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  1. The revival of the faces topic reminded me of this topic. Heres mine, I bought it myself, before I was even legally old enough to drive it. And yes, I'm bragging. Its a 2000 Chrysler Sebring named Fransisco. Night, rain, and running late: All other times: His name, part of the "O" fell off when I hit a fence: EDIT: links didn't work
  2. Lazlo Walrus: I thought the same thing when I saw this topic!
  3. I have been doing many things. Usually in mornings, I go hiking with a friend of mine, and after we're done we end up playing Wii, but on other days, I go swimming at my friends house. In afternoons, I work. At night, I go to the gym. On weekends, I go to the lake and go to the beach. IN between all of this I've been trying to finish a few books.
  4. I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo right now. It is every bit as amazing as the movie was! Its chock full of heroes, villains, and revenge.
  5. Next time I'm going to make it incredibly clear I want a tip, before the trip. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I work at the local pharmacy. Today a customer called and wanted her meds delivered, but was out of our delivery range. She told the girl who was speaking with her that she would "tip big." I volunteered, because it was only 15 miles roundtrip, and a "big tip" would be at least 5$. B**** didn't give me nothing. Well she did offer me a coke, but why the hell would I want one? I wasted 2.50$ worth of fuel and half an hour of time, for nothing. My question is what would the appropriote reaction be to this. I should have mentioned the phone call, but i didn't. Is there anything I can do now(other than tp her house of course )?
  7. I don't see whats wrong with giving criminals their own "country." They can call it a country, I will call it "exile" or "prison." Just send all the dudes on death row to an island prison without materials, (so theres no way they could get out) and make a new reality show out of it. It could be a contest to see who could survive and prosper best. Other than that, it would be quite the interesting experiment. All of america would be hooked on it in no time!
  8. kufa

    The Bible

    I noticed you catagorized it under fiction; yesterday, by brother and I were at barnes and noble, we put Al Gores An Inconvinient Truth in the fiction section.
  9. I would say religion. The religious ones of our country, the rebublicans, mostly want the government to go for no abortion, no gay marriage, and some of the way out there republicans want to go for censorship. The republicans pretty much leave the economy untouched. They still "monitor" it in some ways, but for the most part dislike taxes and regulations. The socialists, democrats, want to cut down freedom in pretty much everything except gay marriage and abortion. Democrats want to socialize the healthcare system, regulate the hell out of businesses, and promote welfare. I'm not too worried about having to get an abortion or marry a girl soon, so I really have nothing to fear from the republicans. But the democrats...be afraid, be very afraid!
  10. Happy 3d brithday(according to the cake)
  11. I can beat that. One of my uncles got divorced because he read some book that said it was a hold on him by the state (something to do with taxes). Hes still living with her, just like husband and wife but not. I also know another guy who married one woman, had a child, divorced her and married her mother!
  12. I always thought that I would want to be hooked up to a life support machine than be dead. On life support, there still that minute chance that you could be alive again, but death, theres no way that can be taken back.
  13. Agreed. I'm doing a report on how the US is heading towards socialism for my English class. I plan on, as a joke, adding him and a communist flag to Mt. Rushmore and dating it 2100.
  14. I know a little regarding the pharmecutical industry. For example...a few years ago, technicians could get "granfathered in" meaning if you worked at an establishment for a certian amount of time, then you could become a technician. Our most efficient technician, 24, did this. Now, there is a law that you have to go to school to do that. We currently have an intern working for us, she said she's learned more working at the pharmacy for two weeks than she did in 8 months of training. She said the main things she learned were: basic arithmetic to calculate the days supply and conversions from oz to table spoons and such, and the abbrievitions the doctors use. I knew all these things, with the acception of conversions, after working less than six months there, the majority of which I was a janitor. I worked my way up and I learned how to be a technician within a month. I can't be one because of the law, my age is a factor as well. Theres a few things I don't know, but I understand it pretty well. Soon the law will be you have to pass a test, and go to school, and do over 160 hours of internship in a pharmacy.
  15. well, the only time I don't have motivation is in the morning. I'm not what I would call a morning person. Other than that, I get up at 6, go to school , sell candy at lunch, work on homework for an hour, go to work for 4 hours, then go the gym and work out for at least an hour. And then I have too much energy to sleep, so I end up on OO.net replying to a thread.
  16. Theres a "carosel house" in san diego. My uncle worked on it, it supposedly rotates all the way around.
  17. I still haven't seen it, but I saw and enjoyed the first two. The reason I didn't see it yet is that it just looks un believeable! The evil villians in the previous two were at least somewhat plausible, they got their powers from technology. Spidey got his from a radio-active spider, stretching it, but hey, it was radioactive. But now the makers want me to believe theres a man made out of sand. How is that even possible? It makes no sense.
  18. Does the fact that my car can get stolen raise the value of having it? No. My car is valuble because it takes me where I want to go and gives me freedom. Does the fact that I can lose my life raise the value of living it? no.
  19. Thanks for the responses. davidmsc: I can handle toughness, your response made it all the more appetizing. I think I will probably do it. I've still got another year till I graduate, and then I'm going to travel for a while, but after that, I'll do it.
  20. I recently took ASVAB, a military apptitude test. I got a really high score on it and I've been getting all sorts of offers from the military. None of them had been too appetizing, but the most recent one from the navy caught my interest. They were offering me a job(I think they probably sent it to quite a few who got high enough scores) working with nuclear technology. That is something I would like to do. The only thing I'm afraid of is that it takes up a good four years of my life, if the offers not as good as it seems, I wont be able to leave it. Has anyone on here done such a thing, and if so what was it like?
  21. I'm reading a couple as well: Cold mountian-charles frazier Auto Repair for Dummies and How to Stay Alive in the Woods-Bradford Angier I can't stay focused on any book that isn't by Ayn Rand, so I kind of tend to keep all of them in my car, to read in traffic. Thats not too good of a habit either...
  22. I got my paycheck today and was surprised to see it quite some dollars short of what I was expecting. The state taxes were raised in the lower income bracket by about 6%, they are now at 15%. In January the minimum wage was raised from 6.75 to 7.50. Before then, the taxes taken out were roughly 9%. In reality, meaning on a "size of paycheck" basis, the only people who benefitted from the new minimum wage were the people in the 6.75 to 7.00 bracket. This is a great example of how horribly Machiavellian the US is becoming. The government raised minimum wage to make it look like a good guy, then raised the taxes when nobody was looking.
  23. This 12 year old, friend of the family, was playing with his fathers gun and accidentally shot off his testical! Buying a gun should be a little like getting a liscence, certian tests should be taken, to make sure the user knows how to use the gun safely and properly. I don't know about the accuracy of lie detectors, but if they work well enough, maybe gun-buyers could take a lie detection test asking whether they intend to use the weapon in an act of violence, or just for defense.
  24. The father of one of the girls shot at columbine visited my school. He showed a video of his son explaining how a friend of his was shot. The shooter told the kid to stand up, he pointed the gun at him(literally inches from his face) for a few seconds, made a few remarks and then shot the kid. The part that got me was that the kid did absoloutely nothing to defend himself. My dad taught me how to "dearm" a gunman not too long ago, its a simple matter of turning the gun away from yourself. I recognize that if in that situation, most people would probably shit their pants rather than think, but that simple technique, even without guns couldsave your life. I can't see myself just standing there, letting the gunman shoot me. I would run, hit him, spray him with the pepper spray I've got on my keychain, anything rather than just stand there.
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