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  1. I've read everybook by Terry goodkind and personally my favorites are phantom which i read 3 times within 7 hours.. debt of bones was really hard to understand for me, naked empire and pillars of creation didnt take my fancy, the only other one that did was temple of the winds, because its when they first find out about theyre ancestors and about theyre history.
  2. i think what the rule is getting at is that when you forgive someone, something magical happens (magical being in the verb sense) it make make things happen that wouldnt normally happen..
  3. Now here's what gets me: how did he remember her? well you see, this is a rather big spoiler btw, so i wouldnt read it unless youve read the book.. the guy remembers her because the magic from the chimes has corrupted the chainfire. you see a few other instances of it in the book...
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