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  1. Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie in that order.
  2. Chalize Theron has dropped out of the Tourist have nothing to do with Atlas Shrugged Movie. The current trade talks is that it is being rewritten again as an epic mini-series for Liongate's new paid network Epix with Chalize driving development.
  3. Yaron Brook - Capitalist Manifesto Video @ Portfolio.com http://www.portfolio.com/video/news-and-an...alist-manifesto There is an excellent article titled "The End"; I highly recommend. It gives details to an account of insiders that saw the madness of the financial crisis to come and reacted. http://www.portfolio.com/news-markets/nati...ll-Streets-Boom
  4. McCain for President Daniels for Governor
  5. I live in an Indiana suburb of Chicago. Valparaiso, IN. I am downtown almost every other weekend.
  6. Drudge Report Google News Yahoo News Fox News Bloomberg Mish Economic Trends Conde Nast Portfolio Wall Street Journal OO.net and Related Oist Blogs Slashdot Engadget and Tech Blogs Many and especially Drudge Report link out to other sites.
  7. I am interested. What role would you like to see the guild play, such as, facilitate end game raiding or more of a social guild? Character: Ankston Server: Ghostlands - Alliance
  8. Just an FYI: http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...9&hl=Madmen
  9. I made a post about Mad Men and Cooper's character's affinity for Ayn Rand previously. I highly recommend this show.
  10. "Diddys" My roommate and I both play on this gamer tag.
  11. I met my girlfriend at the drive-in during the summer before my senior year of highschool. She was the friend of one of my friend's girlfriend at the time. Almost 8 years later and we are going strong.
  12. I asked a simple question. Seeing as you have given no answer and are patently refusing too I conclude that this is indeed spam and leave this to the administrators to do as they see fit. Derrick
  13. Ifat, If your original post had no purpose and no reason or justification for posting, could it not be considered spam? Derrick
  14. Congratulations on the acquisition of www.objectivismonline.com Yes, I found it by accident.
  15. For those that hate traffic. I am more interested in the personal version but it is a start. http://thecontaminated.com/jetpod-city-flying-taxi/
  16. I can see Galt's Gulch. http://www.wired.com/science/planetearth/n...currentPage=all I know it says Libertarian in the article but Rand is the inspiration and even gets a mention at the bottom.
  17. Boston Legal House M.D. Psych Dexter (Showtime Version)
  18. I see nothing from IMDB to support this. Please provide a link for your source.
  19. , was noble and right. I thought the whole movie represented good morals. As for the ending: All in all, I thought Will Smith played a very heroic character, who was strong, determined, and passionate. I highly recommend this movie. I liked this movie as well. I have not read the book either.
  20. Frankly, Ron Paul is the best Republican primary candidate. I will continue to support him and his effort to secure the nomination. Guliani is 2nd. Should either Ron Paul or Guliani win the nomination I will vote for one of them. The most important issues for me are the Economy and Education. Period.
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