to gather links and matterials on the ARI vs. OC schism. I want to further document myself on the issue. If you have such matterials, and link, please post them here. Thanks a lot! I think this episode in Objectivist history is very important, and, paradoxally, little discussed. What's you take on it? With who do you side?
  2. Has anyone seen dr. Tracinski's interview on FoxNews, about Martha Steward. I barely missed it, and I can't find a transcript anywhere. How was it? Any interesting referenced to Objectivism, or ARI? Was there anything different from his "tall poppies" article on ARI's MediaLink?
  3. Hello! My name is Gabriel. I live in Bucuresti, Romania, and I'm 20 years old. I work as a programmer (Java, enterprise computting, etc), and I'm currently single. I've started studying Objectivism about 6 months ago, and have since tried to purchase as many of Ayn Rand's books as possible. I know that my intro sound dry, but there's not much to say. If you want to contact me, you can find at at [email protected] or on ICQ: 158810179, or, better yet, join #aynrand on Undernet.
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