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  1. I went to church as a mormon in my younger (and more vulnerable years...). Mormons do consider themselves christians. They should be considered christians, because they believe in the divinity of christ, although I don't think what they are called matters too much. If you want to laugh your ass off, theres a Southpark episode that makes fun of them.
  2. I've always considered joining clubs and organizations (NHS) specifically to have an advantage at admission dirty. I am planning to mention why I have no clubs on my transcript in all my essays.
  3. kufa

    Book 7

    It must be long judging on the ratio of size between the front and whole cover on the first link!
  4. All this reminds me of the Flying spaghetti monster. All hail pirates! They are the chosen people!
  5. Yep, I just bought the season two dvd this weekend.
  6. With work and school I have little time to do what I want, but heres a list, in order of preference: Hike Read Watch House Do rubiks cubes (I havent done it in ages, but I am proud of my talent, so I am broadcasting it...)
  7. I found this thuroghly enjoyable.
  8. Heres an example of "looting" which I cannot see doing any harm to the looter: Looter is at eotk and his coworker, Jane, leaves some cheezits on the table, that she bought with her own money. Looter sees them and eats some. He didn't ask or respect her property rights, and probably thought nothing of it. He really wasn't all that hungry, just thought they looked tasty. Jane probably wouldn't notice any were missing, and even if she did, they would both forget about it in the long run. So how does this contribute destruction?
  9. I was reading TF in history class today and some kid picked it up and said: "hey, this book was on lost last night!" I think I'm gonna get him to read it.
  10. I caught a glimpse of the news the other day saying there is a proposition banning trans fat in California. Does anybody know anything about this? Any information would be appreciated.
  11. When I saw this, I thought of "aliens." I have never given much thought to "god," but I always thought that we could have been placed on this earth by another life form. I see it kind of like an ant farm, we place the ants in the tank, just as "aliens" could have placed us here.
  12. I saw a quote like this in a book at jamba juice I'm paraphrasing but it went something like this: "The best day of your life is the day you decide to live for yourself. After that theres no blaming anyone." I'm buying it next time I go in, so maybe then I will post it.
  13. Yep! its a comedy, and extremely entertaining. Gone with the wind is also one of my favorites, I've read it like three times.
  14. I am reading The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie, and it is thouroghly enjoyable.
  15. Supertramp, James Blunt, and Juanes all the way!!
  16. Same here...after I make enough money to start my own busineess! It will be something like sharper image but better. Actually, I am going to buy vending machines and start talking to local companies to see if I can get them put in. I am also going to start cleaning up jobsites for a decent sum. Candy buisness is good, I have been selling about fourty bars a day which amounts to roughly24 dollars a day for just being smart at buisness. I've got competitors now, though. I actually makes less money at work!
  17. wow. Maybe I should claim to be buddah.
  18. I just saw this one: The Last Sin Eater. It would have been one of my all time favorites, but it got religiony at the end. The plot was great though.
  19. I'm so down!! I stayed there a couple of summers ago, my dads from there. Its amazing to see the progress made from when I first went there (2000ish), to now. There were so many run down shacks abandoned on the side of the road, whereas now there are hardly any of those. Plus you got the beautiful scenery. A taki, mluvim trocu ceske.
  20. I have to make a note of irony: just a few days after posting this topic, I am getting sick.
  21. This is my theory. If, while I'm young and my immune system is strong, I don't take any particular percautions against fighting germs(ie not washing hands before meals, not showering every night, using the 5 second rule, and not using toilet seat covers), my immune system will get stronger and I will be less likely to get sick in old age. I have basically been following my theory all my life. People I know who carry disenfectant in their pocket always seem to get sick. I am almost never sick. the last time I had the flu was two years ago, while I can't remember the last time I had a head cold. I have had some pretty bizzare medical conditions (they make wonderful stories), but they had nothing to do with my immune system, most of them were viruses. I am wondering if there is any actual science behind my logic, and if so, where. Any thoughts on my theory?
  22. I have the most communistic teacher in the world. I used to be like you and get really pissed of and get into big angry discussions. I am not sure when, but somewhere I stopped caring. Now I actually enjoy that class for getting to see such an idiot in reality. Its almost as good as watching those internet videos of dumbasses jumping of too high things and hurting themselves. Okay, I don't actually enjoy it, but it is amusing. It is so hard for me to believe that people can actually think like this man, actually follow his twisted logic. The proper view of evil, like JMeganSnow said, is to dismiss it. Not necessarily ignore it, but don't let him affect you too much. Recognize his impermiability to reason, and don't put the burden upon yourself of trying to change him. You can still argue, but try not to place importance of the outcome, think of it as laughable because it is, that someone would hire someone so dumb.
  23. This happened with my best friend. I remember going bowling with my cousin and her and wondering why on earth anyone would feel anything other than disgust in the presence of my cousin (an irreasonable, violent, emo asshole). I got to wondering why she would like him. I realized something was wrong for her to like him, and after that I was just as disgusted with her, couldn't stand her. I hung out with her a few times after that, to make sure I wasn't wrong, but I couldn't make myself do it. My parents stilll don't believe we just stopped talking, and didn't have a fight or anything. I am not sad about it though. I've made new friends and enjoy their presence much more.
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