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  1. Has this movie been approved/sanctioned by Leonard Peikoff? Does it have the full official backing of the Ayn Rand Institute? Has it been/will it be screened for everyone there? I never go in for stuff otherwise.
  2. Some of my favs are all from "A Hard Day's Night". Also "Hey Jude" is really great. I tried to watch their "Yellow Submarine" movie. I felt it was too bizarre and stopped after a quarter of the movie.
  3. Is social networking to advance your career a second handed thing? If so or not so, why? Social networking involves contacting other people to mutually help each other to find jobs etc. I have found Monster to be a good source for networking tips. Also would you contact random people on social networking tools like Facebook or LinkedIn if you think that they could help you in your career? Thirdly, if anyone has any good networking tips (online or offline) to hand out please do so.
  4. Whoisjohngalt


    Do any of you like them? Lately I'm finding their early songs to be very good.
  5. But, today's reality suggests that this has happened and will continue no matter who says what. Unless there is a policy change in the government, I don't see any limitations being put against the expansion of the state in the near future. ??? I'm probably unaware of them, because I have never heard of any government official being punished under this law for the Iraq war lie so far. How did you jump to this conclusion: that it is "optional" for the US to whack off totalitarian states? It seems too altruistic. The collectors of the sacrificial offerings of the present sacrifice
  6. If "getting rid of dictators" in countries thousands of miles away should be the only concern of foreign policy, where does the rational egoism come in from? To me, trying to help Iran and Iraq "transform into democracies" smells awfully of altruism. If you want an egoistic foreign policy, try to encourage trade between these countries and the US: this actually is beneficial to the American people. Atleast we can lure away the young wannabe jihadis away with x-boxes and make a profit while we're at it. On the other hand, if you want to nuke everybody who has a nuke and may or may not like the
  7. Thanks for the red herring CF. Force includes physical violence and robbery, only robbery had not come into this discussion's context until you brought it up. I'd shoot anyone who initiates force on me: physically or by trying to rob me.
  8. But in the field of "protecting rights", there should be some limits to government. In the name of "protecting rights" a government should not be allowed to do whatever, including unwarranted mass-murder/conducting torture-camps/infringing on civil rights etc etc. In short, the US is not an ideal Objectivist republic (whatever that may be), but a democracy. The politicians are voted in to office on the basis of their stances on various issues by a majority of the people. In short, they do represent the majority urge and "protecting rights" is definitely not a priority of any of the present gov
  9. The Ayn Rand Lexicon has apparently been made available online by ARI! http://www.aynrandlexicon.com/
  10. So, what is your point? Do you think that the entire population will become rational or selfish when you say that it is rational and selfish to nuke "enemies"? How do you know if people do not have other intentions in nuking other people? No. I would say that the company followed the principle of "majority wins". I mean that the government is supposed to represent the majority of the American collective who voted it into power. What exactly constitutes "proof"? How can you objectively verify whatever the government says? What if it fabricates "proof"? Americans have already been
  11. But, do you know if the people involved in this context support the government? Or don't individuals matter anymore?
  12. The arguments currently being used to support the Iraq war or to start an Iran war assume that as a nation, Americans can act "rationally" or "selfishly" and that it is in the "self-interest" of the collective (Americans) to use nuclear weapons on these "enemies". My question is: are these valid assumptions? As far as I can see, only an individual can be rational and selfish. The government (which is supposed to represent the collective of Americans) is there only to protect the rights of the people. So, it can do this by attacking the enemy government that has attacked its people, not by a
  13. Unless you are being sarcastic, I don't see why the scientists and other intellectuals of Iran should be painted as "evil" repeatedly. I think it is a good step for Iran to host this event. The problem is with the Iranian government, not with its people.
  14. *** Mod's note: Merged with an similar, earlier topic - sN *** Has any Objectivist written a detailed criticism of Kant? The only places in Rand's writings where she talks about him are when she accuses him of dropping reality and holding on to reason alone (which later got dropped by his followers). I feel she is right about him, but after having read a bit of Kant myself, I need to read the arguments against his philosophy from an Objectivist view-point.
  15. ...in practical terms and conceptual terms? Would it be a dictatorship or a democracy? Because, to uphold the rule of law, a strong government is the only way and no government is stronger than a dictatorship. On the other hand, a democracy would be a good way to let things roll without any government control over people's security threats and the national self-esteem.
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