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  1. These are interesting thoughts. Now what if that son or daughter who is acting irrationally and who's philosophy greatly contrasts that of the parent does something stupid that puts his/her life in danger, and the parent sacrifices his/her life to save that child. Would that parent be considered irrational? Is love rational
  2. so this is my question: if it comes to this, if it is no longer rational to give them any time or space in your mind, how is still loving that person explained? It's easy to say that one should not give that person time or space, but when that person is one's own child, how is that love explained in Objectivism? how is a parent's refusal to give up hope for their adult child explained?
  3. If the child's whole philosophy is just wrong. If he/she behaves in an entitlement generation or something... If they adopt a philosophy that is disgusting to the parent, and yet the parent cant help loving that child. I understand tough love and everything, but if the child is at rock botton, what does a parent do?
  4. When a parent loves his/her child, and this child behaves in ways that are just wrong, how does the parent deal with it?
  5. I don't know how it began but ironically it was Alexander Hamilton who first coined the term "capitalism"
  6. I am not saying that she copied th ereal people. but alot of her charachters resemble real people Toohey could be Eugene Debs and the Homestead PA strike could be Hank Rearden's steel company (Frick could be Rearden)Carnegie could be wanand, and Mrs. William Astor's gala ball of feb. 1892 could be that party where Fransisco D'Anconia gave the news that his stock fell etc. it's really cool when You read about the industrial era
  7. The native americans were as guilty I think. besides, they had a very strict socialist system where anyone who "lived like the whites" was ceremoniously burned in thier villages. the tribes did not allow individualism the way americans did
  8. James J Hill sounds like a great man. he Built a transcontinental railroad without any governmental help (in an era where government did help some railroad companies and there were lots of curroption in the construction companies) was Ayn Rand portraying the times of James Hill and Jay Gould etc?
  9. The reason we are not as free as we should be is because when the founding fathers started this new nation, based on such noble ideas, they used the help of tyrants to get to their goal. Slave holders were tyrants, same as kings were. If slavery would have been abolished at the start, there would have been no contradictions in this new nation's philosophy and the US would have never become any less free. If the declaration of independence would have been taken by its word throughout the US as it did in Massachusetts for example, where "Mum Bet" sued her master for her freedom based on the state constitution, there would be no reason for anyone to feel the need for bigger government.
  10. how come no one mentioned "hair"? Hair the "Hero" of this movie is a stupid coward and as loser
  11. personally, about her sister, I wouldn't put it past the soviets to have taken her sister, told her that she could go to America only if she will distroy her famous sister's raputation by coosing to return to Russia. I wouldn't be surprised if they threataned her and the family she left behind in Russia. (I know it sounds conspiratory, but conspiracies are more likely in some countries than others)
  12. YOu know the story with The Line is less horrible in a way (as horrible as it is) we the living spoiler ]
  13. For godness sake! is it that hard to make a friggin choice? *shakes head in exasperation* some people... They can always do eeny meeny miney mo. We did that alot as kids. I for one would go crazy if there were limited choices. (I live in the US and I stil think there arent enough choices )
  14. none of this would have even been an issue if that real estate would have had ONE owner
  15. I really appreciate all the replies. I laughed at some of them, and I strongly agree that he must be one of those moochers to like a sociaty like that. that last one about The Line was sad and it did remind me of the way it ended for poor Kira. except Kira tried a little harder. This woman seemed to almost invite death by openly running out. Poor souls, the strong, able, lovers of life who had to be imprisoned by sniveling Orcs. *sigh* If I ever see that guy again I think I will ask him (nicely, without arrogance) why he didn't move to Cuba yet. I hope he Does move there so there'd be one less commie voter in NY. (he told me he is a citizen >) Edit: ^ that picture by the way, ROCKS! can I see it in full size?
  16. So I go to my doctor who happens to be russian. I sit there in the waiting room which is full of Russian speaking patients (A russian Doc would attract similar language speaking patients) I'm sittin next to this russian guy and he tries to explain to me how much better Russia was under communism. he actually takes out a pen and paper and shows me "I made 200 a month, rent was 20 a month, bread was .75 etc vacation was a full month rather than two weeks etc. I was incredulous, I mean, like, what on earth did he do with all the rest of his money? its not like he would be allowed to buy a bigger house or start a business with all that extra cash... what do you think? i
  17. If Obama does all he said he would, this recession will become a depression
  18. WHY the hell would any Objectivist be for Obama?? How about not voting at all? that sounds better.
  19. I don't believe there is actually a "psychological altruism" any kind of altruism is done in order to get benifit from at a later time or in the long run. the only other kind of "altruism" that your professor might cal psychological is not really even altruism at all. for example the daughter that feeds her retarded mother might be doing it simply because she loves her. Love not something altruistic. the daughter values her mother for whatever reason (its her own business as to why) and therefore she provides her with food. nothing altruistic; theres no such thing as "psychological altruism", only biological.
  20. am I wrong, or is it true that until 1914 there was no income tax at all? and until 1920's there has never been any kind of economic depression? could there be a connection there? pure capitalism existed in the US of A until the 1914 amendment.
  21. Thats not enough of a salvation. and believe it or not, there are plenty of employers giving "letter money" here too. there will be as long as they keep taxing businesses no matter how little. if it costs money to have a business, there will be "black money". it'll stop when income taxes are abolished.
  22. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle4844255.ece And I thought Bush was a Republican. He has proved himself to be a bigger idiot every day that he's president! What bothers me is that McCain is not bashing him for it. He's just as much as a socialist? what the Hell happened to the Republican party?!
  23. LMAO this reminds me of a book I read by Donald E Westlake called Humans. Story's about a scienece experiment that'll distroy planet earth pretty freaky for me as I just read this book and now everyone's talking about that black hole. lol It was a comedic book about God getting bored with the universe and sending an angel (Ananayel) to get people together to destroy the earth and the devil is woking aainst him to save the earth. hillarious! but weird that now we have these scientists experimenting with the black hole you think these scientists read "Humans"?
  24. is this a new map? not too many Oists around my tri states edit: wow and there are only 2 people in my city, that sucks. and I'm not even a real Oist, just a big fan of Ayn Rand and Capitalism so there's only one in my city when you think about it this way...
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